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#7493: I hope it's a quiet weekend

Here's the funny thing about my take on what's going on in DC: no one else seems to have noticed.

Everything looks like business as usual out here. I don't know if that means I'm crazy or the rest of the folks are just not paying attention. Democratically speaking (in the sense of "majority rule") it means I'm crazy. I'd be fine with that. I'm fine with facing four years of a normal, craptastic Democrat government, where republicans can still win elections and so forth.

But I have to trust my gut, and my gut says "it's a coup," and the government does not deploy two divisions of troops to the capital because a couple hundred people got uppity. Ordinary riot control police are more than enough to handle that kind of nonsense. Something else is afoot.

Intrepid Reporter says this:
The puzzle pieces to me point to bad things
I mean inside the OODA loop
An obviously illegitimate election
Totes Fraud everywhere
Then suddenly, a minor demonstration in terms of actual damage and loss of life and we suddenly have the single largest deployment on American soil since the Civil War? Either they're that scared or there's other things afoot. I'm inclined to believe both things.
It's not like I'm alone in this.

Sara Hoyt has this to say:
Look, "how people behave" is a great way to solve mystery fiction, but probably not admissible in court.

HOWEVER the way the left and the media and social media are behaving is like conquerors who think (rightly) the rest of the nation is against them. More, they're behaving like conquerors who KNOW they can't hold on long. The stink of fear is roiling off them to the point of choking us. And frankly it's making the rest of us afraid, because as grandma said "You can't afford to trust a fool even on the ladder to heaven. They might push you down for no reason."
Much less trusting a fool that will soon have access to nuclear weapons and the purse and army of the US.

And it fits neatly with the potemkin campaign which of necessity required most votes to be fraudulent and yet still came up short.

They have skipped the glorious reign 1000 years and are going right into locking themselves in bunkers from which they issue increasingly more deranged orders.
It really is an amazing thing to behold, regardless of which side you're on.

She then says this a little later on:
[T]his is totalitarianism, but it's end-stage, last gasp totalitarianism. When they get to this point, THEY KNOW the whole country is against them, with not a shred of doubt. Hell, even hostile conquerors who just got done killing all the tribe's nobility aren't this scared.
I am not sure what to say that I haven't already said over the past week, so let's move on.

* * *

Last night, inexplicably, I had a hankering to hear the OST from Oh! My Goddess!, so I dug out the CD I made way back in the last century of the "best of" from the two OVA OST CDs I bought at AnimeIowa '97. So I stuck that disk into the DVD drive patched to Iscandar through that cable I bought from Amazon, and listened to it.

It wasn't actually the original "best of" disk, but a copy I'd made. You see, in late 1998 I started working as a technical writer, and my day consisted of me getting to work, sitting in my cubicle, and working on technical documentation. My work did not require that my ears bee free, so I wore headphones and listened to music.

...bought the cheapest sound card I could find and stuck it into my work computer so I could stream Limbaugh, but otherwise I listened to music on my $30 portable CD player. Instead of carrying a big stack of CDs in their jewel cases, I bought a 10-pack of Dysan blank CDs that came in a plastic box not unlike the old floppy boxes, plastic and hinged so that when you open it fully the disks sit upright in their sleeves and you can flip through them.

And on those CDs, I burned copies of all the "best of" anime disks I'd been making since getting my first CD-R drive not too much earlier. Well, I still have that set, so that's what I grabbed last night, because the O!MG! disk was one of the ones I copied.

So when O!MG! was done, I listened to the next one, and the next one, and so on, and of course it's all music I enjoy, so it's nice to listen to.

* * *

Anyway, I'm going to post this and then go play WoW.

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