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#7484: Apparently the 25th amendment stuff is still in play.


The non-rumor part is that Pelosi did post an open letter to Democrats outlining their plans for tomorrow, which are to call for the VP and cabinet to oust Trump from office. If they don't hear back from Pence in 24 hours, they're going ahead with impeachment.

There's this odd phrase, though: "This resolution calls on the Vice President to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment to declare the President incapable of executing the duties of his office, after which the Vice President would immediately exercise powers as acting President."

If the President is removed from office, the vice president becomes the president. He doesn't become an "acting president" but the real thing. This little odd phrase indicates to me that congress would immediately act to get rid of Pence, before he could appoint a VP, and thus get Pelosi into the Oval Office for the remainder of Trump's term.

They're panicking. A commentor opines, "For people on the verge of complete victory over their enemies, they sure seem terrified of something." Because if they weren't afraid, they would be relaxing and enjoying the quiet time between winning the election (however fraudulently) and taking total control of the USA. I mean, these are federal politicians; they don't like hard work!

Meanwhile, commentor Turk187 asks an interesting question.
If you're some Democrat peon who has no clue what is going on, what does this look like? Biden "won" the election, you've seen no evidence on CNN that there was any question that Biden is about to be sworn in. What do you think Trump could possibly be up to that would require the 25th amendment? Why impeach him now? What does all of this look like from there?
I don't know of any way to get a straight, honest answer from the Democrat party's useful idiots, but I'd bet money they'd just say it's to keep Trump from trying to retain power.

As for the nonsense they're pumping out, one of the things they're doing is to bar "insurrectionists" from holding federal office. A fiver says "insurrection" means whatever the Democrats want it to mean, whenever they want it to apply, so they can bar anyone they don't like from office. (Apparently DICK durbin is co-sponsoring legislation that defines MAGA rallies as "domestic terrorist activity". So much for the First Amendment!)

Apparently there's also something coming down the pike to remove 15 republican legislators from office, for "reasons" approximately as valid as the ones for removing Trump.

Rumors, though, and my own thoughts: someone pointed out that what happened at the Vatican may not have been the arrest of the false pope, but a snatch-and-grab to get hold of evidence. That fits the facts, and even better than the fake pope being arrested does. There are assertions floating around that during the patriotic Capitol rush, computers belonging to high-up Democrats were taken by covert operatives disguised as patriots.

The outright panic we see might be due to the obvious seizure of hard evidence, incontrovertible hard evidence of perfidy on a massive scale, possibly even rising to the level of treason...and if that's so, the next nine days are going to be really interesting.

--or very boring, with a big finale.

25th amendment nonsense is a bluff to get Trump to back down.
As usual, Trump reveals people. He is showing us a party not content in victory, but paranoid in its scramble for power, acting guilty, and demonstrating the mental stability of a homeless guy who just found a bag of meth and crack under a case of MD 20/20.
That "content in victory" part--remember how Obama acted when he won in 2008? Remember how Clinton acted in 1992? Neither of them tried to get the sitting President removed from office, and the Democrats did not flail around in a panic at what might happen if they didn't get rid of him now now now now now!

Don't hand me that bullshit about "insurrection". The Great Patriot Capitol Rush was about as harmful as the myriad of Code Pink rushes we've seen over the years. If your first thought when I made that previous point was "but muh insurrection!" just be quiet; adults are talking. If that one Capitol cop had not panicked and shot Ashli Babbitt, there wouldn't have been any deaths. (And as before: if you want me to believe there were five deaths there, show me their faces and names and biographies from a source I trust. CNN is not it; neither is Faux News.)

The Democrats really are unhinged over all this.
Who, exactly, invaded the Capitol building on Wednesday when that mass of Trump supporters swarmed up the hallowed hill? ... somebody else went in there, too, and rounded up a whole bunch of congressional laptops, including several in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, foolishly left behind when members were evacuated in a panic.

... A story circulating on the web from one Maria Zack, founder of a fair election monitoring org called Nations in Action, says that the election ballot fraud operation was run out of Italy through a set of that country's communication satellites by a CIA team working with former Italian government officials, and one of Italy's defense contractors. The story claims that former president Barack Obama was directly involved and that the operation was financed with dollars skimmed from the billions of dollars transferred to Iran under the terms of Mr. Obama's No Nukes deal. ...

Did congress knowingly certify a fraudulent election? That will be a tantalizing question in the days ahead. Another rumor in the fog says that Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe delivered a report on foreign interference in the election to members of congress following the conclusion early Thursday morning of their electoral college business. Was that the match that set Resistance panties on fire? Mr. Ratcliffe has been missing-in-action for more than a week. His report was originally scheduled for delivery to the president November 18. It was postponed and everybody forgot about it, especially the news media.
Now do you get it? Why they're panicking?

Working with a foreign government to subvert an election cannot be anything other than treason, and the Constitution says that traitors should be executed for their crimes.

Congress knowingly certifying a fraudulent election is also heap bad juju, for a variety of legal reasons--but it also won't play well in Peoria. Presented with actual evidence of electoral fraud, how much of the electorate will still be able to honestly deny that it took place?

The hardcore leftists will insist it was all made up, of course, but they are a slim minority. Let's be extra-generous and say that 25% of the country would flatly disbelieve the evidence, regardless of how rock-solid it was, solely because they can never admit that their side is capable of wrongdoing.

But that leaves 75% of three hundred and sixty million people--two hundred and seventy million!--who would, at the very least, have some doubt about not just the legality and fairness of the election, but the sitting government that allowed this to take place, and (indeed) did nothing whatsoever to stop it. Or even to slow it down.

All of this works out very bad for the Gangster Uniparty if it's revealed. They don't know what Trump is doing, and they are desperately trying to keep a lid on him. Are they? Can they? It seems to me that Trump is keeping mum for the moment, and that's making his opponents even more crazy than they otherwise would be.

What was on those laptops? Who has them? Was something taken from the Vatican? And if so, what?

"Fog of war" is frustrating no matter what the situation is, but it effects everyone equally. I'm glad I don't know what Trump's doing, because if I did, they would know, and would be able to counter it. The fact that Trump has remained silent thus far is extremely encouraging.

* * *

Another thought, prompted by a comment at the Vox link: the big tech and social media companies have demonstrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are in collusion to control what Americans hear and see on the Internet. Googe, Apple, tweedledee, futzbutt, even Amazon--they're all acting like typical communists do, once their power is secure.

At some point, this will lead to antitrust action against them. Perhaps it will be in twenty or thirty years, and maybe it'll only be twenty or thirty weeks. I don't know; but what I do know is that the American left is getting too greedy, too fast, and it's not going to play well with the proles regardless of who comes out on top of this thing.

* * *

Meanwhile, because I'm a mob character, I'm going to take my pills, wash my face, and brush my teeth, and go to bed. Someone has to keep the computers working at the plant--though if the Internet goes down, we're not going to be doing an awful lot of business. Not having lived through a 21st century communist coup before, I'm not sure what happens to industry when the communications infrastructure is taken off-line, but I don't think we can take or fulfill orders without at least a telephone. And given that situation, what about shipping and receiving? All that stuff is coordinated by computer. No Internet, then we don't know who's sending us what until it arrives. (If it arrives.) And we can't pay for it since it's all handled with checks or electronic funds transfers. And no one can pay us for product we're shipping, either.

Trucks, rail--it's all coordinated by computer. No Internet, no shipping, period. No email. If the Internet is shut off, then count on telephony either also being down, or crapping out due to overloading. Forget cell phones. Basic radios work, but who has those any more? Don't figure on buying one at the truck stop, because they'll be gone ten minutes after the Internet craps out.

No one knows how this will play out. I'm not sure who's going to cut the communications system, either, nor how they'll do it--nor when, nor if they will. I'm thinking that the Domain Name Service poisoning thing is the most likely, because it leaves most business services alone; but if they get desperate enough they might just throw the switch and black out all communications. Tyrants don't care about economic dislocations, especially when they're fighting to gain or retain power. The little people are the ones who suffer, not them.

Just remember that the watchwords here are Faith! Courage! These words are the key to reminding yourself that despair is a sin, and there are no spaces in the heart of a Christian for doubts of the Lord's love for us.

But as I was saying, above, I need to get on with the work of getting on. I think I might send Vox's information to myself at work, just to make sure I can access things if need be.

Wouldn't that make me look like a total hero, though, if the DNS poisoning happened, and I was able to fix it for my site? Heh.

* * *

Totally apropos of nothing--

I've been noticing withdrawal symptoms lately, from the antianxiety medication. During the summer I stopped taking 10mg doses, and instead took the full 20mg prescribed dose.

Look: for seventeen years I've been taking half a tablet, because when I took the first one it knocked me unconscious for fourteen hours. This past summer, though--with the sleep apnea getting ever worse--I was starting to feel panicked nearly all the damned time. I was chalking it up to all the COVID horseshit, making me more anxious, so I started taking the prescribed dose. It helped, some, but I was still a mess and it further left me with the emotional response of a Vulcan.

Then, Thanksgiving weekend, I started using that CPAP machine, and...well, everything just got better. The anxiety vanished entirely; I stopped trying to avoid going to bed; I stopped falling asleep at work during quiet moments or conference calls. The GERD even improved; let's face it: if you can't inhale, that puts negative pressure in the respiratory tract, and where the esophagus meets the upper airway, gastric juices might just get through.

So I cut back to half a tablet again. That was a few days after Christmas. I'd intended to wait until New Year's Day but then realized there was no good reason to wait.

Times when I've missed a dose of this thing, I've started to feel dizzy. That's how I feel now; and so I'll go take my pills and it'll go away again.

* * *

But now it's 11:49. That means under 7 hours of sleep before the alarm goes off. *sigh* Off I go.

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