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#7503: No more Fatzboob for me

Put up a post on the Futzputz saying I wasn't posting there any longer, that anyone who wanted to could find me on MeWe. Gonna cut that cord completely after 30 days, just to give people a chance to see the post there.

I'm never going to help Fuckbake make another penny. I can't say the same for Twaddle, but that's because I was never a subscriber there in the first place.

LJ is, as I recall, largely a Russian operation, so no worries there.

...I cannot believe that this old Cold War hawk is forced to say that Russia is more free than the United States is, and yet the thing is a fact.

* * *

Better get a gander at this one before YutzTub takes it down. National Guard soldiers, most of them with their backs to the pre-presidential motorcade to the capitol building. Video quality is extreme crappy though.

I've also heard tell that the Marines aren't saluting Biden.

* * *

An interesting point here.
The interesting aspect of it all is the troops were deployed on President Trump's watch, and are being kept on under Biden. Possible explanations I see are Biden and Trump agree on something and are working together (highly unlikely, although not impossible ... ), or Biden lacks the power to send them home, .... I do not see how Biden can't immediately send them home, to show himself "restoring normalcy," but it would appear he cannot or will not.

What the 26,000 Guardsmen are doing, or why 2,000 have been sworn in as Marshals, is also still a mystery, but it does not point to the same old, same old. In addition, Durham is still out there as a Special Prosecutor beyond Biden's reach, his mandate was expanded to election fraud prior to the most fraudulent election in history, there are a raft of over 200,000 sealed indictments at last count, as shown below election audits are continuing, and there is still an election fraud case about to go before the Supreme Court. It would feel strange even if a Chinese asset, owned by Beijing through both bribes and blackmail did not just waltz into our Presidency under the nose of our National Security machinery.
These questions also bother me, but unfortunately for a different reason.

Having come to terms with the fact that we're now stuck with a leftist government which will never again lose an election, and that there is no 11th hour reprieve from this new reality, I nonetheless struggle to find a good leftist reason for all this security theater that's taking place in DC.

I can only conclude that the Democrats are still utterly terrified of coming in contact with actual voters. The leftists on WoW claim that the events of January 6 were a "putsch", using that term (instead of "coup") because of its association with Hitler, but of course all and sundry know--even if they will not admit it--that the event in question was astroturf coming from the left, not the right, because nearly all the Trump supporters were still listening to Trump talk when this "putsch" started.

The inauguration evoked images of Nazi Germany, too: Dear Leader addressing a crowd of soldiers, surrounded by politicians and businessmen and entertainers loyal to the regime--and the "night before" images seriously hearkened back to the kind of stuff Albert Speer did for Hitler's rallies, with the spotlights and so forth.

But them being afraid of a nonexistent right-wing uprising simply makes no sense, not unless they are huffing the FBI's "counterinsurgency" flatus by the cubic yard. I mean, where are the right-wing versions of antifa and burn-loot-murder and the rest of the communist agitators? You in the back, did you say "NRA"? Kindly leave; adults are talking here. Oh, "Proud Boys", that's better--you can stay, but still, no cigar. I mean, where are the right-wing groups that start shit, who rage through the cities wrecking everything in their path? Where are the right-wing groups that are actually committing the kind of insurrectionist rioting that antifa and blm did all fucking summer with nary a peep from Democrats?

There aren't any.

The shit that went down at the capitol wouldn't have happened if left-wing infiltrators and agitators had not been present.

None of this is news, and the Washington Post even admitted (way in the back, where want ads would be if there were any) that the thing had been started by left-wing agitators before Trump was finished speaking.

So, what else could it be, then?

The only thing I can think of is that they want to show the world that the Biden regime is legitimate, man, because look at all these soldiers! We couldn't have all these soldiers here unless Biden was the legit president! What? "Send them home?" No! We still have to worry about radical right-wing extremist terrorism! Those troops are here to protect the US government from domestic terrorism!

...and besides, without that, the inauguration would have been attended by a mere handful of die-hard leftists. It's better to shut down DC and fill the place with the National Guard than to have Biden's inauguration attended as well as his campaign events were. Which is to say, "Not at all," not even when Barack Hussein got up and stumped for the guy.

"Why are they still there?" Budget, maybe. The democrats hate spending money on the military, and this way they can call this deployment the annual training budget for the units which were activated. Two birds, right?

* * *

Meanwhile, the house of representatives has not yet sent the article of impeachment to the senate, but they're getting ready to. And then the senate can vote on whether or not to remove President Trump from office...days or weeks after he left it.

The purpose of this is to convict Trump, then, with prejudice, in order to disallow him from holding office ever again. This is how scared the gangster party is of Trump; they fear that unless there's a law banning him from office, he'll be able to win another election.

The problem is that the Constitution does not really cover the case where a president is impeached in his last week in office, and the senate then doesn't take up the case until after a new president is installed. It seems fairly cut-and-dried that only an actual sitting official can be impeached, and then removed from office (with or without prejudice) but of course the democrats are the party of "emanations and penumbras". A lawsuit to overturn this horseshit will either be dismissed due to "lack of standing", or the courts will find for the government. But the senate voting to remove an ex-President from the office he no longer holds, but who and is a private citizen--and further to bar him from holding office again--is not what the Founders had in mind; and I'm sure that if I went back in time and told them of the events of 2020 and 2021 they'd claim I was nuts. Also, they'd be disgusted that their posterity couldn't handle maintaining a republic.

* * *

There must be no violence from the right wing. Some folks are convinced that's why the leftists are talking about purges and re-education camps and so forth; the idea is to prompt right-wing violence in order to justify clamping down on everyone. Of course, if they don't get it, they can always manufacture it...and they will.

* * *

The antifa rioting in Portland is just an attempt at camouflage: "see they're not left-wing because they're against Biden, too!" No: they're so left-wing that Biden is too FAR RIGHT for them. They're not just left-wing; they're radical left-wing. As in, "to the left of representative Horseteeth" left-wing.

* * *

I regret voting for that son of a bitch. George W Bush is the worst republican president since Abraham Lincoln.

Yes worse than Nixon.

* * *

The system will not be reformed. Georgian state senators lost their committee seats and so forth after pushing for election integrity. The gangster party has spoken: no one must ever question the validity of the 2020 election.

What are they afraid of? I mean, if it was an honest election, why are we not allowed to ask if it was really as honest as they say? Were there some...irregularities? Surely our government would never allow something like that to happen!

No, I'm not engaging in sarcasm here, or even irony. I'd never think to doubt the electoral process in this great nation. "Well, if you think the election was honest, why do you call them the 'gangster party'?" Oh, come on, have you never heard the phrase "corrupt as a senator"? That predates the 2020 election by a fair margin. None of the people in DC are anything that you or I would consider honest.

Example: the representative from Little Somalia entered office in 2019 with $65k in the bank. Now she has over $3 million. How do you get that rich after after two years of earning $174,000 per year, without grinding right up against the edge of legality?

And they're all in it together, as Bush's words to Clyburn indicate. "Gangsters" seems to be a reasonably cogent term.

* * *

Plus side of Biden presidency: I might be able to get rid of the student loans that I don't actually owe, but which the government thinks I do, because of their mistake. Wouldn't that be neat? I mean, I don't know if it's worth the purges and the concentration camps and the mass starvation and the mountain of skulls, but it's an ill wind that blows no good, you know?

* * *

I shouldn't pick on Joe Biden.

No, really. Look: Joe Biden is in his declining years. His brain is cottage cheese, and he can't help it. He's just doing what his "assistants" are telling him to do. When Kamala Harris is sworn in, that is when the iron heel is really going to descend on our testicles.

I can see it coming, and I am powerless to stop it.

* * *


This post is laden with intemperate remarks. I'm angry and unhappy and a host of other things. Having completed "shock" and "grieving" I'm now at "anger", but even though I know that, I still can't help myself. "Acceptance" is a way off yet.

If the democrats are smart, they'll let the American people get to that stage on their own. My biggest fear is that I know how smart the democrats are: not nearly as much as they think they are.

The wisest thing the Democrats could do right now is simply to do nothing. All right, they want to undo Trump's legacy--that's all built into the rules. (Though I'd like to see some of Biden's executive orders challenged on the premise that Trump had intended for his EOs to be permanent, whcih was the reason one court gave for not letting Trump's EO overturn one of Obama's.) It's perfectly legal and above-board for one legitimately-elected president to overturn the executive orders of his predecessor.

But otherwise? Shut up. You've got this in the bag now; you don't need to pack the supreme court or oust republican legislators or impeach Trump or anything. The census will be counted the way you wanted it done. The supreme court won't hear challenges to elections. The republicans have already demonstrated to you that a majority of them are unwilling to challenge your dominance. Don't silence anyone, don't institute censorship, don't insist on loyalty oaths or any of the other commie bullshit your extreme leftists are crowing about. Tell them to sit down and shut the fuck up, and go back to pretending you're all happy to be slightly left-of-center.

All you have to do is to let the elections run the way they did in 2020. There are no press outlets who can challenge the dominance of the mainstream media now that Fox has turned away from its core audience. The major social media platforms are on your side (and tell them to stop quashing dissent, too, while you're at it, because they're not helping). If you really want to own the country, you can manage it IF you can check your impulse to seize total control right now, and to humiliate your enemies, real and perceived.

The democrats can run the United States to their specification in perpetuity if they just ease off for now. Sure, they have to clamp down--but they have four years before they run the risk of another Trump arising, and in those four years they can do a little bit here, and a little bit there, and slowly wrap the wrists and ankles of the electorate while it sleeps. By the time 2024 comes along they could have the avenues blocked for all challengers.

But they won't do that. Convinced that their victory is total, they're going to overreach.

Small comfort, that, but I'll take it.

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