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#7479: Let's talk about something OTHER than the gangsters and their coup

Over the past few days I've put a dozen miles on the old IBM 1390 about the coup, but that's resulted in letting other things languish. Let's correct that.

A few days after the 737-MAX8 was cleared to fly again, a 737-500 crashes. Hmm.

The MAX8 is, of course, the craptastic modified 737 with the "death dive" subsystem installed to make up for the deficiencies of mounting the engines higher than was specified for the original design of the airframe. This was approximately "cheaper" for Boeing to do than to design and build an entirely new airframe, which probably would have been smarter given how much this "cheaper" option has cost them so far.

The basic 737 design is as old as I am, anyway.

* * *

Is this news? I suppose it is. Half of US voters don't believe the government health officials *cough*FAUCI*COUGH* (say, buddy, you been tested for COVID?) when they talk about the virus.

Now, how could that be?

* * *

The roller skating one is HILARIOUS. Bonus points to the guy at about 0:55: "I say 'no' to unplanned pregnancy," he says. I don't think has much of a choice, myself....

What do you think? Too mean?

* * *

Over on Arse Technica they have an article headlined, "What I learned playing 30+ years' of Jeopardy video games". I'm not going to read the article, so I'll just have to wonder if the guy learned, "HOLY SHIT AM I BORING."

Kind-of related: there's a YouTube video titled "Clever Homemade Tools" by AvE, and the one in the middle of the thumbnail looks like some kind of butt plug. I'm afraid to watch the video to find out what it is actually used for.

* * *

* * *

And here's some more high-quality content that our crack editorial department has selected for your edification:

...I swear, those Japanese language lessions combined with aerobics, they seem to expect nothing but problems for traveling in English-speaking countries. The last one I saw was what you said when you get mugged, FFS. Four Japanese woman in leotards doing aerobics while chanting, "Spare me my life!"

So the perennial question occurs to me. What do you think--nuked too much, or not enough?

The worst part of all this is that, for the rest of the weekend, I'm going to have "I have a bad case of diarrhea!" going through my head in that cadence, and with a Japanese accent.

* * *

Original plans had been to go get Mrs. Fungus' car smogged and then to have a gander at refrigerators. Last night as I was tucking her in, though, I reminded her that this is only the second Saturday of January, and her plates must be renewed by the end of February, so we don't necessarily have to get up and go to the emissions station today.

She smiled and asked me to turn the alarm clock off. And still I ended up getting out of bed at 7:30, because "hungry" and "bathroom" and a few other issues. Could be worse, though.

Anyway, point being, back to bed. It's not even 10 AM, for crying out loud.

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