atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7506: Crackers and cheese

There are no leftovers in the house today, and I had a PBJ around 8-ish when I woke up the first time; and I had just sat down here when I realized that crackers and cheese sounded delicious and easy, so I hit the fridge.

Nothing fancy, just sliced cheddar and cojack with jalapenos, but it's real cheese. Saltines--again, nothing fancy. But it did the job.

* * *

I've been escaping from reality as much as I could by playing WoW, which the result that my dwarven priest has packed on levels. He's 25th now, and I've just been wandering around doing quests where I could.

Interesting point: he handles two level-appropriate enemies a lot more robustly than my gnome warrior, who can wear plate armor, can. Accidentally pulling a third is not an automatic death sentence, either. And when fighting just one monster, unlike my mage, I can fight off one monster and immediately go after another because I have enough mana left to do that.

This is, I think, because I finally twigged to the fact that a priest's prime attribute is spirit.

Spirit is what determines the effectiveness of a priest's spells, not intelligence, and spirit also is a measure of how quickly you regenerate mana. So instead of stacking intelligence I've stacked spirit, and--lo and behold--the guy's actually effective.

...I've only been playing this game for twelve years. *sigh*

* * *

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