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#7486: Keeping a watchful eye

Limbaugh was talking about a bunch of things today and one of them stuck with me, mainly because the problem with it was so bleeding obvious.

So-and-so Dershowitz (Alan?) who is a "noted constitutional scholar" and a left-winger, was talking about how congress can't remove Trump from office. Even if the house speeds through the thing and pushes the articles of impeachment to the senate right away, the senate has a rule which keeps them from doing any business until after the new President is inaugurated. Once the new Presideent is inaugurated, the former President is just that--a civilian--and the Constitution's impeachment process does not apply to citizens. Congress impeaches Presidents, not citizens. The senate cannot vote to remove a person from office who is not currently holding that office. And because they can't do that, then, they also cannot bar Trump from holding office again, goes the theory, because that stricture must come about as part of an impeachment case.

If I understand it correctly.

There is one fatal flaw with all this, and I'm sure you've already caught what it is. For those of you who have not, however, the fatal flaw is that Dershowitz is assuming the Democrats will follow the Constitution.

The Democrats are already planning bills of attainder to toss republicans out of the legislature for "inciting insurrection" by supporting Trump's challenge to the fraudulent election. Those are unconstitutional, but of course just try and get the supreme court to hear the damned case. "We find that former senator McConnell has no standing to sue Congress" or some horseshit like that.

Someone else was mentioning the same thing I did, that you can't impeach a President for something his supporters did. The simple fact is that the First Amendment applies to everyone, even Presidents that the Democrats don't like, which means Trump can say whatever he wants to as long as it's not libel or slander. The Democrats don't care about that, though. And of course by classifying right-wing rallies as "domestic terrorist activity" they can shut down freedom of speech for anyone they don't like. Unconstitutional? Absolutely--but the courts won't put a stop to it; I mean, even if the lower courts do, by the time the case makes it to the supreme court it'll be packed with millennial communists, and the court will simply vote 138-5 to overturn the ruling.

The fucking republicans are worried now about "damaging our democracy"? Where the fuck was that concern last week, when they rolled over and let the Democrats assrape the electoral process?

And in that article, there's this:
,"[Legal scholar and Constitutional expert Jonathan] Turley noted specifically that "Congress is about to seek the impeachment of a president for a speech that is protected under the First Amendment. It would create precedent for the impeachment of any president who can be blamed for the violent acts of others after the use of reckless or inflammatory language."
Do you think the Democrats don't know that? They want to be able to impeach any President they don't like, and that's a good way to do it!

Then there's this dipshit:
[Republican New York State Congressman Tom] Reed goes on to note that a full impeachment hearing would delay much-needed efforts to tackle the nation's COVID-19 crisis and furthermore would stymie any efforts at unity in a nation that is tearing itself apart.
"We cannot give credibility to the belief that Washington chooses to hold people accountable only for mere political advantage, especially to the detriment of the Constitution."
Then you're a fucking idiot, because that's exactly what the Democrats are doing.

The thing that makes me crazy here is the people who think that we're going back to "business as usual". We're not. The Democrats have total control of the country in their grasp. Do you think all those corporations are deplatforming the GOP spontaneously? Or do you think that the Democrat party is quietly sending, to those corporations, people who say, "Look, you can tell which way the wind is blowing. It'd be awful if you mistakenly came down on the wrong side of all this. Did you know that the Biden administration will be looking very, very closely at businesses who support domestic terrorism...?"

Oh, sure--some of those corporations are headed up by fucking idiots who not only swallowed the leftist kool-ade but loved the taste of it, and are gleefully deplatforming the GOP because they've always wanted to, and now they have an excuse--but not all of them. Some of them are largely apolitical, but the country is obviously descending into leftist totalitarianism with alarming speed, and their duties are to their stockholders, not the Constitution of the United States.

It's not going to blow over. It's not going to stop. The Democrats executed a coup, stole two elections in a row, set everything up so they can operate without checks or balances for at least two years--and that will be enough time for them to ensure they are never out of power ever again, and make damned sure that nothing like Donald J. Trump can ever happen to them again. The right wing will be crushed under their heel and only a token opposition will be allowed to exist, solely to make it look like this is still a free, democratic republic; but it will be a dictatorship over the nation, by the Democrats, for the Democrats. And they will not relinquish the total power over the United States that they've craved for so long...unless they are forced to, by law enforcement or the military or something.

I am hoping and praying, fervently, that Donald Trump is executing a plan, here. I am really desperately pleading with God to please let there be a way out of all this, to not let this happen to this once-great nation. There are a good half-dozen theories about how he could be doing it, but we don't know anything.

He's going to speak tomorrow, from the Alamo. When I heard that, I thought, "The Alamo was a rout!" But then I thought that over, and looked up the history of the thing--and realized that no, the Alamo was a battle that galvanized the nascent Republic of Texas into winning the war against Mexico. A tactical loss, but a strategic victory, because Santa Anna's orders to kill everyone at the fort filled the Texian soldiers with a terrible resolve.

I don't think Trump picked the Alamo for his speech because he happened to be in the neighborhood. There is an aura to that place; it's a shrine to the American thirst for liberty. I hope he's using it for his backdrop to announce something that will completely transform the direction we're heading in.

If that's the case, though, the feds cannot let him speak. Will they black out communications tomorrow?

These are perilous times. There are 15,000 troops in DC. Idiots are planning demonstrations in the capitals of all 50 states. The big technology corporations are unpersoning the right and other corporations are taking great pains to make sure they're not caught helping any right-wingers.

I really want to fisk this post about how this represents "the beginning of the end" for big tech but I don't have time for that, so I'll highlight a couple of choice phrases.
And yet, I suspect that this weekend will go down as the beginning of the end for Big Tech. Their Democrat satraps will only hold power for a limited period of time, and once the Republicans take over they will recover their inner Teddy Roosevelt and go after the tech monopolies. Trust busting will return with a vengeance.
How are republicans going to win elections when the Democrats control the voting machines and the counting processes? Was the otherwise inestimable Mr. Schneiderman not paying attention to what happened to both the presidential election and the Georgia runoff election?
What would happen if some prosecutor decides that censoring the New York Post's stories about Hunter Biden in the midst of an election campaign counts as an in kind contribution to a political candidate?
If that prosecutor doesn't end up "committing suicide" by shooting himself in the back of the head four times, and the case goes anywhere at all, then the supreme court will simply overturn it and rule that it wasn't an "in-kind" anything. And he concludes:
Everyone thinks that these tech monopolies are riding high. And yet, when you are riding that high the air becomes thin. As of now they have nowhere to go but down. Obviously, the Biden administration is not going to do the job. But, the Biden administration is not forever.
Of course it's not. Biden's brain is cottage fucking cheese. Kamala Harris will be president after him, and after her two terms, maybe she gets a third since the 143 justices on the supreme court won't stop her. The Democrats can keep stealing elections and letting her run the country until either they get tired of her, or she gets tired of being president, after which her vice president takes over, or whoever is ruthless enough to kill his/her/its way into the top slot ala Stalin.


* * *

See, I went and got myself all riled up and now it's 12:32 AM. My pies, to borrow a phrase from Mrs. Fungus, are roasted.

Argh etc.

Oh well! We have Faith! Courage! to sustain us!

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