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#7475: They're impeaching him again

With 11 days left in his term, they're impeaching Trump again.

The theory here is that they'll kickban him from the presidency: set up things so he is never allowed to be President again. I don't know if a move like that is constitutional, but I'm not sure the Constitution matters any longer.

What are they afraid of? Do they think that if he runs in 2024, their electoral fuckery might not be enough to keep him out of office?

The 25th amendment route did not work, so now they're doing this. With the two fake senators from Georgia installed, the Democrats have a majority in the Senate, and the way all the rethugnicans are talking, I bet they'll vote for removal, too.

Basically, one last gang-rape of the Constitution, done mainly because they can. It's the gangsters' way of giving us all the finger again; but trying to keep Trump ever from even running again indicates how much he frightens them.

* * *

Kim, he was governor of Illinois, not mayor of Chicago. The problem with Mr. Du Toit's thesis, however, is not that the man was in the wrong position to fix the issue, though in fact he actually was, in a way.

In Illinois, Mike Madigan runs the show, period. Madigan is the head of the Democrat machine in Illinois, and what he says, goes. The Chicago Democrat machine is a subset of Illinois'. When Daley (the latter one) was mayor, he and Madigan ran things as approximate equals, but none of the mayors since then had that level of clout, and were subordinate to Madigan.

The governor of the state, for the most part, serves at Madigan's pleasure. The governor who goes along with Madigan keeps his job as long as Madigan finds it convenient. The one that tries to do anything Madigan does not want done ends up being a one-term wonder.

Blagojevich went to federal prison because he thought he could make a decision about who would replace Obama. That's what the black letter law said; but in fact, that decision was Madigan's decision to make, and it was Blagojevich's place only to announce who the replacement would be.

Madigan would say, "You're going to appoint so-and-so to the senate seat," and then Blago would get up in front of the cameras and say, "I've decided to appoint so-and-so to President Obama's vacated senate seat!"

Vote fraud is a long-standing Democrat tradition. If you doubt me, look at all the jokes about dead people voting--there is a myriad of them--and that's only one method they use. Even if Blago had been mayor of Chicago and had been bound and determined to clean up the voting system there, Madigan would never have allowed it.

* * *

Nearly half the country supports the patriots' actions on 1/6/21. Some of us want to see more of that.

And we might:
If this poll holds true across the board, you can assume roughly 33.4 million Americans have been so pissed off by the anomalies and shenanigans surrounding our election and the way Congress has behaved in the last year [believe] that Congress should have its ass kicked.
That's a lot of people. I don't know if the gangsters have stopped to consider what they face if they keep this up.

* * *

All of the gangsters must be subjected to this treatment. Lindsey Graham, fresh off betraying the President, had people chanting "Traitor!" at him while he was at Reagan Int'l.

All the gangsters with the (r) by their name need to be de-elected. All of them.

Why should we ever vote for republicans when they are just going to rubber-stamp the Democrats' wishes? If they are not going to fight for what's right? If they're going to ignore the wishes of their constituency and cede all their power to their opponents, why vote for them?

One of the reasons all this was allowed to happen was because the people we sent to DC stopped fearing the wrath of the voters. It used to be that politicians lived in fear of upsetting their constituency, even slightly. Somewhere along the line that all disappeared, though; because the incumbent almost always gets re-elected, they no longer worry about what will happen if their voters get angry enough. It's gotten to the point now that they don't care what the voters think.

I support this. Graham is a traitor, to his voters, to the rank and file of the republican party at large, and to the President himself. The people have no other way to make their displeasure known; the ballot box has been crammed with Democrat votes, with the gop's blessing, and the jury box has been stuffed with Democrat shills, with the gop's blessing.

We have two choices: the soapbox (chanting "Traitor!" at a traitor), or truly unconscionable action against them via the cartridge box.

What will happen, though? These little men will find a way to stop this kind of public excoriation from taking place, because nothing makes a micropenis angrier than impotently having to listen to the people call him names. And when that finally happens, there will be hell to pay.

I don't like it. I don't like any of it.

What I want is for our government to do what it is supposed to do, to work the way the Constitution tells it to; but apparently that's no longer on the table. And so we now must figure out how we, the disenfranchised, will make our voices heard. But none of the options we have are palatable.

* * *

The most interesting thing about all this is that the gangsters are impeaching the President. This peculiar cargo cult election has yielded the result that the gangsters were aiming for. If they are confident in their victory, why the rush to get Trump out of office?

The fact is that right now, they can still be stopped. That is why they are afraid of him. We must have courage and faith.

* * *

Make no mistake about it, though: If Biden is inaugurated, the Democrats will start purging their enemies. As I said, it'd be fun to watch the rethugnicans' shock and dismay that they're being sent to the gulag, except for the fact that we're all going to end up in there.

* * *

Guy saves woman from mob. Someone posts a picture with zero context claiming he was, in fact, assaulting her. Guy loses his job and is slandered by a major international corporation in the process.

I, too, hope he ends up owning Toyota.

* * *

Meanwhile, guess what? China is doing to the Uighers exactly what Hitler did to the Jews. Putting them in concentration camps, enslaving them, sterilizing them, murdering them.

Twiddle is perfectly happy to let China continue to use their service.

Still not shocked or surprised by the hypocrisy. If Hitler had been a communist, we likely wouldn't even have heard of the Holocaust. The only reason we know about the plight of the Uighers is due to the existence of the Internet.

So, China is lowering the boom, too. Having allowed capitalism to flourish, in a backhanded way, they're now clamping down, and installing "political officers" in the boardrooms to make sure that corporations are conforming to party diktats.

This is why they're planning to execute that one guy. The communist party doesn't care about the graft or the corruption, but they do need to murder someone to show how serious they are, in order to scare the other guys into compliance. They're making an example of him to underscore the point that "You will now work for the state instead of yourself, and you will like it and smile happily. Or we'll kill you."

Coming soon to a former republic near you, by the way!

...but this won't do what they expect it to do, I think. The communist leadership thinks they can have full-on communism and a first-world economy at the same time.


Look, asians in general and the Chinese in particular are better subjects for communist nations than caucasions/europeans are. Asian culture is geared much more heavily to the welfare of the group than of the individual. But--and this is important--THEY ARE STILL HUMAN BEINGS. In all my explorations of the geek subculture I've been exposed to a panoply of entertainment media from many cultures, and you know what?

People are people. Something that is funny to me is probably funny to someone from China, or France, or Lower Crotobaltislavonia, or Japan, or India, or-or-or. There are absolutely cultural "in jokes" that people from other cultures won't get, but it's not because the situations aren't universally funny; it's because the outsiders don't have the reference point.

Example: there's a scene in the movie Clockwork where John Cleese's character, a man who is always punctual, but is late for reasons beyond his control, needs to make a phone call. Only, every pay phone he goes to is out of service. That's funny to someone from England at that time because the telephone service was socialized (owned and operated by the government) and finding a working pay phone was never very easy. (Today, of course, it's only funny because "ha ha ha cell phones haven't been invented yet!")

But I read manga all the time and laugh my ass off. Maison Ikkoku is still one of my hands-down favorites because it's funny and tender and entertaining in half a million ways. People are people, the world over.

And if the Chinese communist party thinks it can now clamp down on their industrial base with an iron fist, and still be an economic powerhouse, they are sorely mistaken. Socialist economies do not create wealth; they only consume it. Every year there is less and less economic pie to go around. Why do you think the Soviet Union was always taking over other countries? It was to loot their treasuries!

It won't happen immediately, and in fact it's probable that with the United States now a totalitarian shithole, China will rule the world for a few decades before the inevitable happens and their economy collapses.

* * *

Originally I was not going to post much of anything today.

When I left work, I was totally flat. It had just been an active day, and I was working hard at my job. By the time quitting time came around, I was out of power.

And I thought about putting up a brief post: "Posting is suspended for the time being. I don't know what else I can say about all this."

But I still have a lot to say, and I'm going to keep saying it as long as I am allowed to. And as previously stated I'm going to keep writing even when I can't post it, and will find a way to get it out to anyone who's interested, even if I have to hide the text in cat pictures.

I am a middle-aged man, overweight, out of shape; I am nearsighted almost to legal blindness, and I have chronic hypoglycemia. Besides all that, my life is not my own, as I am married. I don't know how to fight--have never known--and I don't win arguments or debates, because I get mixed up and frustrated too easily. I may have won one fistfight in my life, though I'm not really sure. I do not have a cool head. I am probably the worst choice you could find for someone to grab a rifle and go fight.

But what I can do is, I can write. I can help that much.

I am worried that I will be arrested and sent to a camp, though. The Democrats have said that they plan to punish anyone who supported Donald Trump, and if there is anything that I know about leftists, it is that they have absolutely no compunction about murdering people who disagree with them, and they are ruthless at eliminating opposition once they can take the gloves off.

The events of the past few months are, I think, the result of the Democrats believing their grasp on power secure enough that they no longer have to present the appearance of playing by the rules. If they are right--if they are indeed powerful enough now to make their fraud stick--then they are powerful enough to create the gulags and reeducation camps and labor camps, and to send everyone who voted for Trump to them.

Theirs is a philosophy which agrees with the proposition that there are too many people in the world, that it would be a good thing to be rid of not less than a sixth of the world population, maybe more--and they suffer no qualms when they consider that means murdering more than one billion people. Killing seventy-four million people out of three hundred and sixty million, that is mere "statistics", as Lenin famously said.

I will believe to my dying day that the United States of America, as founded, was the greatest nation ever conceived, and I will believe that its last legitimate President--Donald J. Trump--was among the finest men ever to hold that office.

No matter what words they force from my mouth through deprivation, depradation, or torture, I will always believe that.

I have no doubt that they can make me say what they want; if you brutalize a man enough, eventually he'll say anything just to make it stop. They can coerce words from me that I would not ordinarily say, and I have no illusions about the fact; I am mere flesh and blood, and flesh and blood can be broken. But if they have to beat me and burn me and shock me with electricity to make me parrot their lies, then the words I say to make it stop are not mine.

The one thing I will not do, even unto death, is to accept a serial number on my body. If they hit me with billy clubs and knock me unconscious and put their serial number on me, as soon as I'm able I will find a way to get it off, even if I have to cut the skin off. But before they can mark me, I will fight them, and maybe even make them shoot me dead before they can put it on me, because I will not willingly wear the mark of a slave.

Remember that the nazis put serial numbers on the jews in the concentration camps. That is all the justification that I need to take this position.

"You're insane," some might say. "You're crazy. That's not gonna happen."

I wish I had your faith in the government. But the events of the last few months have shown that we no longer live in a free country, where the will of the people is heeded. And once a government is no longer beholden to the people, the nightmares begin.

Socialism always demands a mountain of skulls. If America is not saved, one will be made.

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