atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7478: Emergency Internet

So there's some talk over at Vox Day about how an Internet blackout might be accomplished, and there is very important information there on how to avoid it.

Add this entry to your hosts file, at the end of it: emergency.voxday --full instructions at the link.

If the Internet stops working, you can then access the URL http://emergency.voxday which will have other instructions on how to access other web sites.

Here's what may happen: Googe can "poison" the Domain Name Service (DNS) entries so they stop working. That means if you want to go to, I don't know, AoSHQ, you'll get an error message. 404, maybe, or something else. But if you have the IP address of the site, you can add it to Hosts, which the computer consults first before going to DNS...and Googe can't keep you from seeing the site.

I don't have a fixed IP for the Fungus so I can't help you there. But this is important information, and if you do not save it in some form or another, you won't be able to look it up when they take the network down.

By the way, I believe you can just type the IP address ( into your browser, and that ought to work, too. But who knows? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. The stuff at the link should work regardless.

* * *

Rumors: NORAD has reportedly been activated. The President tweeted something but it was deleted almost immediately.

This thing is not over yet. Courage! Faith!

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