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#7495: Thank God that turned out to be a big nothingburger

The right-wing was smart enough to stay away. "Dozens of protestors" reportedly showed up in some capital cities, but basically that entire moronic "day of protest" thing turned out to be five pounds of shit in a fifty-pound bag.

The ones who did show up were mostly from left-wing groups, of course. That first pic, guy with rainbow flag standing next to a dumpy white guy in a "black lives matter" shirt--going by an embedded video later in the piece those are "Boogaloo Bois", whatever the hell that is, but I'm guessing they are not exactly right-wing.

Meanwhile, Vox Day makes plain what is happening in DC. Two divisions of National Guard, under the President's command.

Why was Nancy Pelosi trying to get a brigade of Marines?

I'm thinking now that the Democrats and DC demanded that there be protection, so Trump obliged them...only that happened to dovetail quite neatly with Trump's own plans...or something? The closer we get to the inauguration, the more confused I get, and the less optimistic I feel, and I can't tell how I even feel about that.

Courage! Faith!

...but dang.

This comment fits that.
There is no doubt that Pelosi in particular has tried to subvert the chain of command and been rebuffed. There is the NY Times report of her call to the Chairman of the JCS as well as the report of her call to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (the substance of the exchange rings true but the reported dialogue is suspect). Swamp critters demanded NG protection and some of them are not comfortable now that they have it because they don't control it directly or through catspaws.
Which is what I'm thinking, as well.

And then there's this: "Every national guard troop in DC is one not under the command or available to the Governor of their home state until this thing is over."

* * *

I've seen mentions of this all over. Faux News has demonstrated how not to run a news network.

Step one: do not take a maggoty, runny shit all over the demographic you were specifically created for.

Step two: there are no further steps.

* * *

Today it has snowed again.

Yesterday it snowed and the first time I woke up, the world had turned white. It all melted by afternoon. Today, the same thing happened, except the melt rate was considerably lower. We've had flakes drifting down almost all day, slow and sparse, and it's continued even after dark.

Went out to Popeye's for chicken, and saw a plow truck parked by the road, full of salt and ready to go. No idea why; the forecast says there won't be any serious accumulation.

* * *

Took down the outdoor lights. Mrs. Fungus is currently de-festooning the tree of ornaments; I'll take the lights off and make sure no ornaments remain on the tree, and then, out it goes.


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