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#7487: I agree; it is time to catch our breath and rest, and prepare.

The world is holding its breath.

We have to remember that the Democrats are scared of something, and it is not the idea that Trump might run for office in four years; can we just dispense with that horseshit? Fresh off stealing two elections in a row there is no way in hell they're afraid of a future Trump run. No, they're afraid of something he might do in the immediate future.

Like, maybe, a week from tomorrow.

Someone, somewhere, claimed that the 17th was the most likely "D-day" but who knows? Letting Biden be inaugurated, it seems to me, makes for complete treason against the United States, on the part of those who stole the election. Conversely, though--

Well, let's take (for example) the game "Axis and Allies". It has been nearly two decades since I last played--no, it's been more than two decades since I last played it. The last game of A&A I played was in 1998--but I remember that even if you took America, you couldn't just jump all over everyone. America had the world beat in manufacturing, but it had the mixed advantage of being behind two big oceans (one of them covering nearly half the planet). Kept America's infrastructure safe from enemy attack, but it also meant it took time to get the materiel where it could be used.

There's no "fog of war" in A&A so everyone can see America shipping stuff to England. Nazi Germany was less lucky.

The reality of WW2 was that America took two years to amass, in England, the men and equipment and supplies needed for the invasion at Normandy. And America had to produce a hell of a lot more than just that, because while they were preparing for Normandy, they also had to fight in the Pacific, and build ships to carry the stuff, and make bombs and build bombers to knock down Germany's industrial infrastructure, and build fighters to take out German bombers and fighters, and-and-and.

The same is true for something like the Democrat coup we're undergoing now. It takes time to get the resources where they're needed. Hell, look at the antifa riots; those guys were pre-positioning bricks and other materiel at the sites of their insurrections.

It takes time to get your pieces in place. Once they're ready, you don't jump off right away unless you have no other choice.

Four images posted at 4Chan /pol/ and the anonymous poster makes the same point I did (or thought I did):
The implementation of the Insurrection Act began after the raid on the Capitol and was marked by Trump's broadcast to the people to disband and return home. This broadcast wound up being blocked, for the most part, by the media. Nevertheless, his address fulfilled the requirements to initiate the Act.
Anonymous dude on the Internet, so "RUMOR HAS IT", but it dovetails with my own thinking.

It goes on to talk about how there are going to be riots once the information is dumped. "The intel will be dropped for everyone to see and hear in loops that will be several hours long," it says, and once that stuff comes out it all hits the fan.

I don't know how much of that to believe, but there's a REALLY GOOD and verifiable point in it:

Kamala Harris has not resigned from the senate.

...with ONE WEEK remaining until she is sworn in as vice president, why not? She's from California, which is a safe state for Democrats. It's not like they'll elect a republican to replace her--and even if they were about to, they could just steal the election the way they did with the presidential race and the Georgia runoffs.


When did senator Jugears Obama resign as Illinois senator? Says here, 11/16/2008. When did Biden resign his seat? Al Gore? Says here, 1/15/09 and 1/4/93, respectively. But from the quick and dirty search I did, at this time in 2009 people were wondering, "WTF is going on with Biden? Why hasn't he resigned yet?" But the election was not much of a contest since McStain had not really tried to win the thing.

(Incidentally, I notice that the wikipedia article on Walter Mondale notes that Carter won the 1976 election "by a narrow margin". Votes for Ford must have been well inside the margin of cheat.) (That's right, everyone; I no longer believe that ANY Democrat electoral victory is legitimate! As far as I'm concerned, they've never won anything except by cheating!)

...but Harris not resigning until the last minute is not historically unprecedented, and the Democrats cannot afford to lose so much as one senator right now, because their majority is so slim; that's why she hasn't resigned. She has to before taking the oath of office to be VP...doesn't she?

The post goes on to make another excellent point: "Do not believe the MSM over the next week. Do not, for a single minute give them any credence." But, "over the next week"? I haven't believed them for the past four years--longer--so why would I ever start now?

I am fairly confident that the deplatforming and the impeachment and the desperate pleading for Pence to invoke the 25th amendment are all the signs of career criminals who are about to get caught, big time, and who are--as a result--desperately trying to make Trump look like the second coming of Mussolini in order to turn off his voters. You know, dogpile on him with all the "insurrection" talk and the "he's going to jail" talk and let their radicals flap their gums about stringing up republicans and so forth, and do everything in their power to discourage and dispirit Trump's supporters. And as the 20th crawls ever nearer, expect them to ramp it up even further.

Because it's not working.

Trump is as popular now as he's ever been, because the Democrat-Media Complex (DMC) has been lying about him from the moment he and Melania came down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce he was running. And stupid lying, too, because the DMC was lying about stuff that would make them mad rather than stuff that would make ordinary Americans mad. The Steele Dossier was nothing, fluffed far beyond its weight class, and it was bleeding obvious that it was a gigantic wad of absolutely nothing...yet the DMC talked about it for two years. And every week, a new, fake scandal that never went anywhere; and each one presented as if it was the first scandal the press had found.

The people--at least, the people who voted for Trump!--stopped listening to the DMC. They know the DMC is lying about him. They know they have an axe to grind, and that it's not even remotely balanced reporting (especially considering that 98% of the press coverage of Trump was negative).

So why would we listen to them now? What percentage is there in listening to the Democrat party's propaganda organs spewing more of their horseshit about Trump? Trump's voters aren't the stupid hicks, hayseeds, and rubes that the DMC thinks they are; they can watch video on the Internet and see just how violent that "insurrection" was.

Okay, it wasn't the patriots who murdered an unarmed woman in cold blood. The one Capitol cop who died, he died of a stroke, not violence. There has been no evidence presented of any other deaths, and because those deaths are being reported by the DMC, I don't believe they occurred.

We don't believe the DMC. We trust Trump because he's the one politician we've elected in decades who had the temerity actually to make good on his campaign promises. The republican establishment sure as hell hadn't done any of that.

Oh--and speaking of which, did you see the thing about Bitch McCowbot? He's agreeable to Trump being impeached again! That fucking traitor, he's the one that needs to be barred from ever holding federal office again!

And then there's this comment here:
The fact that Pelosi and her kind are shitting Twinkies with wrappers right now tells me that they expect something wicked this way comes.

If there wasn't about to be a pain train dropped on their heads, they'd be partying like the second coming of Bill Clinton.
The line of commodes with pillows under them would already be set up in a posh D.C. hotel, that's for sure.

RUMOR HAS IT that Secretary of State Pompeo has been twiddlating every thirty minutes, and that as we get closer to H-hour his twittles will increase in frequency. Can't find that now, but if true--

Another comment at that link pointed out something weird: if you look for Trump's speech to the ICE/border patrol guys this afternoon IN TEXAS you can't find it hardly anywhere. I had wanted to hear that speech but when I did a search for it earlier today, trying to find out when it was happening, I couldn't find any mention of it! AT ALL!

(Ace has it for as long as the video remains available, by the way.)

There was nothing particularly special about that speech. It was a routine "President talks to some folks" speech, with little of the fire and brimstone we've come to expect from him. If the Democrats are so confident in their victory, why hide it...? Because he said things that counter the narrative that he caused the patriot rush of the Capitol, that's why.

THIS may be the symbolism of going to Alamo: "Yes, Santa Anna's army thought they had won and then partied too much setting up an ambush by Sam Houston and party."

Michael Yon says he's been with Rudy Giuliani, Trump's lawyer, for days, and has heard nothing about the Insurrection Act being invoked. Weelll, Giuliani is the Trump campaign's lawyer, and represents Trump the Candidate in civilian matters which have nothing to do with the functions of government. What's Rudy's security clearance? What's Yon's security clearance?

And this quote, I could not pass up: "Perhaps now you sympathize a bit with how utterly crushed Jesus disciples were for 3 days after His crucifixion."

* * *

Vatzbutts and Twattle have the gall to be upset that Uganda is blocking them ahead of their elections. Because F&T have shown themselves to be very heavily partisan and the Ugandan government doesn't want them to influence their elections.

Of course, you cannot be a leftist without first being an extreme hypocrite.

An Idaho ISP makes the same decision.

* * *

Advice Goddess weighs in on the lack of due process afforded American citizens who took part in a march which occurred under the auspices of the First Amendment.

* * *

If Biden actually becomes president this guy will get his job back, don't worry. PBS shithead who said right-wingers need to be sent to the gulags got fired. Probably not permanently, not if this whole thing with Trump turns out to be the dud that the Democrats wish it were.

Another take on the same story.

* * *

GOD BLESS THIS WOMAN! She's not just heckling Cuck Schemer; she really lays into his sorry ass! YEEAH!!!

This sort of thing needs to happen A LOT MORE. Perhaps if it happened a lot more over the past two or three decades, we would not be where we are now.

* * *

Seventy-six pages to justify impeaching Trump. When you can't prove what you're saying, just keep blathering on and on and on until everyone agrees just so you'll SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

* * *

So, RUMOR HAS IT that Apple pushed an update to phones which won't play the Emergency Alert Message.

The stuff I've seen says that we're going to know the balloon has gone up when that EAM message comes over our cell phones. I guess we'll see.

* * *

Let me list a few things why I think all this stuff isn't pure bunkum. The details may not be right, but I do think something is coming down the pike, sooner rather than later.

All this stuff is rumor. Some of it is firsthand, some not. No attribution here; I don't have that kind of time.

1) Military people making a run on the banks. The families of soldiers know when a deployment is ordered, and sometimes they even know where. So let's say you're a member of a military family, and Sergeant Daddy's unit gets activated--and Sergeant Daddy's friends' units also get activated, and in fact scuttlebutt rapidly ascertains that the entire brigade is gearing up for something--well, with no foreign adventures going down and a contested election being utterly ignored by the government, it's not hard to figure out if you're in the military. They won't breathe a word of it outside their community, but they all know our men are going to be deployed HERE and that's heap bad juju, so get money NOW.

2) I can't say this enough: the Democrats are not celebrating; they're shitting their pants. They were shitting their pants before 1/6, but 1/6 gave them jet-propelled diarrhea--

--and it hasn't let up. If they were not afraid of what Trump will do, they would not be trying to remove him from office.

3) None of his 1/6 speech has been played by the news media.

4) Trump's Georgia call

5) The fake antifa/anarchist graffiti on Nancy Pelosi's woodwork, but not the brickwork

6) The left-wing deplatforming of Republicans, wholesale.

7) And just the whole general ethos of how the left has been behaving.

I guess it doesn't add up to very much; but there are probably three dozen little things which all add up. Maybe it's wishful thinking and we're screwed. But if that's the case, we have plenty of time to worry about that after the inauguration.

* * *

Haven't got much else to bloviate on right at this moment. Today was kind of annoying and I want to go have fun in WoW.

Off I go.

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