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#7511: The middle class is LAUGHING at them

Khan...I'm laughing at the superior intelligence.

The masks are coming off. Trading apps are not allowing retail traders (the average people who are making a mint on the delicious tears of the hedge funds) to buy any more shorted stocks.

Apparently at least one app decided to sell shares when the owner of said shares did not want to sell them. The app company is claiming these were "margin calls" but:
Even though Robinhood and Ameritrade and the rest of them banned buying the stock, many of the Wall Street Bet investors refused to sell. Or, rather, they put on a $5000 ask for each stock, and left it there. They'd sell, but at a colossal mark-up.

And enough of them did this that is blocking the hedge fund guys from re-buying the stock they short sold -- unless they pay a lot of money.

But the hedge fund guys don't want to pay a lot of money.

What the hedge fund guys want to do is use their power and influence to pressure the government, the SEC, and the various brokerage houses to fuck over the Wall Street Bets guys and force them to sell very expensive stocks for peanuts.

If true, this is effectively a simple HEIST, taking money from the retail investors and simply giving it to the hedge fund billionaires.
The hedge funds need to buy the stock at a low price to remain in business, but if no one is selling...and yes, this ends up being simple theft.

Shutting down trading to keep their friends from going bankrupt.

So the banksters had the Biden regime pressure the app owners etc because after all it's not an oligarchy if everyone can get in on it.

Biden's mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, when asked about the whole Gamestop fiasco, points out that we have the first female Secretary of the Treasury! "I'll take 'totally unqualified to do her job' for $200, Alex."

* * *

Speaking of "totally unqualified", John F'in Kerry puts his foot in his mouth again. It's the new "funemployment". All those construction guys, heavy equipment operators, pipefitters, welders, etcetera--thanks to Biden canceling Keystone XL, they now have the opportunity! to get jobs making and installing solar panels and windmills and stuff!

Holy shit, if there were ever a clueless, totally out-of-touch, elitist nimrod in our government, it is John F-in' Kerry.

Of course the entire government is saying that kind of thing. Basically it translates to, "We just fucked you up the ass, dry, and you're going to like it, or we'll toss you and your family into a concentration camp."

* * *

Already setting up a commission to "reform" the supreme court, which means packing it with three hundred twentysomething leftists.


* * *

Sorry, guys. You wanted America and Europe out, so they got out; and what you get now is China. Only China doesn't care about the living conditions of its slaves, so they won't be improving infrastruture or trying to stem the spread of disease or even making sure everyone can eat.

This is what you quite literally fought for. Enjoy.

* * *

Had to be at the far offsite at 7:30 this morning. I made it; and then I was there until 11. Went to the near offsite, fixed a problem there, then had lunch and got back to the office.

By the time 4:30 rolled around I was flat; since I'd had to be at work half an hour early I got to leave half an hour early, and did.

Came home, had a PBJ, and watched the last four eps of Rainbow Days, a series I bought off Amazon based entirely on the description and the sample art. Turned out to be a pretty good story, so apparently I still have the knack for buying good anime.

I was falling asleep during those last four eps, though, so once it was over I hit the hay and slept like a rock until Mrs. Fungus came home.

And then, made dinner; and here I am.

Tomorrow is Friday.

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