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#7505: The worst of the worst, and worse than that.

The news today is just awesome.

Item: Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline that Trump enabled, costing the economy some 10,000 high-paying jobs and likely wrecking private infrastructure investment for the foreseeable future. You see, a lot of people invested a lot of money in making that thing happen, and it only started construction in 2019; they got less than 500 miles completed before Biden pulled the plug on it. Anyone who invested in it just lost his money. So who will risk investing money in energy projects now, when they're obviously subject to the random whims of government?

Item: Biden canceled Trump's executive order that eased the prices of prescription medication, making things like insulin prohibitively expensive again. Democrats used to be the party that fought against big business, but of course now they're taking care of all their cronies. So, yeah: the democrats just made life-saving drugs prohibitively expensive again, because fuck all those sick people, right? This, from the party of socialized medicine--but if you think socializing medicine will improve the lives of poor people in the US, guess again. Socializing education turned that into a royal clusterfuck.

Item: Biden signed a mask mandate and promptly ignored it because there are two sets of rules under a democrat regime.

Item: All business of the house of representatives has been canceled for the next week.

Item: Because some democrat congressasshole saw a single National Guardsman without a mask at a coffee shop (quoth Limbaugh) 5,000 NG troops were tossed out of the Capitol building and into a parking garage with one power outlet and two bathrooms. In winter.

Item: Biden kills the border wall, costing the economy even more skilled jobs.

* * *

Did you see how Twattle refuses to take down posts containing verified child pornography? President Trump can't tell people to go home peacefully on their service because MUH INSURRECTION, but if you've got naked kids in your posts, you're perfectly fine! After all, it's just sex, right? Fuckin' sickos. Twittlydiddle needs to be deplatformed in its entirety.

If you really want to stop child pornography, get rid of Section 230 and make social media companies wholly responsible for the filth spewed by the perverts they enable. Trust me when I tell you that axing 230 from the federal register would really help a lot in that regard; but our government doesn't actually want to curtail child pornography because (in my considered opinion) so many of our self-styled betters in government are likely consumers of it.

Accidentally capture a hint of your little girl's tutterwitchet when taking a pic of "baby's first bath" and you'll go to jail for fifty years, but senator Hornswozzle can get away with multiple trips to Epstein's "Pedo Island" on the "Lolita Express" and probably has a ten terabyte NAS in his home office full of that shit that the FBI knows all about but carefully pretends not to notice so long as the honorless Hornswozzle votes to increase their funding every year.

I think we need to rid ourselves of the FBI and the CIA. Never thought I'd say that, but it's the honest truth. Good luck getting the jerkoffs in the legislature to vote for that, though, and violence is not the answer.

* * *

Maybe not related to that, senator cuck schemer confused his inch erection with insurrection, which was pretty funny.

* * *

One thing that occurred to me today: just because I don't know what to do about all this does not mean that there's nothing that can be done.

Arrogance runs in my family--it practically gallops--because we're all pretty smart people. I'm very pleased that I learned that being smart does not mean everyone else is stupid, because it's not an easy lesson for a smart person to learn. The smarter someone is in one way or another, the more stupid he is in just about every other way. Holy crap, the tales I could tell--

Anyway, I learned that my smarts are pretty nifty but they do not make me the do-all-be-all of smart people, and having learned just a little bit of humility (not nearly enough) let me see everything in a new perspective. This happened in about 2003-2004-2005-ish, with the final gloss going on in maybe 2009 or so.

And when you know someone who thinks they are smarter than you, but they aren't? You can see right through them. You need to first understand that they are arrogating to themselves brains that they don't have; but then, if you know them well enough, it all becomes plain as day. This person is trying to manipulate you, that person is trying to cajole you, the other person flat-out thinks he's running rings around you mentally when--in fact--all he's doing is just repeating an age-old pattern over and over and over again, and all you have to do to win that contest is not to play that game. Don't be frightened of credentials and appeals to authority, because they don't mean shit to anyone but other people with those credentials.

But it's a hard habit to break. I get upset because I can't think of any way to fix the situation--but then I calm down a bit when I realize I don't have to fix it. I don't need to be the hero. Let someone who is smarter than I am figure it out; if I like the plan, I'll do it too.

I know that I'm the worst strategist in the world. Bar none. I mean, bar none. I stink at wargames, which is why I don't often play them, and real-time simulations, and-- It's why I like cooperative games. I'm really good at helping. I can fix machines with some competence and I can write pretty well; I'm good at cooking, too. Those are my strengths.

Someone on the right is going to figure out how to fix this thing. It may be through politics and it may be through, eh, other means. I am not suited for "other means", not by a long shot, and knowing that is an important factor in my decision as to how I will comport myself.

Someone pointed out, however, that about 500 people kept England all goofed up for three decades over their imposition of rules on Ireland. Okay, England, the British Empire, a first-world country with nuclear weapons...and they couldn't stop a mere five hundred people from making their lives miserable.

Ireland has an area of 32,500 square miles and a population of about five million people, and the English military couldn't find five hundred people in it. The United States has an area of 3.1 million square miles and a population of about 327 million people. How much harder would it be for the FBI to find American "Provos" even with all their fancy modern gear? Somehow I doubt they'd find it an easy time. Just bear in mind that a lot of the time, crimes are only solved because criminals tend to be fucking stupid people.

...but I have no idea how those things are done. I don't know the first damned thing about insurgency, and when I read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and the cell system was explained in it, it did not make any damned sense to me. How do cells communicate if no one in one cell knows anyone in any of the other cells? (No, please don't try to explain it to me.)

No, my schtick is obeying the law, because I know I'm not smart enough to get away with breaking it.

But even so? If the voting machines are compromised, who's to say they can't be hacked and un-compromised? I haven't the faintest idea how that would be done, but wouldn't that be a hoot? I mean, we already know that there's no freaking auditing built into the junk, FFS, so it's not like the white hat hackers would leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

So, yeah. No idea how to fix this. I wouldn't know where to start. But someone does, and that will do.

* * *

Rumor has it that Biden was walking out of the Oval Orofice or somewhere and there were "Marines" flanking the door, and he said, "Salute the Marines!" as he passed them.

If real Marines won't salute the president how hard is it to get costumes for actors to wear? Besides, I'd bet money the communist nutjobs in the administration wouldn't trust real Marines to get within two kilometers of Biden. Let's face it: I'll bet that lots of the Marines are gnawing on their rifles right now, over what's happened in this country. Since the president is fake, why not fake the guards around him, too?

But it points up the fact that Biden's brain is cottage cheese, and obviously he's still got the implant that saved his bacon at the debates. Probably he's been trained to parrot what the implant says to him, and to do what the implant says to do, but sometimes gets a little confused about which is which because--well--cottage cheese. So on his way out of the Orville Offal, his handler says, "Salute the Marines!" and he just repeats the words, because he's not sure if this is a "do" or "repeat" and he guessed wrong.

Clown world! Honk! Honk!

* * *

I had originally intended for "Building 12" to be today's sole post, but I was sitting here with--in the words of my wife--my pies all roasted, and I started writing this post...and now I feel better.

"Building 12" is kind of a spinoff of a story I was trying to tell, but couldn't quite get right. In it, the main character is the victim of an oppressive leftist regime that cropped up in a United States which was in the grips of a civil war. The main charactere is a prisoner of the "feds" in a concentration camp, and while on a work detail he falls ill and is chained up on a "sick line". When it comes time to go back to the camp, the guards in charge of the detail leave the "sick line" behind, on purpose, on an autumn night. It rains, and then the temperatures drop somewhere near freezing, and the men left behind have to fight hypothermia since they're wearing clothing suited to a pleasant autumn afternoon rather than cold-weather gear. And of course, they're soaked.

One by one they succumb to hypothermia. The main character--exhausted--can not exercise any longer and he falls asleep...and is rescued by a rebel patrol, soldiers from the Republic of America. Once he was saved, I ran out of steam, and couldn't figure out where to take the story. The original concept involved him telling his story to anyone who would listen and helping the Republic of America find the motivation to win the war for once and for all, but it just didn't sound interesting to me. I'd had some ideas about introducing superpowers but I couldn't make that work, either.

"Building 12" is another version of the story, and it quite neatly sidesteps all those problems by having the main character die at the end. I think that George Smith won, because he didn't sign Form 66B and receive the mark of the beast.

I missed a few details I'd wanted to include, such as the fact that actual physical torture (like gouging eyes or breaking bones) is forbidden, which is why Hedrick uses electricity. Because of how things turned out I wasn't able to show Hedrick trying to resuscitate George, either; and in fact George's death was supposed to be the impetus for Hedrick's operation being shut down. I think it's a pretty good story, even so. Mrs. Fungus pronounced it "scary" but it wasn't supposed to be a comedy, for crying out loud.

After I initially posted the thing, though, I had to go back and add the bit where he started singing. That detail was too good not to include.

I sincerely hope we don't end up in a world like that one, though.

* * *

I've been reading Apocalyptic Visions because it finally got cold enough that I could do so without skipping whole sections, and so far it's hanging together pretty well. Relatively soon I want to print off a copy and red-mark it, and try tightening up some of the flabby bits. Overall not a bad effort, though, and that first big space battle is actually pretty gripping even if you know (intimately) how it ends.

Meanwhile, Sarah Hoyt is starting up a kind of "reading circle" where right-of-center writers can push their e-books, and I really think I should scrape Hypnogogia into some semblance of publication and list it and then shove a mention thataway. To be followed by $RELEASE_CANDIDATE_ONE and then maybe AV. WTF, start getting some stuff out there for people to read. Because I'm not an SJW lunatic, and because I'm a white male, I know I'll never be published by an actual brick-and-mortar publishing house (unless I end up following in Marko Kloos' footsteps, which would be fucking awesome). But I figure that if some people see my writing, and tell others and so forth? Maybe that will go somewhere.

I already know what I'd like $R_C_1's cover to look like. I found a picture on-line that I can't use, because it's a copyrighted work, but added text with PBrush--and it looked fantastic. So if I could find the right bit of cover art for not a lot of money, something similar to what I found...

AV's cover is harder. And I'm still not too sure about the title, either. *sigh*

* * *

But anyway, it's Friday, and I've got the weekend off, and that's enough for now.

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