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I'm actually glad we didn't get the eight inches they forecast, I can tell you that.

It was supposed to start at 4 but it really didn't get going until after 6. By the time I got home from work yesterday there was just enough on the ground to be annoying.

So, the nearby village where I had that little issue with the Jeep lo these many years ago, and spun out, they laid down salt at one PM so of course when the snow actually started falling around 4:30-ish it had been crushed to dust and scattered by traffic. On the plus side they finally replaced the light bulbs in the traffic signal so people in the left turn lane will know it's time to go. *sigh*

Once I was home, Mrs. Fungus and I went shopping, then came home and had steak and shrimp and baked potatoes for dinner BECAUSE WE COULD and we're worth it--not really an extravagance but also not really a necessary expenditure. For what the ingredients cost, though, we could not have bought one meal at a restaurant, and not only did I cook the steaks perfectly but they were seasoned right, too. Delicious.

Anyway, the shitweather persisted exactly as long as they predicted it would, so I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland: three inches of WET snow over a crust of ice. Mrs. Fungus took a day and I went to work as normal, because my vehicle has 4WD and hers doesn't. The side streets were craptastic but they did salt the main roads, so I got to work without mishap (though of course the neighboring town's roads were pretty iffy).

On my way home from work, then, I stopped at Ace and bought a couple 50lb bags of rock salt. Hit the can, then dug out the big snowblower, because I knew the little one wouldn't be able to touch the global warming on the ground. It took a bit to get it started because I don't think I've used it in at least two years, but it did start (once I put gas in it) and it made pretty short work of getting the top 2.5 inches of snow off the driveway.

Good enough; I dumped a bag of salt into the fertilizer spreader and used it to salt down the driveway. By the time I had finished putting everything away the driveway was down to wet pavement in many spots. WTF: I can hose out the spreader if I ever use it to spread fertilizer, but in all the years I've lived here I have not spread fertilizer on the lawn so much as one time, so I'm not worried.

I tried to start the tractor to move it out of the way but it wouldn't go. Out of gas too--what the hell??--and even after I dumped fuel in it, no go. Pushed it out of the way. When it came time to put it back, though, I was able to get it to start, so I took it down to the street and tried to do a donut with it. No front brakes equals no donut for you so I put it away. *sigh*

Anyway, figure I spent maybe forty minutes on getting stuff out and getting things started and such, and then actually clearing the driveway off. That ought to do.

We're supposed to get two more inches over the next twenty-four hours, maybe, and something like four this weekend. As always, I'll believe it when I see it.

* * *

I didn't need to see this to believe it, though. Basically, Illinois is about to make official what some right-wingers have been saying about socialized education for decades: they're going to turn the public schools into marxist indoctrination centers.
In an op-ed opposing the standards, [Nathan Hoffman, a black education policy researcher] wrote they would "force onto teachers a singular view for some of our country's most-heavily debated topics that they are then expected to carry forth into the classroom."

Even if well-intentioned, Hoffman wrote, the standards would "impose one view of our culture and politics. They strip teacher candidates of a presumption of good faith intent and distract from the primary goal of providing a basic quality education to our students."
Mr. Hoffman is making just one mistake. He thinks this is a bug in the program.

It's not. It is the intention of this program to turn all public school students into good little marxists. The idea here to to make sure that the kids do not grow up being able to think for themselves, and especially not to be able to question authority, but to obey the "experts" uncritically and without thought.

Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, gets it right: "The entire Illinois teacher corps will be effectively forced into political re-education and compelled to turn their classes into woke indoctrination sessions."

In other words, marxist indoctrination.

And if you think that's too extreme to happen, I invite you to have a gander at what the democrats want to do to republicans.

* * *

As a Christian I have to wish senator Leahy well. But I really have to work for it, damn it. Ace is not so charitable, and in fact I admire him for it.

Look, the simple truth is that the democrats want us dead. They won't say that until they are 100% certain no one will fault them for it, but all that horseshit about re-education camps and so forth is not bluster; it's how they really feel. They don't just want to win elections, but to liquidate the opposition.

I should not want to return that kind of hatred with more hatred...but while Jesus taught us to "turn the other cheek" he did not mean it to be a suicide pact. In the Garden of Gesthemanie he told his disciples to sell their cloaks to buy swords, because there is a time for trying to make peace and there is a time for self-defense and there is a time for war.

Jesus was not telling us, "Yeah, it's too bad if you don't want to die, because you have to let people kill you, because you're not gonna go to heaven if you kill someone who's trying to kill you." What Jesus was telling us, with "turn the other cheek", was that we need to be above petty insults.

But when someone's trying to kill you, or put you in a concentration camp to be brainwashed? The Catholic catechism specifically excludes self-defense from the definition of "murder".

And so I wonder: am I allowed to hate my enemies yet? Because they've made absolutely no secret of the fact that they hate me and want me dead.

* * *

Joe Biden hates the Ute indians. That executive order he signed forbids all fracking and such, and the Ute tribe makes a lot of money off petroleum. But hey, they're just a bunch of hippie indians and can go scratch, right, Joe?

* * *

GOP senators want there to be a secret ballot in the impeachment show trial because they want to vote to convict Trump but they don't want their constituents to know it.

"If they do that the party is over," the article says. No, the party is already over. They don't realize (yet) how thoroughly they fucked that dog and the pony he rode in on, but mark my words their careers are already done.

It's not just because their conduct in this entire election imbroglio has been utterly reprehensible. It's not just because they turned their backs on Trump as soon as it became obvious that the democrats were in charge. It's not just that all of that comes after four years of very quietly getting in Trump's way, all the while glad-handing him. It's not just that everything in the paragraph comes on the heels of nearly two decades of screwing over the American people.

It's all of that and the kitchen sink.

I don't think the republican party understands just what it's done to its fortunes by turning its back on Trump and letting the democrats have their way. They think it's going to be business as usual, but it's not, because there are at least eighty million people who voted for Trump who are not happy with how the republican party treated him.

The only people who think that impeaching Trump is a good idea are the democrat politicians. Let's face it: they don't care that it's unconstitutional; the supreme court is neutered and the news won't discuss it. Everyone in DC wants Trump to be crushed for the insolence of actually getting something done to improve the lives of average Americans, which is why Biden's first task was to sign 4,000 executive orders undoing all of Trump's executive orders. They're going to do it, by any means necessary, and fuck that old scrap of paper.

And of course it's nothing but a show trial.
This just keeps getting weirder. Via Ace of Spades, Sen. Rand Paul just introduced a motion to cancel the "impeachment," using the logic that it is head-slappingly obvious that a private citizen cannot be Constitutionally removed from a public office that he, as a private citizen, no longer holds.

This motion failed along party lines, with all Democrats and the five "Republicans" who haven't bothered to change their registrations yet (Violets only bloom in March, I suppose) voting to continue.

But then Chief Justice John Roberts broke out his pocket copy of the Constitution--damn, he must've needed to blow a LOT of dust off that thing--and looked it up, and sure enough, he can't preside at the "impeachment," because the Constitution says that the Chief Justice shall be the judge at a President's impeachment trial, and since the Presidency is currently occupied, however fraudulently, by one Joe Biden, he, Roberts, can't actually legally preside over the...whatever it is. So the presiding judge shall be Pat Leahy who, as a sitting United States Senator, will presumably also be voting on the verdict.

Short of forcing Trump to use an actual kangaroo as his defense counsel, I can't see any way to make this a more obvious sham. You'd think that with all the long-serving career politicians involved in this thing--and there has to be close to an actual millennium's worth of "government service" tenure involved--someone would step in to point out that there's no possible way this can't backfire...

...but no. I have to admit, I take a backseat to no man in my contempt for politicians', especially Democrat politicians', intelligence, but this one beats my pair of jacks. Seriously, guys: What the fuck are you doing?
The mind reels with sarcastic replies. "You're acknowledging that Trump is the President," for example. "You can't remove a private citizen from an office he does not hold," for another.

The point of this idiotic exercise is to hold a vote on barring Trump from holding office again. According to the Constitution that's a penalty which can only be assessed if the impeached individual is found guilty. It takes 60 votes to do that, but a simple majority to add the "with prejudice" part to it. If you can't convict, though, you can't add the penalty.

...if, that is, we were actually following the Constitution; but it should be obvious that we're not, and have not been since the supreme court declined to hear Texas vs. Pennsylvania et al...and quite possibly longer.

I've got a fiver that the senate first votes to convict, and (assuming no secret ballot) that fails by 3 or 4 votes, but then they hold the "with prejudice" vote anyway, which will pass.

Yeah. Kind of like you getting arrested for murder, beating the rap and securing a verdict of "not guilty", but then going to the electric chair anyway.

From the link before that last one, though, no less a luminary than that old socialist Alan Dershowitz has this to say:
Congress has no authority over any president once he leaves office. If Congress had the power to impeach a private citizen to prevent him from running in the future, it could claim jurisdiction over millions of Americans eligible to be candidates for president in 2024. This would be a perilous interpretation of the Constitution which would allow the party in control of Congress to impeach a popular candidate and preclude him from running.
Again, feature, not bug; don't you think the democrats would love to be able to bar a nominee from holding office? Imagine if they could have done that in 2016; Hillary would have won by default!

So let's say that it's 2024 and someone follows in Trump's footsteps and looks like he's going to be able to beat president Kommie Harris far beyond the margin of cheat. Let's name him Jesus just to make it obvious how uncorruptable and good this guy is. Nancy Pelosi shits out an article of impeachment against Jesus...Cuck Schemer has his senate buddies vote to bar Jesus from holding office...and Kommie wins the election!

If you think the democrats would not sell their souls to have the ability to deny office to whoever they wanted I have several acres of prime vacation land in Florida that I'll sell you dirt cheap.

Anyway, this is an obvious show trial, and it's not going to do what they think it will do, at least not in the long term.

* * *

Did you see this? (Autoplay warning.) So Bitch McCowbell is trying to keep the democrats from removing the filibuster.

You see, the democrats don't expect ever to be out of power ever again, so now it's safe for them to do away with the filibuster. Because they have a very narrow majority in the senate (but not a supermajority) they can't stop a filibuster, which requires 60 votes. So, get rid of the filibuster, and then their plans to impose communism on us can go on unfettered.

McConman doesn't want to get rid of the filibuster, though, because that way he can extract extra graft from the democrats before they can pass anything. "If you don't give my state $5 million for cow dentures, we're going to filibuster!" It's a way for the minority to have some modicum of power, to put a brake on the majority's impulses.

So what does McClueless do? He refuses to do anything unless he gets his pound of flesh, but the democrats want to be rid of the filibuster so badly they won't dicker, either. Stalemate, which always works out best for us.

...and so what happened is, two democrats claim that they're voting against doing away with the filibuster, so McCuckold can back down without losing face. And if you're a regular reader of the Fungus you no doubt have already seen what is wrong with this plan.

Trusting the democrats to keep their word.

That stupid shithead has been in the senate for thirty-seven years and he lacks the political acumen to understand that he's just walked into a trap?

The filibuster will go as soon as the democrats find it inconvenient, and that fucking moron is going to stand there flapping his fish lips in astonishment that his colleagues lied to him. Of course, by then it will be too late for him to do anything about it. And how do I know that? Look at this:
A spokesman for [Cuck Schemer], Justin Goodman, said in a statement, "We're glad Senator McConnell threw in the towel and gave up on his ridiculous demand. We look forward to organizing the Senate under Democratic control and start getting big, bold things done for the American people."
"Getting big, bold things done TO the American people," more like.

That senile old shithead just gave away the very last lever the republicans had in the senate. For some reason even though he's a traitorous little turtle, I'm still giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that he's not, in fact, just rolling over for the democrats because he's just pretending to be in opposition to them.

There's a reason we call the gop "the stupid party".

* * *

I have to agree, there's no way this ever goes to trial. The idea isn't actually to sue Rudy Giuliani. The idea is to get a court injunction forcing him to stop saying what he's saying.

If you sue someone for telling the truth about you, you're incomparably stupid. But what you do is, you file a lawsuit, suing them for some huge number to get the press to talk about it. You maybe get a few injunctions against the guy, and if you're lucky you actually get open-ended ones so they don't expire. But the point of the exercise is to make him lawyer up and stop talking; and then after a while you quietly move to dismiss the case without it ever going to discovery.

It's a nuisance lawsuit, nothing more, nothing less.

...and again, there I am giving Dominion's legal team the benefit of the doubt.

* * *

Two hundred dollars, 13 pages, fingerprints, and a photograph PER GUN. It's not a ban or anything, no!

...and I've got a fiver that says the participation rate will approximate zero. You can't put a hundred million gun owners in jail.

Though I'd like to see you try.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt makes the point that the US already has secret police who can disappear you. She's 100% correct.

Ten years ago--five--I never would have said this, but now? We need to disband the FBI and the CIA and quite possibly the NSA as well. All those leftists were right, back in the 1970s and 1980s.

* * *

"...[W]hen you have assholes like Greenwald, by no means a right winger, trying desperately to warn his fellow travelers of the potential hellstorm that's coming down the pike? I mean what kind of wake up is it going to take?" I'd love it if there were a link to that, but I don't know what he's talking about.

I think he means Glenn Greenwald, but I'm not really sure. Oh well.

The democrats think that if they make the rules their way that everyone will automatically follow them. I'm not so optimistic.

* * *

Well, anyway.

I sure am glad I was able to get that driveway cleared, and I didn't have to wreck myself to do it, either.

Some months ago one of the casters on our bed Shoddy workmanship, or something. Yeah. Inferior materials. So, I've had that leg propped up on a block of wood since then. Last night as I was laying me down it slipped off that block, so I had to get up and put the bed back on the block. In the process, I pulled a muscle in my back, and that muscle made its existence plainly felt this evening while I was trying to get the driveway clear.

I think I can find a replacement caster at the hardware store. I just need to remember to take the broken one with me for comparison. That's the hard part. *sigh*

* * *

Well, tomorrow is Wednesday. We've got that going for us!

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