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#7499: The turning of coats

If there is any justice in this world, Mitch McConnell is utterly radioactive and will never win another election.

...well, if the election is honest. Let's face it: Democrats have magical voting machines. First rule of communist dictatorships is to pretend that you're not a communist dictator, but a democratic republic, which is why all the communist shitholes like to put the words "democratic republic" into the names of their countries. They aren't, but they hold elections and pretend that the people running against the incumbent politicians have a chance of winning if enough people vote for them, but of course the only time that an incumbent loses his seat is when he wants to retire anyway, or someone gets enough dirt on him to force him out.

The people are free to vote for whomever they want to...but the balloting isn't secret and a vote against Dear Leader is a vote against, y'know, living the rest of your life. Maybe not right away, but the vote will go in your file, and if you ever do something else wrong, at your pre-execution interrogation your voting history will be cited as a reason to kill you. The government will have nothing but reasons to kill you, and your defenses will be ignored or scoffed at. In the end, you were dead the second they put the handcuffs on you, and the rest is just theater.

But I digress. The question is not how totalitarians maintain terror in order to remain in power, but Mitch McConnell selling out Trump for a few shekels' worth of Chinese silver. In a world that contains even a modicum of justice, this would mean the end of Mitch McConnell's political career.

Well, it is. If the Democrats triumph, he will never be majority leader of the senate ever again. The role of "loyal opposition" is the one he's most comfortable with, and as long has he has his limosine and other perks the rest of us can go scratch. Which we will, with the Democrats securely in power. Eventually the Democrats will tire of him, or he'll slip up and accidentally say something conservative, and he'll be out on his ear--discredited, then prosecuted.

The Democrats have made it obvious that they have not read The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, not even the Readers' Digest version, because like the roman Senate of old, they are trying to criminalize the losing of elections. Trump lost; now it's time to get him! Not just him, but his family! Not just him and his family, but his supporters! Yeah! We're going to re-educate them-- I suppose the Democrats think that "re-education" is better than what was going to happen to Gaius Julius Caesar, and his family, and supporters, but death of spirit is just as bad as corporeal death, if not worse.

Caesar had to cross the Rubicon, because otherwise he was going to die, as was the rest of his family. I don't think anything better waits for Donald J. Trump if he doesn't cross this Rubicon. And the simple fact is that if you lose an election, whether you like it or not, the thing to do is not to steal it and then promise to eradicate your political opponents once you're securely in power. The people tend not to like that, and in 2021 America (as in Rome of 49 BC) all kinds of people all over the place are armed and can resist you.

I think Mike Pompeo is in on it, though, because on his tweetle today he posted the classic "Washington Crossing the Delaware", the one where he's standing up in front of a rowboat etc. Washington was crossing that river at night in the middle of shitweather on Christmas Eve to go kill German mercenaries in service to the Crown; I am hoping that something is brewing tonight which is considerably less violent but at least as effective in aiding the cause of American liberty as Washington's raid was.

Seriously hoping to be awakened in the morning by the mournful warble of my phone giving off an Emergency Broadcast System alert, telling everyone (among other things) to stay home and pray for the future of liberty in America.

"Hoping", not "expecting". Stopping a coup is not a simple task and there are only three things which allow me to maintain any hope at all.

1) 30,000 troops in DC. That's a staggering number of National Guard to have in any city, particularly in response to a relative handful of gomers walking through the Capitol building and taking selfies without the government's permission. Of course, the gangster party is well aware that that's all that happened on 1/6; but of naturally their catspaws made it happen and the DMC has been pushing the "ARMED DEADLY INSURRECTION OMG THEY WERE GOING TO KIDNAP AND KILL CONGRESSMEN" horseshit from the very moment it was over, as planned. They wanted "some National Guard" and got a lot more than they asked for, more than could reasonably be mustered in a matter of days, indicating that the event was planned for well in advance. Look: the US military is an amazing thing, but it ain't that amazing. Men and materiel take time to move, and there are no magic wands.

Also, the chain of command: DC National Guard <--> FEMA <--> DHS <--> President Trump

2) No celebrations from the Democrats. This time in 2009 they were partying like it was 1999, again. Obama had defeated the hated Bushitler* and he was going to be president and he was going to stop global warming and heal the Earth and lower the oceans and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity and.... And so there were parties galore all over DC. And don't try to tell me COVID-19 is the cause, because the Democrats had no trouble with burn-loot-murder and antifa holding huge INSURRECTIONS in various places without masks or "social distancing".

No--if they were actually confident that they'd won, they would be partying and billing it all to the taxpayers...yet they aren't.

*=I know Bush couldn't run. Obama talked about McStain as if he were the second coming of George W. Bush. Democrats treated Obama's election as a repudiation of Bush. And so on.

3) The Democrats are deeply and obviously scared. Not just scared: terrified. Pelosi calling the chairman of the joint chiefs to talk about taking the nuclear codes away from Trump. Pelosi calling the commandant of the Marines to request a brigade. The FBI "vetting" the guardsmen in DC. The calls for the guardsmen to take loyalty oaths, to the Democrat party rather than the Constitution. Biden hiring a private security firm, rather than trusting the Secret Service. Pelosi trying to block Trump's appointment to--well, now I can't find it, but if Biden is going to be president, he can just fire that guy and appoint someone else. The impeachment, for crying out loud! With not even two weeks left in Trump's term--

* * *


10th Mountain 1st Marine CPSD seen in DC, pretending--not very hard--to be National Guard.

According to Q, that was one of the RED conditions for action. They returned from Afghanistan not long ago, Pence talked to them on Sunday--which was, by the way, the only time anyone's heard anything from Pence since when?--and now, apparently, they've been deployed to DC. Go figure.

But of course it could be someone who was in that group and who is now in the National Guard.

Could be.

Meanwhile, a lot of folks are talking about Biden being assassinated tomorrow. Notice all the slips from people calling Harris "president"? Including Biden himself? Some useless news extrusion was giving Harris and her husband a softball interview and she asked if the husband would be the "first First Gentleman" and he had to correct her, "the first Second Gentleman." I don't think it's a Freudian slip; everyone knows Biden can't govern. Pelosi was laying the groundwork for getting him out with the 25th Amendment, but this huge military buildup in DC lets them blame some hapless soldier for assassinating the President and enables the crushing the right wing under an iron heel.

Remember that instance in the campaign where Biden yelled at a reporter, "Help me! I don't want to do this anymore!" That got memory-holed, didn't it? Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't. Maybe the gangster party told him, "Do this and we'll make sure Hunter doesn't go to jail." Biden is old, losing his mind, maybe he figured it was a good trade. Maybe he didn't know he was to be the first sacrifice on the altar of American socialism. But the DMC has spent a lot of time building up a violent right wing insurrection that simply does not exist (at least, not yet; though they will get one, I expect, if they keep this up) and I'd wager it's in order to point the finger squarely at Trump and his supporters, blaming them for the assassination they had planned all along.

Be ironic, wouldn't it, if Biden being arrested for treason saved him from being assassinated?


...all this horseshit is too complicated for me. I am a simple man; I just want to be left alone to write my blog and science fiction stories, and to live my life in some modicum of peace and comfort.

One thing is certain. Every leftist I have ever met, in my life, has been a profoundly unhappy person, to one extent or another, and they always want to drag everyone else into hell with them. That's why socialists always strive for total control of the proletariat; they can't stand the idea that some folks might be enjoying their simple lives. Socialism crushes all the good things in life under its iron heel and demands total obesiance to it. It extracts a mountain of human skulls from its practitioners, every time it's tried, and even cracking a smile is enough to get you investigated by the secret police, because who knows what anti-revolutionary heresy you're thinking of that amuses you so much?

Leftism is based on a pile of falsehoods that pretend to be truths. Its practitioners are maximally hypocritical by default, because they cannot square the circle, and adherence to its principles requires cognitive dissonance that borders on insanity. Their only reaction to disagreement is instant vilification and hatred because their positions cannot withstand honest scrutiny. The entire ideology cannot create, only destroy, and it ruins everything it touches. And once it has its hooks in you, you can never be free of it, because you first must admit that you fell for it...and because the leftist prides himself on his intellect, on being smarter than everyone, he cannot admit the possibility that he was wrong.

* * *

That ought to do it, Ray. Thanks very much. Liz Cheney was censured in Wyoming for voting to impeach President Trump. Well, I suppose it's a start, anyway.

* * *

Not sure how this woman passed the Bar exam. Lawyer ends up cited for contempt of court because she acted up after the judge "disrespected" her. *rolleyes*

If you're in front of a judge, that judge can "disrespect" you all he wants, and your response should be "yes sir/no sir" regardless. You're not the judge's equal. There's a reason you address the judge as "your honor" and it's not just a formality, you fucking ass goblin.

* * *

Fortuitously, my employer gave everyone an extra day off as a holiday gift. I elected to take that day tomorrow.

I had wanted to take it Monday, because my wife had Monday off, but I could not because I had to go to my near sit in a server room for four hours waiting for my cue to move three network cables from one switch to another.

Anyway, if there's some kind of huge foo-raw in DC tomorrow, I'll already be at home, as will my wife...and I think that's the best place to be when you're not sure that the country won't be embroiled in a civil war in under 24 hours.

I mean, an ordinary day where there's no specter of civil war brewing, eh, so what. But when the chance of civil war rises above something approximating zero?

Who the hell knows. I have no idea what's going on. My wife thinks Biden will be president for the next few years and nothing in our lives will change all that much. At least, she's not expecting arrests or assassinations or anything. If I thought the next four years would approximate, oh, 2009-2013, I'd be fine with it. But I don't think that's possible from here.

Tomorrow is going to be quite sporty. I don't like "sporty".

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