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#7483: Sunday

A pleasant, mostly-quiet Sunday so far. Twigs is sitting on my desk, next to me, in a proper cat pose with his tail wrapped around his feet.

Got up around 11:30, and Mrs. Fungus was not far behind me; but she's returned to bed.

It's grey outside, somewhere around freezing, no precipitation in the forecast.

The loudest sounds are the hum of the fans in my computer, and the ticking of the clock on the wall.

Incidentally, this computer has a name now: ISCANDAR. The planet of Starsha, where the Argo went to get the Cosmo-Cleaner ("Cosmo DNA" in the English dub) to save Earth. I was looking through old posts of this extrusion of mine and found the list I'd been looking for in late October.

I may join Mrs. Fungus for a nap after this, or I may not.

* * *

This seems to be the inevitable result of all this "all whites are always racist" horseshit.
My 15-year-old brother told me he is learning about the concept of "systemic racism" in his English class. His teacher instructed her students that white people in our society are privileged and people of color are marginalized and disadvantaged. She went on to divide the class into groups and told them to discuss "white fragility" -- the feeling of discomfort white people experience when forced to confront racial inequality.

But the lesson actually left my brother, one of five people of color in his class, feeling awkward and discomforted. What he had been raised to see as a trivial and unimportant trait -- the color of his skin -- was suddenly spotlighted and politically charged, and all his white classmates were implicitly being told to see him as different from them, and vice versa.
Let me start first with the class in which the kid is getting this indoctrination: English class. Not social studies, or civics, or anything of the sort.

In a class where the kid is supposed to be learning grammar and spelling and such, instead, the school is using it to push leftist propaganda which has nothing whatsoever to do with the English language.

Every time I see one of those pearl-clutching, handkercheif-wringing articles about how far below other first-world countries the US is in terms of education, I think of things like this. This is why the US has a third-world educational system. Do you think that Japanese kids, sitting in their ninth grade Japanese language classes, are being lectured about their privilege and being forced to take part in a marxist struggle session, or do you think they're actually learning Japanese grammar and composition?

What a load of horseshit this is.

* * *

I got a kick out of today's LuAnn. You can tell exactly what he's thinking....

* * *

Good point in today's Day By Day strip. Paraphrased just a bit, "Trump is the only thing between eighty million pissed off Americans and traitor senators."

* * *

Someone posted, somewhere, a report that Lindsay Graham was bawling his eyes out in an airport bathroom, but now I can't find the reference. Here's video of him being escorted by airport police as people yell "TRAITOR! TRAITOR!" at him, and they are not just chanting it as if "this is what they told us to say", but more of a "I MEAN THIS YOU MOTHERFUCKER AND YOU'RE LUCKY ALL THOSE COPS ARE HERE" kind of way.

Graham might very well have gone off somewhere to cry, because he knows that he's torpedoed his career by supporting the gangsters. Hell--by being one himself, for fuck's sake, if his actions are any guide at all.

But I covered the coup in the last entry.

* * *

How to do a Dalek voice. Requires a ring modulator and a microphone. The Moog Moogerfooger can be had for about $400 from ebay, I hear. But if you don't need the name brand it looks like you could get one for $80-ish.

I bet someone makes an app, though.

* * *

Tomorrow is Monday, the beginning of a new week. I hope I'm ready for it.

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