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#7501: If so, why wait now?

Biden, they say, has to be president for the military to act. I said that a few days ago. Biden is president now. What use is further waiting?

Sorry, guys. You had me, but then you lost me. The theory fit the facts that we had, and it was a lovely thing to imagine, but...well, nothing happened. And I doubt anything is going to happen, other than the seizure of total power by totalitarianists.

* * *

Speaking of totalitarians, having taken their dogs off the leash, the Democrats are finding that getting them to heel has become rather difficult.

Ramsay Bolton, talking about his dogs: They're loyal!
Sansa Stark: They were loyal. Now they're starving. we can expect antifa to be classified as "domestic terrorists". These antifa nitwits are thinking they still have a say in things, and don't realize that as of noon today their anti-government antics have become obsolete. Even now I'd wager there are antifa goons sitting in jails in Portland wondering why they're not being bailed out, or released on their own recognizance, as they were last summer. I don't know it, but that's what I expect.

Or, it's just camouflage: "Have the blackshirts stir up some trouble somewhere, usual rules, and then have 'em quiet down after a week or so."

* * *

Biden may not have cured COVID-19 after all. I mean, all the blue cities and states are liberalizing their precautions now, but who knows how long that lasts?

* * *

The mainstream media will happily continue their role of being the useful idiots communism needs. Can you believe a world in which the American mainstream media call for censorship? Of course they think that it won't be they who are censored, oh, no! Just those grimy conservative outlets on the Internet.

None of them sees how this can be turned on them? None of them understands what the endgame of all this is?

* * *

They are coming for anyone to the right of Mitt Romney. How does this guy define his list of deplorables, against whom the entire intelligence and law enforcement apparatus of the federal government should be employed? "...[R]eligious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians...."

"Religious extremists" is code for Christians. "Fascists" is code for "republicans". "Bigots" and "racists"--well, the democrat party has been calling all that oppose it "racist" and "bigot" and "fascist" since 1965 at least, and their definition of "racism" is so broad that anyone in the country could end up on that list.

* * *

The destruction of landlords is one of the left's first steps, always. I feel sorry for anyone that owned rental property going into 2020.

The sad thing is that some people--if told their landlord can't evict them--will simply stop paying rent, even if they can still comfortably pay it, because there's no downside for them. They suddenly find themselves with an extra thousand bucks per month (or whatever stratospheric average rent is in NYC) and can live it up like there's no tomorrow, secure in the knowledge that even so, they'll have a roof over their heads.

The landlord, he can't pay for repairs or property taxes (and notice that the government still expects to be paid on time; the landlord isn't immune from paying his government rent!) and eventually he's broke.

So what happens next? The government seizes the rental properties for unpaid taxes. Or because the places are unlivable. Or both. And then, the people who caused all this by not paying rent when they could have end up on the street. But don't you worry! There are all kinds of lawyers out there eager to sue former landlords because their clients were evicted due to the landlord's "negligence".

The really nice thing for the government and its cronies is that living space increases in cost in NYC. So the ultra rich can charge more for people to live in their hovels, and the government can charge more property tax since the rental properties that are still livable are worth more.

I guess it's one way to make up for the fact that people are abandoning NYC in droves.

* * *

This business of ceasing political commentary may be a bit more difficult than I thought.

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