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30,000 National Guard in DC. Six brigades. Two divisions.

Today something occurred to me, that had not occurred to me before, and seems not to occur to--well--anyone, except a select few.

DC is under a federal declaration of emergency. Now, in those circumstances, the National Guard is often brought in to help with things that can crop up in an emergency. And so, federalized NG troops are in an area that's under a federal emergency; who tells them what to do?

Not the DC government, but FEMA.

Who tells FEMA what to do?

Department of Homeland Security.

Who tells DHS what to do?


Hang back a bit and let that sink in. Thirty thousand troops are in Washington, D.C. right now, and unless I am sorely mistaken the legitimate chain of command leads right to President Trump. No Joe Biden, not Nancy Pelosi, not Cuc Schemer. Trump.

I'm not a lawyer and I don't understand any of this, but that's what I was able to noodle out of the intartubs today, and because DC has been declared to be under a federal emergency--and is a federal territory anyway, not a state--those troops ultimately answer to the President. If this means what I think it means, then someone just pulled off the ultimate strategic ruse. Forget the Trojan Horse....

* * *

Someone pointed out that the NG are stringing up razor wire around the Capitol building. There's already temporary fencing put up, and the concertina is being put on the inside, the side facing the building, and not the outside. What is wrong with this picture?

Razor wire is pretty nasty stuff. If you string it along the top of a fence, there's this hollow tube of wire with razor blades sticking out of it. You cannot pick your way through razor wire very fast, because you really need to watch where you put your hands. But if you somehow manage to gain the top of the fence from the other side, though--the side without the wire--you can hop over it pretty easily. So you put the wire on the side you want to keep people from climbing.

Politicians are not likely to know that. Most of them. Oh, a few will; but will they notice when they are being whisked past the deplorables in the khakis and their checkpoints? And the ones who do notice, will they say anything?

Now maybe this is just some idiot "weekend warrior" who was told to put the razor wire on the fence, and no one told him how to do it, so he picked a side and got to work. But somehow, I doubt it.

* * *

This shithead has a huge portrait of a mass murderer in his living room. Mao killed sixty million Chinese. I suppose he has pictures of Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy in his bathroom for when he decides to go a-Toobin'.

* * *

This guy looks like a total shithead.

* * *

Here's where I got that "30,000" figure.

Asking obvious questions about logistics. An important one: where do 30,000 troops take a dump? And:
Seems that they're getting treated like shit, being fed shit, and hating life
The article if you TL;DR: essentially said that they ain't being fed right at all, and that they're not allowing them to even drink coffee, which, to be honest, I have a hard time believing. If actually true?

Then the units are going on pure-dee chickenshit because of "optics"

So, guess the logtrains aren't keeping up at all apparently.
"Logtrains" meaning logistics trains and/or supply lines.

Saw a single locomotive pulling what is (these days) a short string of well cars, single containers in each, southbound and thought, "Even if that was for the shitshow in DC, they'd never make it in time."

* * *

Somehow, Sarah Hoyt got removed from the blogroll. I have no idea how; I don't think she said anything to piss me off or anything. Maybe I hit "delete" while the cursor was in the wrong place. I don't know; but she's back now.

And this post goes into some interesting detail. I'm going to have to cut the hell out of this blockquote because she writes long, almost as long as I do:
The truth is that [the American left has] taken charge, but it's not playing the way they expect.

They're playing it by the book 20th century "take over and revolution." This includes taking control of the media. In Portugal, all the fricking revolutions and counter-revolutions I lived through were announced with ... an endless re-run of green acres.


The left is playing it by the book, which means kicking Trump and anyone else who might give us his side of the story out of Facebook and Twitter and completely deplatforming Parler for giving him a platform. This is to put it mildly ... not good optics. And it's not playing internationally as they expected.

Part of the problem with these late-hit remnants of the long march is that they don't realize in most of the rest of the world--even those like Germany still following the suicide script set by the USSR's operatives--communism has been discredited. People were too close to it, saw it too clearly. And are sort of crawling backwards away from it, and all its techniques.

The left is also so deep in its own echo chamber that they think the entire world hates Orangemanbad as much as they do. In fact, lots of places int he world are waking up to the fact the whole of civilization is now at the mercy of China, and that the US has gone functionally insane. It's great fun to be anti-American when America is the solid giant who will protect you forever. It's not so much fun when America has been taken over by people like you, and will now be unpredictable and as likely to hit you as your enemies.

So, it's not playing well. And their attempted Kristal Nacht is also not playing well. Particularly with the brighter bulbs on the left--not--like Occasional Cortex saying they need to control the press. And Jack Dorsey being captured on camera saying they're going to censor everyone. And Facebook banning anyone who talks about the election being fraud. And–

According to polls, President Trump's popularity has only gone up. I believe this will only extend for however long this tragic farce lasts to his entire family.

Because again, the left is not getting it: THIS IS NOT THE 20th CENTURY. Sure, you can hurt us. You can hurt us badly. My MeWe is still not in parity with my Facebook in hits, which is why I've stayed on facebook, even if most of it is preaching to the fish, and will stay until finally banned (it won't be very long.) But it doesn't mean things aren't getting out.
Cheap fax machines helped to bring down the Soviet Union, because the people could spread information outside of official channels in ways that could not be wiretapped by KGB or NKVD. (Tapping an analog phone connection changes the electrical characteristics. You can't hear the difference, but a modem can, and might not work if someone is "listening in".) And then there's this:
They have taken over the structures of power in our country. My prediction is that as with the dog who finally catches the car, it won't go well for them.

They know it, too, which is why the capitol is packed with troops with orders to shoot to kill--something never needed in America for any inauguration.

It's afraid. But the frightened beast of totalitarianism is full of evil and hate, and trying to take as many of us as it can along with it. It will only get worse as its grip holds less and less.
I'm quoting all this stuff because it brings a different viewpoint to all this, one that's not steeped in the conspiracy theory that I've been mainlining over the past week.

She's right in that the left always uses the same playbook--always-always--and that it has not been updated since Lenin was sprouting pubes. As I said in an earlier post, antifa is basically using Hitler's tactics. None of this is new. And it's just not going to work the same way here as it did in the USSR or China or Cuba or--

The thing with trying to impeach Trump is a massive overreach. This makes the third time they've tried it (a failed attempt in 2017, the one that failed of conviction in 2020, and now this latest one) and they just don't seem to get the fact that this is not making him look bad to his supporters. Far from disgracing him, his supporters look at this and figure that he must be doing something right if the Democrats are that freaking scared of him.

You don't take flak if you're nowhere near the target.

...and that's why his popularity is just as high as ever. The people elected Trump because they wanted to stick it to the entrenched powers in DC. The actual "will of the people" has been continuously thwarted by those gangsters since 1996 at least, and possibly longer. Trump is popular because he ran for office on a certain set of policies, and then actually enacted those policies, unlike any republican in the prior seventeen years. (Again, at least.)

That was why he got over seventy-four million votes. Remember the statement someone made that he'd actually won 410 electoral votes? The entire reason we have the bleeding obvious electoral fraud, where the counts in all those states were stopped until the Democrats could gin up more votes, stemmed from the fact that he had won massively far beyond the margin of cheat.

And having gone as far as they had in the prior four years--including Obama having the FBI spy on Trump's campaign!--the Democrats could not cede the election. I mean, let's face it: that's a hell of a lot worse than Watergate ever was. Pity there's no Woodward and Bernstein interested in investigating that story. You don't win a Pulitzer for taking down a Democrat president.

But they were afraid that Trump would declassify and release documents proving what had gone on, and that a lot of important Democrats would very likely go to jail, or at least suffer such disgrace that they'd have to retire from public life.

The Democrats, confident that their permanent control of the US was in their grasp, had lassoed a whirlwind, and their only choice now was to ride it. Obama did a perilously stupid thing when he ordered the various three-letter agencies to spy on Trump; that was illegal on many levels, and the president is not above the law. (Or not supposed to be, at any rate.) And the really funny thing is that if they had not constantly attacked Trump for the entire four years of his first term, he probably would not have been as popular as he is. The people wanted him in office a hell of a lot more than they wanted Hillary; and instead of accepting that and acting like statesmen (which just might have led to Trump looking like the crass and vulgar slob they wish he was) they went on a temper tantrum, making themselves look childish and petty.

I'm not kidding, nor am I exaggerating. Trump's not a polished, sophisticated politician--but when the Democrat Media Complex (DMC) constantly hammered him from all sides with their bullshit, it excused his behavior towards them, and made his casual insults and sniping and such understandable. The press are treating him like shit, people thought, and It's about TIME a republican President threw it back in their faces!

I have to wonder just how much Trump could have hurt them if they'd taken the high road. Or would have, if they'd treated him the way they'd treated George Bush. Were they afraid because they knew Trump was there to clean house? Or did they hate him just because he beat Hillary?

No matter. He did, they lost their shit, acted like whiny crybabies for more than four years, and now this. Their ride has led us here, to a brewing civil war.

* * *

So--looking over the facts that I started this post with, I've just ended up confusing myself. Who is in charge in DC? Why do they need two freaking divisions to provide security? Who is OpFor going to be, if Trump is in charge of the army in DC? (Small "A" army, because two divisions is an army. Not the big "A" Army, as in the "United States Army".)

Or are those guys just there to arrest most of the government for treason, and to keep the peace while shit gets sorted out?

It gets even more complicated, though.

In the past week, five governments have tottered or fell. Germany, the Dutch, Italy, Estonia, Kuwait--you know, in any given week I'm pretty sure you can find a government somewhere in the world that's having issues, but for five governments to undergo turnover in the same week that the US is suffering from political strife seems awfully unlikely. Why now?

* * *

Keep an eye on Representative Matt Gaetz. He seems like the kind of person we need in government. I like the fact that the Democrats tried to shout him down, and then cut his mic when that didn't work.

* * *

Anyway, there's a big "rally" scheduled this weekend which looks like the setup for a gigantic false flag, so everyone and his dog is yelling just as loud as he can, "DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THOSE SHITSHOWS!" The poster, done up in Communist Red And Yellow, is a nice touch.

* * *

I have a few things to attend to before bed, so I think I'll do them. No WoW tonight; but maybe I can do extra WoW tomorrow to make up for it.

We can but hope.

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