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#7494: You saw it here first.

That's a picture of the temporary fencing they put up around the Capitol. I want you to pay particular attention not to the red circles (which are damning in themselves) but the placement of the concrete barriers by the fencing.

Now, tell me: if you want to keep people out (in this case, the side that the photographer is standing on) why give them convenient platforms from where they can start to scale the fence? Someone who wasn't a fat piece of crap like me could get on top of that concrete barrier and quite reasonably make a jump to grab the top of that fence, if he wasn't particularly worried about missing and hitting the ground in an extremely painful fashion. (Such as, I don't know, if you were bound and determined to be on the other side of that fence.)

Okay, the placement of the u-bolts that hold sections together? That could be a fuckup by one guy who doesn't know what he's doing, that they didn't bother fixing...but those concrete barrier sections are another matter entirely. Those things are heavy, require a crane to move, and each fence section is backed by one.

If you're saying, "Those are there to keep cars out!" please be quiet, because adults are talking. (Go to about 5:10 in the video to see how far a speeding pickup truck moves connected barriers...and these ain't connected.)

Couple this with the fact that in the front of the building, the side that all the news TV cameras will be focused on, the fencing has the concrete barriers behind it--that is, on the side facing the Capitol building. Add in the fact that concertina wire is reportedly strung up on the side facing the building.

And this guy twigged to the same fact I did yesterday.
Under Title 32, the troops in DC are under the direct command of the DC National Guard.

The DC National Guard is unique in the US.

It answers only to...the president.
National Guard -> FEMA -> DHS -> President.

Best. Movie. Ever. If that's what it is.

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