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Chicken enchiladas tonight. I'm making them. Chicken just went into the slow cooker.

We went shopping last night but unfortunately the only boneless chicken at Jewel was $5 a pound, and for a $2.50 per pound differential I could have bought bone-in chicken and boned it myself. But, no. My time is more valuable than that.

...went to Walt's today and bought five pounds of boneless chicken for what two pounds cost at Jewel.

Had a few errands I wanted to run. Go to the bank to deposit the $600 per person stimulus check. Then to the grocery store.

Besides chicken, I wanted to get diet Pepsi. Jewel had none, just a few sixers of diet unleaded. I bought one of those--grudgingly--because I didn't want to totally deplete my store of diet Dew.

When I get to Walt's the place was jam-packed. There were three carts in the corrall at the front of the store. The Pepsi display was being restocked with a pallet's worth of regular Pepsi, but no diet except for four sixers of diet cherry, which I would only drink in the most dire of emergencies. "Well, we're stranded on this deserted island, but at least we've got this shipping container full of diet cherry Pepsi--which is good since there doesn't appear to be a ready source of fresh water." Yes, dinner for the next few months will be whatever fish you can catch, raw, washed down with diet cherry Pepsi.


I asked the stocker if they had more in back, he checked, and brought out a flat of diet for me. I thanked him profusely. "People are going nuts," he said with a shrug.

...meandered through the store picking up sundries, then decided to get in line. Oh, look, they've got a line nazi again, how wonderful (sarcasm).

That attitude lasted until I followed the line to its end, starting just west of the cash register lanes, through the bakery department to the meat department, all the way north through the meat department to the frozen section, then east again all the way back to the cheese and crescent rolls, about a third of the way to the produce and deli on the east side of the store.

It was, simply put, the longest line I've seen in that store, bar none, not even last March when the COVID panic had everyone stocking up on everything, worried they'd be locked into their houses for four months.

Well, to be fair, it is supposed to snow tonight, and we're supposed to get on the order of ten inches before it's all done. But seriously, folks, what the fuck. We've had this kind of winter storm before, and we'll have it again, and it's not a climate emergency or anything.


It was so bad I thought that the Major Sportsball Tournament was taking place tomorrow, but I guess that's next week.

* * *

Not gonna do politics today. I'm suffering from fatigue. We can just take it as read that America is over, and I'm tired of chronicling the decline.

* * *

I was going to hit the gas station, but didn't. Realistically speaking I should not need much more than what I have on hand, and in the worst case I can dump the remainder of the 2-cycle gas into the big blower. It'll smoke a bit, but not much, and it's not like a little oil is going to hurt anything. I mixed it something like 30:1 so I can use it in both the little blower and the weed whacker, and with 2-cycle engines a little extra never hurts anything. In general terms, that's a hell of a lot less oil burned than a car engine that uses a quart of oil every hundred miles (assuming 33 MPG).

If I need more, the gas stations will still be there, and I drive a Jeep.

* * *

Anyway, with the shopping done, I've baked a frozen pizza (Screamin' Sicilian pepperoni, impulse buy because I was hungry and it was cheap) and am peparing to play some WoW, because it's the weekend and I can.

Last night I watched The Best Years of our Lives for the first time in a couple of decades. It's three hours long but I haven't the faintest idea what they could have cut from it. Anyway, it's got me thinking about trying to find the novel it's based on, which might be a good read.

* * *


Got the chicken in the crock pot, covered with enchilada sauce; once it's done I'll shred it and assemble enchiladas and bake them. Ought to be most tasty.

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