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#7488: Plans

So, if Biden is inaugurated and there's no "crossing of the Rubicon", the Fungus will go dark.

This is not a decision I make frivolously. Except for a few gaps here and there I've been posting every day here since April 3, 2006--going on fifteen years--and while I can count my readership on my hands, I feel like I'm contributing something (however small) to the marketplace of ideas that our nation used to celebrate.

The problem is, the Democrats are deplatforming everyone. I'm too much of a small fry for them to notice right now, when they're going after the bigwigs and Trump administration officials and right-wing commentators; but once they're done with the movers and shakers they will start in on the hooters and hecklers, and after that they're going after the minnows and mushrooms.

At most I give it six months after Biden's inauguration, if it is not interrupted by mass arrests for treason, before the proletarian-level right-wingers like me fall under scrutiny.

Of course I need to get all the preparations in place beforehand. The Fungus will be gone but I'm not above making a different kind of blog, under a different name, that would be invitation-only and password-protected, and be dedicated to cat pictures. Thinking of calling it "The Critter Report", and I'd post pics of our maine coon mix Critter, who's a big old sack of ham sandwiches.

"Why password protect that?" You ask. That's easy: I don't want some random snitch coming along and reporting me because I put a picture of Critter on the Internet which was insufficiently respectful of Dear Leader, that's why. I'm going to have to learn how to be (or at least how to simulate being) a good communist, from scratch, so as not to endanger my wife.

Because they will go after her to get me. That's what the left does to people.

Much better to repudiate the blog and say something like "It's obvious that it's a new era in America, and that kind of expression is now obsolete." Which is the 100% unvarnished truth, but it sounds like leftist bullshit.

As always, the limiting factor is them wanting me to agree to them putting a serial number on me. "You must scan this card whenever you do anything," like the communist Chinese social credit system. When you go to work, when you get home, when you buy food, when you hail a taxi, when you make a phone call, when you buy a plane ticket, when you do ANYTHING, scan your card to get the government's permission--I will not do that. I will march into the fucking gulag with a smile on my face before I accept that.

THis is Faux News with an autoplay video but the headline got me: "AOC says commission being 'discussed' to help ‘rein in’ media environment after Capitol riot".

Right there, all you reporters and anchormen and self-styled journalists, and the ACLU, that is your precious First Amendment being stomped on by fucking nazi stormtroopers. I realize that The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is a really thick book and it has really small print and not enough pictures, and you already know how it ends, but if you'd taken a month to sit down and read just one chapter a day you could have probably managed to understand most of it. And then, seeing this story, you'd realize that while Representative Horseteeth is saying that they just want to rein in those evil hitler-wannabes who supported Trump, she's leaving out the important phrase "FOR NOW".

"We're going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can't just spew disinformation and misinformation," she said. Not stated: who decides what "disinformation" and "misinformation" are.

If the phrase "we're going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment" does not invoke, in your mind, images of Nazi Sturmtruppen goose-stepping in front of the Brandenburg Gate, you are probably thinking that Horseteeth's idea sounds pretty damned spiffy, because "we'll finally get rid of Limbaugh and his ilk!"

This is why the Fungus has to go if there's no trip over the Rubicon.

There has never been a government commission which was happy just to go so far, and stop. Look at the EPA: the air we breathe today is clear and clean, with very little pollution in it--a damned sight less than there was when Nixon set the damned thing up!--but they're not happy with their achievement. Instead they want to mandate artificially low levels of arsenic in drinking water (far below natural levels) and force us to drive cars that get 70 MPG and a whole slew of other things. Having reduced pollution by 95% and reaching the point of diminishing returns, they are still acting as if it were 1964.

So, AOC's "commission"--oh, let's just call it the "Ministry of Truth" and get it over with--will begin with right-wing or "conservative" media outlets, and crush them all. Then they'll look at the small fry and crush them. After that, they'll start looking at the moderate right media and crush it. Then they'll go after the moderate media, and flatten that. They'll look at the moderate left media with a gimlet eye and watch them constantly. The so called "elite" media--outlets about specific topics like trains or knitting or radios, things which are ordinarily completely apolitical--will be scrutinized for "counterrevolutionary" language, and crushed if they are found wanting.

Even something as innocuous as, "Rail traffic underwent a 1.36% decline while President Obama was in office," will get the writer unpersoned and his magazine sanctioned. (I just made that up. I don't remember what rail traffic did during the Obama years.)

You can tell me that I'm crazy all you want, but I am telling you this is what they will do.

The press is going to cheer this on, just watch. The ACLU won't sue. The reporters and the newscasters won't utter a peep about what a bad idea this is, not just for them but for everybody.

* * *

This comment is pure gold. "Apparently one congressman was shocked when he went back to his district and, instead of consoling him over his terrible experience during the Great Insurrection Of 2021, his constituents asked him whether he thought Congress got the message."

Adam Kinzinger (piss be upon him) is not my Representative, which makes sense because I didn't see his name on my ballot on Nov 3. If I had, I would have voted against him or written in "Gandalf" or something, and I would have remembered it.

If he was my representative I would have already written him a letter telling him what a useless traitor he is. But he's not. My representative is a Democrat I didn't vote for, Robin Kelly, and she was probably shitting herself the entire time that the Capitol was occupied.

That's another thing: it wasn't patriots at all! It was fucking antifa who marched into the Capitol building. Turns out that the whole thing was a false flag operation meant specifically to give the Democrats an excuse to impeach Trump. Some patriots went along with it, but it was mostly left-wing shitheels. FBI claims there were real IEDs in the area, but I'm thinking they were actually simulated bombs for training exercises that could be found and "defused" just in the nick of time!

Totally staged. Not real. ...which is why the Capitol police let them in; they'd been told to, ahead of time. Count on it.

Well, they're paying for it, because now the Capitol building has metal detectors and the congressshits are unhappy about it. The metal detectors aren't supposed to be for them; they're important! You just need to screen the rabble!

Meanwhile I don't think she's going to last very long. She's accusing fellow congressblots of helping "rioters" (antifa) case the joint ahead of the, uh, the "thingy" that happened. Probably she'll accuse republicans of it but if they didn't, she's toast. (Except of course that the democrats have a majority and she won't be in trouble at all.)

And when the Democrats throw all the republicans out on their fat, useless asses, every last one of them is going to be shocked to his rotten, stinking core that his esteemed colleagues voted to kick him out of the legislature.

* * *

This is how the left works. Former Trump staffer fired before he started work because he worked for Trump. Better get used to this, everyone, because if the Rubicon remains uncrossed we are all going to be subject to summary dismissal for the most specious of reasons.

"You posed for a picture while standing next to a cardboard cutout of Trump. You're fired."

Bet on it.

Ace is right: until corporations start going bankrupt because of horseshit like this, there won't be any change.

* * *

Incidentally, did you know that Donald Trump is the only President to have been impeached twice? Further, his impeachments are half of the impeachments ever carried forward from the house of representatives. That's right, folks: Nancy Pelosi has presided over half of the presidential impeachments in US history.

That last, by the way, is a fact that will lead to the Ministry of Truth paying you a little visit.

Bitch McCowpie isn't going to convene the senate before the 19th. Expect them to try to run Trump out of office less than 24 hours before Biden's inauguration.

They can't remove him from office after Biden's sworn in, after all.

At least one house Democrat thinks that impeaching Trump was a really, really bad idea. He's right, but not for his reasons.
one anonymous House Democrat fears that Republicans may weaponize impeachment against soon-to-be President Joe Biden. Politico's report follows as some pro-Trump Republicans continue to consider using impeachment as a way to get revenge against Biden.

"Republicans will figure this out. ... It will be their favorite new tool. We're such imbeciles. We never think about the consequences. It's going to be like: Game on. Let's impeach [Biden] 12 times in a week," the House Democrat, who is opposed to impeachment, said.
The republicans will never do that. Do you know why? Because that would be "not who we are", that's why. The republicans are bound and determined to take the high road right down into the seventh pit of Hell, all the while chanting, "But at least we're not vulgar, like Trump!"

* * *

Sarah Hoyt says something highly insightful: "When the alleged victor is scared enough to want to silence everyone else? It's bad. They're scared. They are also nearly invincibly stupid."

"No one makes it a crime to talk about the election being fraudulent if it was above board," she says, and if you think that the Democrats have not done their damnedest to do just that, then I invite you to talk to the 70,000 people that got kickbanned from twattler last weekend.

* * *

The Democrats are, as predicted, already proposing an amendment to abolish the electoral college. I mean, sure, they can win as many elections as they want, but if they get rid of the electoral college they won't need to cheat any more. It's really easy; and if there's anything the democrats hate more than losing elections or Donald Trump, it's hard work.

* * *

I don't know how the republicans expect ever to win elections again they A) enabled the Democrat theft of the 2020 presidential election and B) tuurned their backs on their President as soon as it became convenient. Calling them "turncoats" is kind, but I suppose the writer's editor frowned on "motherfucking traitorous come-guzzling whores". (Which is, at least, more descriptive of their utility to society than "legislator".)

I'm not voting any more, myself. Gonna switch my party affiliation to "independent" but I'm just not going to vote, because if I vote for republicans, my vote only counts for 87% of a vote, and I'm voting for do-nothing shitstains who have no spines and no willingness to fight, because they might get a run in their pantyhose or break a nail or something. But I can't bring myself to vote for Democrats even though my vote then counts for 113% of a vote, and I'm voting for someone who will fight...because I can't vote for communism.

Point is, though? I will not vote for any republican who was in office during Trump's term. Ever. I don't care if Paul Ryan runs for president in 2024, because he cucked hard, just as hard as the rest of say nothing of the fact that nothing happened when he was speaker of the house 2017-2018.

Lindsay Graham is no better than any of the rest of them. He cucked on the 6th just like the rest of them. The only reason republicans are standing against the impeachment and removal of Trump now is because they know they can't stop it--oh, they really wanted him out, but they have to get their votes from people who voted for Trump.

Which is why Graham said this:
To my Republican colleagues who legitimize this process, you are doing great damage not only to the country, the future of the presidency, but also to the party.

The millions who have supported President Trump and his agenda should not be demonized because of the despicable actions of a seditious mob.
Translation: Seventy-four million people voted for Trump! Do you want ALL of them to vow never to vote for you again? We probably got away with helping Biden win the election but if we vote to oust Trump, we'll be lucky if we only get tarred and feathered!!!

I will not be fooled. None of you motherfuckers gets my vote ever again.

And by the way, you guys didn't get away with helping Biden win the election. That's why we're all so angry at you. It was your job to stop the Democrats from stealing the fucking election, but you didn't even try to slow it down.

The Democrats are now going to cheat in every election they can, and if they vote to remove you shitsucking cocksockets from congress and you get dumped on your flabby butts I am going to laugh at you with all the derision you deserve. This is what you voted for when you certified the Democrat coup.

* * *

Maybe take a little Xanax and chill for a while, lady. She's all in on Trump being the leader of terrorists, and thinks it's just jim-dandy to deplatform and so forth. Aesop says:
[If] you set the precedent that it's open season on your entire political opposition merely because you think you can, and they may decide to open the range hot in both directions, pre-emptively, and end your entire caucus, just for the exercise.
Aesop is not threatening violence; he is making a prediction.

Here's the thing: in America, the left has had it really easy for rather a long time. Freedom of expression, freedom of association--the entirety of the Bill of Rights, in fact--has allowed them to pitch their venom to all and sundry. And in general, American society is very, very easygoing about weird viewpoints because the country was founded on the principle of liberty.

The problem is, the left has made a horrible mistake: they think that because no one has stopped them, no one can stop them. Because they've been allowed to vomit communist poison everywhere, without being shut up, they think they have a green light to implement it.

As I always say, mistaking forebearance for weakness.

It's not that the right is unable to line the communists up and shoot them; it's that the right is unwilling to do that. We've got to get to work early and do what needs doing, in order to pay for the necessities of life, and we go to church and maintain our houses and do so many useful and productive things that we just don't have time to line up the communists and shoot them. We expect our elected officials to take care of keeping the country safe from communism.

Only they decided not to.

Meanwhile, the commies are supported by other commies and government largesse, so they don't have to work for a living, and anyway their jobs are to agitate for more communism. And no one stops them, until and unless there's a big problem.

There is now a big problem: the Democrats stole the presidential election, they stole the Georgia runoff election, and now they're putting together an agenda to solidify totalitarian control of the United States, right down to having federal speech codes and so forth. The republicans did nothing to stop them, and some of them are helping the Democrats impeach the last republican President we're ever likely to have, at this rate.

So when commies get up and start gloating about how they're going to get rid of Trump, and then get rid of anyone who worked for him, and then anyone who supported him? Well, it's not hard for anyone with a reasonable grasp of 20th century history to realize that they'll go on to get rid of anyone who donated money to his campaign, and then anyone who voted for him, and then anyone who's a registered republican. And some of those people, unwilling to go gently into that heap of horseshit, are likely to band together and start shooting.

"Your mouth is writing checks your ass cannot cash," he says to the snowflake.

She's probably never talked to a right-winger in her life, and if she had, she would have dismissed what he said out of hand without even stopping to consider what he had said to her. "GAWD he was so STUPID I can't believe it."

The people the left talks about eliminating are forgiving, gentle people, who have an immense respect for life and property, and do not wish to hurt others, even accidentally. There's a reason that these people consistently out-donate the left wingers when it comes to giving to charities. In general these people understand that consequences naturally follow actions, and try to minimize the downside not just for themselves, but for everyone. They are at home in the traditional America where everyone has to follow the same rules, but will always respect each others' differences as long as they are respected as well. These are the most tolerant people you will ever meet. They familiarize themselves with weaponry not because they desire a fight, but because they know there are bad people in the world who don't care about fair play or justice, and who don't want to work for a living. They take it upon themselves to know how to protect themselves and their families not because they don't like or trust the police, but because they know the police cannot be everywhere.

But if you wrong them, you had better watch out for their sense of justice and fair play. That's not a threat; it's a warning. "Don't start none, won't be none."

* * *

So THIS is why he's occasionally called "Adolf Shickelgruber".

* * *

I remember, when I was younger, seeing a show about Armand Hammer. Apparently this person is related to him, somehow.

I didn't understand why this show was lauding Armand Hammer to the heavens and back, and it wasn't until much later that I learned that Armand Hammer was a communist. That explained the TV show, anyway.

Of course he was extremely rich. Most of the actual card-carrying communists in America are filthy rich. They're not in it because they're oppressed, but because they want to be the ones doing the oppressing, and they can't do that in a capitalist country with free elections and the right to keep and bear arms.

* * *

Anyway: Biden installed, Fungus dark, "Critter Report" by invitation only.

If you want to be invited, I need to know you read, and I need your email address because I'll be emailing you the password to access the new site. But of course before you can send me your email etc I need to have an email address to which you can send it, and I haven't got that yet. So I'll let you know.


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