atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7500: Well, that's it, then.

This will be the last free post. The rules are different now.

I'm not sure what to do yet.

According to the users' ratings page, this is number 277 in all-time ratings for blogs on LiveJournal. There are seven thousand pages of user ratings there.

* * *

Nothing happened. Biden was sworn in.

The last, slim hope I had that the massive fraud perpetrated on America would be undone has been dashed, and we now have a president who is illegitimately installed in the so-called "highest office in the land". I wish president Biden well, because his term is not going to last very long. The democrats had previously started floating 25th amendment noises, after the election, and sooner or later we'll get president Harris. Probably "sooner".

The various places I've been looking for information are saying "wait 48 hours!" but I've been waiting 48 hours since November 3.

It just doesn't make sense to me, though. All those troops, all the posturing, all the eleventh-hour changes to the Trump administration--what was all that for? Was something set to happen, only it didn't because someone lost his nerve? Did someone choke at the last second? Was a last-minute deal struck? Or was there never a plan, and it was just the random, incompetent flailing of a falling nation?

* * *

And so, the deconstruction of Joe Biden has begun. Reportedly, Politico has the first mainstream media article discussing Biden's mental decline. On the day of his inauguration. This is the beginning; the democrats will suddenly discover, to their dismay, that--well, gosh!--Joe Biden's just not competent to hold office, and we're going to have to install Harris.

Also, now that the narrative is no longer necessary, the Washington Post has run a story way down in the paper about how the Capitol stampede was not incited by Trump. To me this smells a lot like a paper trying to recover some credibility.

* * *

It's difficult not to wax apocalyptic. With the thing accomplished, there's some clarity I didn't have beforehand; the anxiety and anticipation tend to amplify my expectations. The ever-looming specter of leftist totalitarianism is a frightening one, and the way the democrats have been talking in the runup to the inauguration only feed that anxiety.

But Washington DC is a thousand miles away from the bunker. I'm nobody. If I have any following at all, it's miniscule, and I've done my best to anonymize this thing so that casual visitors can't identify me unless they already know who I am.

So what I'm going to do now is simple, and is a considerable step back from my stated intentions prior to all this.

The extant posts will, for the time being, remain available for public viewing. I'm not going to delete the blog, nor will I take it private. I'm not sure how long this condition will last, or can last, but for the moment we're not going off-line.


There will be a lot less political commentary here, and it will not be what it once was. Today I am repudiating the republican party in its entirety; I will no longer support them. This is my formal announcement that I am now considering myself to be an independent, and will register myself as one as soon as is feasible.

And I know I am not alone in that.

The next step is to post this, run the usual print job (I archive everything as PDF) and then--tomorrow--post twenty "spacer" posts to take this one off the front page. After that, we're going to the new posting rules and will resume posts at #7521.

If I do take this private, in order to view the Fungus you'll have to be registered with LiveJournal so that I can "friend" you. I'm also considering a migration to a different service; if I do that, I will make the PDF archive available, somehow.

* * *

Now that Biden is president, COVID-19 is suddenly a lot less worrisome than it was yesterday. Now we're working on reopening the economy.

Just as was predicted, Biden's inauguration is the miracle cure for COVID-19 that we've all been waiting for. Who needs hydroxychloroquine, anyway?

* * *

Anyway, that's all I've got right now. Good luck to us all; we're going to need it.

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