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#7508: She's not wrong, you know

A brilliant post by Sarah Hoyt. The American left, she says, cannot win; and then she explains why they cannot win.

My original plan for the evening had been to come home, eat something, and play WoW all night. Mrs. Fungus came home early because of impending shitweather, so when I got home we went shopping, came home with steak and shrimp, and proceeded to eat both and watch Big Mouth because it's funny. So then I was going to play WoW for a while after she went to bed, only she hasn't gone to bed yet and I was surfing the blogroll...and then I read the post I just linked.

Not gonna blockquote anything and I'm not going to amplify on it much, but--

She's right when she says that the left is using an old playbook. She's not the first person to say that; Limbaugh is the first place I heard that and I'd wager he got it from someone else. The left has not changed its playbook since 1917.

If I had not seen how things went during Trump's first term in office, I might not have believed what she's saying--but she's right. Because every time the left attacked Trump, it made him more popular, rather than less, and yet they kept doing the same thing over and over and over again. I have to believe that they said, amongst themselves, "But why isn't this working? It worked on Bushitler...." Trump's not Bushitler George Bush, that's why. George Bush is a fat kid with glasses who eats paste, while Trump is the first-string quarterback dating the captain of the cheerleaders. Which is to say, Bush let the democrats slander him for eight years without so much as a peep, but Trump not only didn't take that shit, but flung it right back in their poxy faces.

Here's the thing: Ronald Reagan could stand above all the petty bullshit that the left slung at him because he was Ronald Reagan. The subsequent republican presidents who were not Donald J. Trump were not Ronald Reagan; the elder Bush was a country club Gerald Ford weenie republican and his son was a chip off the old block. And Trump is Trump, for crying out loud, which is why Jeb Bush never stood a chance in the 2016 primaries. After twelve years of Bushes, we were ready for someone who would fight.

The thing is, as is so often quoted, Trump's not a cause; he's a symptom. Trump got elected in part because the republican establishment neutered the Tea parties as quickly as it could. Tea parties were also a symptom, one the republican establishment would have done well to heed; unfortunately for them, they're all a bunch of aristocrat shitheads who think the people don't know what they need. And so they got Trump next. And now, having helped to get rid of Trump, what comes next will give them nightmares.

"We don't want it to get there, but heaven knows the left is bound and determined to push the nation there. And they have absolutely no idea what they're trifling with." Oh, they think they're extremely smart people, more clever than anyone else, and that the hicks and hayseeds just need the right carrot and stick to fall into line. But they are not extremely smart; they are ordinarily intelligent, and like such folks they think everyone else is stupid as a result.

They don't realize that we're on to them.

There's a gop senator who says he's not going to run for office again because of "gridlock". The real reason is that he knows he's never going to win another election, even if all the democrat fraud is removed immediately, because of how he voted on 1/6. What the rest of them don't realize is that they're in the same boat.

Rand Paul--I don't know what to think of him. He's positioning himself to run in 2024, I think, but I sure as hell won't vote for him. Remember? "No republican who was in office on 1/6 will ever get my vote." You had your chance, senator Paul, and you muffed it.

Meanwhile, the executive orders that Biden is signing--so far he's stabbed unions and feminists in the back with those things. Who thinks this is a good idea? (I mean, I do, because anything Biden can to do piss off his base...but I digress.) Who in the Biden administration actually looks at these executive orders and says proudly, "This is really going to make Joe's legacy shine!"

Because it's a really bad idea to stab your supporters in the back and then--as the Biden regime is doing with the unions--basically saying, "What ya gonna do about it? Vote republican? Har har har! Better put some ice on that."

* * *

Did you know that gun registration has pretty much failed in the US everywhere it's been tried? The compliance rates for registration have been abysmal. People don't do it. They simply don't say anything, because we've seen this movie before and registering your firearms is just volunteering to have them confiscated. After a fake cop goes on a killing spree with a pistol, what was Canada's first move? To confiscate rifles. And they knew right where to go to get those rifles because the good Canadian citizens had registered their firearms with the government.

And that's Canada, in the 21st century. It's only the most recent example of the simple fact that registration always leads to confiscation, ALWAYS-ALWAYS. They don't call it that any more, and in some cases the government in question gives some token payment for the gun they are seizing from you, at gunpoint, but the simple fact of the matter is that the government is confiscating your firearm. If you don't believe that, try resisting. But kindly wait until I've gotten well away from you before you do, because I know exactly how that will play out and I do not fancy having extra holes in my skin.

And, by the way, it was nice knowing you. I'll send flowers to your funeral.

...all of which is why the government will not be able to get all the firearms out of the hands of the people in the United States. Most people won't register their guns, no matter how illegal you make noncompliance, and if you start sending soldiers to raid peoples' houses for their guns, that's going to touch off a civil war, because the people who want to keep their guns will not stand for that shit.

All of which is meant to sum up the simple fact that the left cannot win this. They can't win. They can't even break even; all they can do is make the entire fucking country miserable for a period of years. They can fuck up civil order and wreck the infrastructure and screw over every last Tom, Dick, and Harry in the country, but they cannot bring it to heel like Lenin brought Russia to heel. They can control the cities, but that's all they can control; they can't handle the vast swaths of countryside, and they can't even secure the supply lines for those cities. One halfway competent force of insurrectionsts could shut down a major city for weeks, with nothing getting in or out, electrical supply going down just as quickly as it's brought back up, severing fiber optic cables and blowing gas pipelines and blowing up bridges and-and-and, to the point that the inner cities then rise up like it's Rodney King all over again...and they'll be mad because there's no food and they can't watch TV or play with their cell phones either, and it'll either be bitter cold or blazing hot, with no (or severely limited) air conditioning or heating. And then the left has to quell the riots in their own cities and deal with the insurrectionists outside.

Do you see where this is going?

Please do not get the idea that I'm rooting for this. I don't want civil war. I don't want insurrection. What I want is a government that follows the fucking Constitution and heeds the rule of law. The people who can do that for us are the democrats; because they're the ones who have taken us beyond all that in the past five years, they are the ones who can take us back by admitting that they can't win and giving up the criminals in their midst and facing the consequences that come from breaking the law. They could have a future that way, though it would be a couple of decades before they would win elections, and the ones in power now would mostly be in jail.

Look: we all know what happened on election day, and on January 6. It's not going to come as a shock to anyone. Own up to it, take the lumps, and let's all move on to a truly united future where America is once again a shining city on a hill, an example to all mankind, a light that shines on the way to freedom and prosperity for the entire planet.

Because the alternative is for us to fight it out. And if that happens, what's to stop China from moving in and taking over? And then none of you assholes will be in charge. The Chinese will tell you what to do, and you'll do it, and you won't be getting all that lovely money from them the way you are now. You'll do what they tell you to do, because the alternative will be to be taken out back and get a bullet through your skull.

But even if the Chinese didn't take over? If you think that a successful insurgency (and I have no doubt that it would be successful!) would not liquidate the lot of you for war crimes, I'm here to tell you that the people judging you will be people who had their votes stolen and had to go through a civil war to get your boots off their necks.

I can say all this, for the moment, because your grip on power is not nearly as secure as you think it is. Again, I really, really don't want there to be a war. If we could all just agree to rewind the clock to November 2 and hold the elections again, but this time without the fuckery, and with in-person ID-verified voting, that'd make me extra-happy. No one goes to jail, no one asks any questions, no one looks into how the deed was done--we just forget the whole thing and do it over again. I'm even willing to say that we still hold the next election in 2024, and we'll just pretend that there was this thing that got us all "wee-weed up" (to borrow a phrase) but that we got it all sorted out and everyone's fine with it.

But I know this won't happen.

The Democrats can taste what they've always wanted, which is an America where they run the show from top to bottom and never have to worry about asking the proles for votes. They desperately want to destroy the man who hurt their feelings, because those dirty deplorables like him so much, and don't like them much at all. They think they have it in the bag now; they think that all they need to do now is to impeach the bad man and his supporters will stop liking him and all that bad stuff will go away.

Because they absolutely cannot cope with the fact that America in 2021 is not Russia in 1917, or China in 1946, or Korea in 1950, or Cuba in 1953, or Vietnam in 1955, or Venezuela in 1999. Or, indeed, Germany in 1933.

And so we gamely rocket down the chute towards...I don't even know what, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like it.

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