atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7515: A foot of snow

Went to bed around 3 AM.

I was playing WoW and managed to get in a good group who were doing Gnomeregan, so the old dwarf priest added about 75% of level 32. He'd just hit 31st before going in.

By the time we'd finished the instance and I had finished all the running around it was pretty late, though I didn't check the clock. I don't even remember what time it was when I finally went to bed; I took a shower and then sat and read while my hair dried. When I did finally get to bed it was around 3-ish, but I couldn't get to sleep at all. Ended up taking a Xanax, which knocked me out some time after 4.

At 4 AM it was still snowing; and when I got up about 20 minutes ago it was still snowing. We're now going on 18 hours of continuous snow, FFS. That's rare for this region.

In any case, a little later today I'll go blow down the driveway. But not right now.

* * *

The Washington Post speaks out against President Trump having a presidential library. Vox Day says, "Have you noticed yet that the media is not at all behaving as if anything is over?"

The Democrat-Media Complex (DMC) is frightened of Donald Trump because he has a hell of a lot of supporters, and absolutely nothing that they tried diminished his popularity. They hated Ronald Reagan for much the same reason but they didn't fear him they way they do Trump.

And they don't fear Trump because they think he's going to bring stormtroopers and SS and put them all in jail or concentration camps, but the opposite, because he'll reduce government involvement in peoples' lives as much as he can.

* * *

Oh boo hoo hoo. Eat shit, you assholes. It's behind a paywall but the headline is basically that Goldman-Sachs is warning that the GameStop fiasco threatens to crash the entire market if allowed to go unchecked.

That's about the kind of shit I'd expect from a big investment bank trying to keep the little people from winning anything in their casino. A lot of Americans are coming to realize that the stock market really doesn't have much bearing on their daily lives.

"But muh 401k! Muh retirement account!" The people involved with the GameStop thing largely don't have those kinds of things, being--for the most part--on the younger side. And among those people who do have them, there seems to be a pretty prevalent desire to see Wall Street hurt so badly that they're not particularly worried about their own situation.

I think a lot of folks also understand that if the democrats are allowed to implement "Green New Deal" we're headed for hyperinflation, anyway.

* * *

Well, I'm still so sleepy that I haven't even made it halfway through the blogroll and I nearly fell asleep at the computer. I'm going back to bed.

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