atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#746: We don't have it as bad.

Wonderduck discusses the weather system which is beating up the Chicago area.

"Duckford" is about 2 hours' drive from Crete, to the northwest; and there is an odd phenomenon of winter weather here which always seems to come into play in December. In November and early December, when conditions are right for snow, an odd thing happens: north of a certain point they get clobbered. South of it, generally, we don't.

Chicago is right next to Lake Michigan. And in December, Lake Michigan is still relatively warm, particularly compared to the air above it, and I would wager that the "heat island" effect does something.

It's not "lake effect" snow; these are storms that come from the western side of the compass. But it almost seems as if the mass of air hits that heat island and dumps everything it's got, while the more-fortunate masses south of that line don't.

That's why I usually take the winter weather forecasts with a grain of salt: "two to four inches" usually means "two to four inches north of the Calumet Sewage and Garbage Canal." ("Cal Sag", it's called here. No one has used it for sewage or garbage in decades, of course, but the name's stuck.) Most weather forecasts are for Chicago and the northwest suburbs, not for those of us out in the "Southlands". (Which is a term I hate, by the way. Just call it "hickland", why don't you?)

So we had about forty minutes of powdery snow, followed by "ice pellets", at which point I went to bed--I worked Friday night--and when I got up around 7, everything outside had a matte sheen which said "freezing rain" to me. And now, at 1 AM, I don't think it's even raining anymore. So I don't think we got hit all that hard here.

I wouldn't, and don't, mind it when it snows. It generally does not snow all that much here anyway. The 2006 storm that Wonderduck mentions at the above link didn't hit us all that hard down here, either, and I was able to drive home from work that morning without difficulty.

...but this year I have a Jeep and a snowblower, and so I don't expect much snow. It'll probably be more crap like this, though, instead.

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