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Okay, cue all the naysayers. SpaceX flew Starship SN9 today, and crashed it. The ninth example of the thing, only the third one to fly and only the second to go higher than a few hundred meters. But the test flight was not perfect, and therefore SpaceX can do nothing right.


What I saw was a mostly successful test flight. Understand that what SpaceX is trying to do here is something which has never been done before, and which is very, very difficult.

"What are you talking about? They land Falcon 9 boosters all the time!" Falcon 9 boosters drop ass-end first through the atmosphere and pass the speed of sound when they do it. Starship bellyflops and falls at subsonic speed, then kicks upright again at the last second. Very different flight profile--and anyway, how many Falcon 9 boosters did they use up before they started recovering more of them than they crashed?

They've already got SN10 set up on the pad. With a friendly FAA I'd bet they could fly it tomorrow if they wanted to. But they've got to look at the telemetry for SN9, figure out why the engines didn't light, and fix that issue first.

Probably fuel pressure again. I'm not sure how Starship is put together, but the announcer in the SpaceX video said something about "switching to landing tanks". Again, I don't believe that's something that's been done before in rocketry, switching fuel tanks; usually, when you run out of fuel, you dump the stage and light a fresh one. The idea of using a second set of tanks for landing seems unique to me, and any time you do anything new in rocketry, you have to figure out how to do it. And in the process of doing that, you use up rockets.

And Starships are cheap, made almost entirely of stainless steel. No one with any sense is expecting SpaceX to have a perfect test flight on the first go, and this sort of thing is expected, to the point of being planned for.

Will it be awesome when a Starship sticks the landing? You bet your ass it will--but I'm not expecting it until they've flown, and crashed, at least half a dozen more of the things.

* * *

The press is asked to submit all questions to the Biden regime in advance, and the press happily goes along because democrat in White House. The questions are all softball questions, but even then, and with knowing the questions in advance, Biden's mouthpiece Jen Psaki is a stuttering clusterfuck.

But again, "democrat regime", so she's a brilliant and well-spoken press secretary, probably the best one ever. Right, guys?

* * *

She's a fucking communist, so NO I don't believe her. Do you know why I don't believe her, other than the fact that you can tell a communist is lying by whether or not the lips are moving? Because if she had been abused, we would have heard about it before.

Representative Horseteeth is, as that post attests, addicted to being a victim. She's one of those people who talks tough all the time, but when someone says "boo" to her, she suddenly turns into a poor widdle helpless puffball, "Oh! You're being so mean to me!" If she were actually the victim of sexual assault, we would have heard about it long before it was convenient for her to be one.

The simple reality is that the gangsters in congress got an extremely rude awakening on January 6: they were safe in the Capitol building not because the Capitol police were there, but because most citizens are law-abiding, particularly the ones who would object most vociferously to the democrat theft of a presidential election. For a few seconds at least, and possibly longer, the gangsters thought they were in real danger of being lynched by citizens who had finally gotten fed up with their fucking bullshit. Their anger at the situation was the result of being scared shitless because they knew what the score was (in both a literal and figurative sense) and it was just possible that this actually was a real uprising by citizens angered at half the voters in the country being disenfranchised.

It wasn't, of course. It was an antifa false flag operation, planned weeks in advance by leftists, meant to make Trump supporters look bad and to give the democrats an excuse to crush the republican party. I'd wager most of the gangsters didn't know that.

On that night, Mitch McConman looked exactly like someone who'd just had the shit scared out of him, who was now angry about it, and who was going to make those responsible pay.

Being, at her core, a spoiled little girl, Horseteeth is basically the same. And her complaints about her feelings during the flap have largely been ignored, so she keeps escalating them--and this is just more of the same.

I have no sympathy for communists, particulary not communists who have explicitly said they want people like me to be punished for my opinions.

* * *

I do not condone violence against the FBI or any law enforcement. The story says that the FBI was serving an arrest warrant against a man who was involved in "violent crimes against children" which is pretty much what I'd expect them to say if there was someone they wanted to arrest and they wanted to make sure no one would have any sympathy for the suspect. If the guy was involved in child abuse, then he got what's coming to him.

It is possible--even probable--that the guy was exactly what they say he is; but considering how the FBI has behaved over the past five years, I CAN NO LONGER TAKE WHAT THEY SAY AT FACE VALUE. So while I tend to believe this story, I don't accept it as 100% true, because I have doubts about the integrity of the FBI.

It's got nothing to do with Ruby Ridge or any of the other cases of FBI malfeasance; it's solely about what the FBI did to try to take down President Trump.

I am not the only one who feels this way.
My first instinct when I hear about the FBI doing 'something' is that they're the bad guys
My faith and belief in the system is irretrievably trashed
It ain't coming back.
And it's all their own fault

* * *

Adam Kinzinger is an opportunist scumbag and he might as well call himself a democrat. Got no use for him.

* * *

Man, today was just...a day and a half. It makes me tired just thinking about it, so I'm not going to go through a litany of everything that happened. Suffice it to say that I was feeling really overworked. "The life of a computer technician is fraught with peril!" On top of everything else I had to make an emergency trip to the near off-site, only to find out that the problem I'd gone there to fix had solved itself.

Oh well. Could be worse, right?

* * *

Last night was chili night, and it came out delicious. Had more for lunch today, and that was good, too.

* * *

Plus side, Tuesday is over, and tomorrow is Wednesday. Hump day, and the week's half over at noon, and here's hoping it's more fun.
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