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#7517: That was quite a lot.

So, I personally saw that it snowed for at least 26.5 hours straight. At 6:00 PM I needed a nap, and it was still snowing; when I got up at 9, it had stopped. Mrs. Fungus doesn't know when it stopped.

13 inches. The "official" total for the area is 11, but we all know that snow does not drop evenly, and the official number comes from a place that's 40 miles away as the crow flies.

Not bad. I don't mind at all. The driveway is almost entirely clear thanks to today's sunshine, and the fact that it was near freezing didn't hurt either. Normally, after a snowstorm (especially a big one) the temperature craters; it did not today. But using the fertilizer spreader to lay down salt was a stroke of genius, and the driveway is down to pavement all over, but for the NE corner where I park the Jeep. Good enough.

After getting home from work, I took five minutes or so and dug away the plow drift from the bottom of the driveway, on Mrs. Fungus' side, so she wouldn't have to bang her car around to get into the driveway. That was the result of inch or so that fell after I blew the driveway down Sunday afternoon being plowed out of the street. Again, good enough.

* * *

All they can do with windmill blades is to landfill them. They don't biodegrade, they literally have no other possible use, and are composed of materials that you can't really recycle. You could incinerate them but for the fact that the resin that is used to make fiberglas is chock-full of nasty stuff you don't want to burn, and of course the glass fibers won't burn. If you grind them up, you produce some really nasty particulates, and I bet the resin wouldn't be too good for you, either. And you wouldn't want to grind it up and then dump it; we've already got the econazis losing their shit about "microplastics" in the environment.

* * *

And now, suddenly, hydroxychloroquine is safe and effective against the Chinese Flu again! I wonder what changed in the past couple of weeks that this deadly drug is suddenly safe and effective and recommended for treating COVID?

These people who "fucking love" science and who accuse the right wing of being anti-science, they sure do turn on a dime, don't they? Almost as if there was some other factor which was more important to them than, I don't know, actual scientific data.

* * *

Everyone involved knew the guy was a gay sexual predator. All right? Let's just nip that spin in the bud, because there's no fucking way in hell the idiots who started "The Lincoln Project" did not know that John Weaver was grooming young boys for sex. Karl Rove pointed it out in 2004 that this sleazebag had short eyes.

Everyone knew. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING.

...but now that Trump is out, now the story can be told, right, you members of the Gangster Party?

Of course they're changing the name of the organization. It's not going to be called "Lincoln Project" any longer; it's got some stupid-sounding name I can't remember. Any time I have to refer to it, though, it'll be "[Whatever the new name is], formerly known as the Lincoln Project".

* * *

FIRE THEIR ASSES. Teachers in Chicago are refusing to go back to work, supposedly because "COVID-19", but actually because they have the perfect excuse to get paid for sitting at home and not doing their jobs; and after a year of being paid to do pretty much nothing at all, they don't want to have to start working for a living again.

* * *

SpaceX is starting to sell tickets. ...if, that is, the Biden regime allows it.

SpaceX didn't get to fly Starship SN9 today, either.

* * *

So apparently the FBI can put you on a list which prevents you from buying a firearm. There is no court case, no opportunity to defend yourself, no nothing. Just FBI deciding, "Okay, that person must not be allowed to buy a firearm." It's like the FBI decided to see how many constitutional rights they could violate with one rule.


* * *

If you are going to break the law, maybe you should not take videos of yourself doing it and then post them on-line for everyone to see. I realize this is a pretty complicated idea, but I'm thinking that if you're breaking the law you should not advertise it.

* * *

Kamala Harris wants to send unemployed miners out to "reclaiming abandoned land mines".

...I don't care what she meant. Every time a republican has said something stupid like that, the left has been all over him, harping on the "gaffe" and claiming that it was just more proof that so-and-so was unfit for office.

Kamala Harris said that miners that are unemployed by her boss' executive orders should take up jobs reclaiming abandoned land mines. Is the government going to train them how to deal with unexploded ordinance, or do they just get to learn on the job? Is this meant to be one way the Biden regime uses to get rid of "deplorables"?

* * *

Somewhere I saw a video of Brian Williams, the one who lost his sweet anchorman gig because he lied about stuff, getting trolled by his own staff. I can't find the damn thing now, but he claimed it was a video of the "Trump-McCarthy reunion" or some shit, only it was Tom Cruise and some bitch in Tomy MacQuire or whatever that gay-ass movie was called.

Anyway he sets it up, the video clip runs, we cut back to the three-way, and the two guests are grinning with open amusement and Brian is butthurt and talking about how "someone is going to be in big trouble". I think it's hilarious.

Oh, here it is.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Via Anonymous Conservative. Let me say for the sake of clarity I don't know what to think of that guy, but his posts have some very interesting links in them.

* * *

The roads were pretty clear by this morning, but I still came across some bad spots. By quitting time, though, they were a lot better.

But they were not perfect. I came across a guy who had just lost control of his truck and ended up off the road on the opposite side, his vehicle up to the scuppers in snow. I know he had originally been going the same way I was because I saw the snow he'd plowed off the median on his trip over it. He was at least a car length off pavement on the other side of the highway. Pretty sure he wasn't getting out without a tow truck.

Anyway, we've had our big snow for the winter, I think.

* * *

Tonight is chili night. I finished putting it together about an hour and a half ago, and it's been simmering ever since. Once Mrs. Fungus gets home, we're chowing down.

The enchiladas are gone. I had the last two for lunch today, with Tostito's medium salsa over the top, and they were fantastic.

* * *

Well, it's February. Mom always said (and I never knew her to be wrong about it) that Groundhog Day was clear and sunny and the rest of the month...wasn't. That's actually not entirely so, because there were often warm spells in Februarys which had some sunny days in them--but by and large, it's a cloudy, dank, miserable month. Like November, it's the armpit of the year.

Only four weeks left of it, less one day. Whee!
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