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#7519: I have GOT to take a break from politics.

I literally took that about two minutes ago. "Do you know what my diastolic is?"

Example: They are laying the groundwork for exterminating anyone to the right of Mitt Romney.
The former director of the CIA's counterterrorism operation argues that counterinsurgency tactics, like those used in Afghanistan and Iraq, are needed to fight the extremists who stormed the Capitol.
"Like those used" include drones equipped with Hellfire missiles in case you forgot.

Example: NewsMax turns out to be just as bad as Faux News.

Example: I told you the bitch was a drama queen.

Part 2 of that tale involves her changing her story because no one fucking believes a filthy, lying, communist.
In the last week she claimed that:

* Ted Cruz tried to have her murdered by a mob.
* Other Republican members of Congress were a danger to her, either wanting to harm her or allow her to be harmed by the mob.
* A Capitol police officer seemed to be a danger to her.
* A Capitol police officer deliberately withheld information from her that threatened her personal safety.
* The people questioning her assertions that other members of Congress or Capitol police are a danger to her are engaged in the behavior of sexual assaulters.
She's just trying to push a narrative, like the rest of them, that enables them to send everyone who disagrees with them to the death camps.

Example: COVID-19 is the flu. That's all it is. That's all it ever was. THE FLU.

Example: the complete incuriousness of everyone in DC about the North American Man-Boy Lincoln Project until after the Biden regime was installed.

I could go on, but I'm pissed off enough as it is.

* * *

Then, about the alleged kiddy-diddly who took out two FBI agents in FL:

"Gotta say, 2 Dead, 3 Wounded and it took a SWAT Team to dig out the target? That's not what I expect from the run-of-the-mill Kid Diddler."

Several things about all this do not pass the smell test, either. "Guy literally had -nothing- on his record to the point the picture they have to use is from his drivers license." One of the agents who was killed had previously been working on Hunter Biden's laptop. Some coincidence, eh?

* * *

164 is about as low as my systolic has been for a while but my diastolic, at 103, is much higher than it was last week. My medication needs adjusting (still) which is why I'm tracking my BP in the first place.

So you can see, I think, why I need to get the hell away from politics for a while. I can't help being angry over everything that's happened, all the more so because I'm one man and can't do a damned thing about it, and the way they keep on lying about everything--and knowing what the lies are for--just enrages me.

They're evil, evil people, and they have everything lined up to fuck us all over, and believe me they're going to, solely for the pleasure of doing so, and not because it's really necessary.

* * *

It occurred to me today, though, that one good reason the left must bar Donald Trump from running for the presidency again is that he will win, and they will have to steal the 2024 election the same way they stole the 2020 election: with massive and obvious fraud.

This is a problem because credulity is not something that stretches well. People who get their news from the Democrat-Media Complex (DMC) can accept the fake news that the 2020 election was fair, but if 2024 is not a seamless election with no visible trouble--if there is even a hint of fuckery--then it's possible that a lot of people will start asking some inconvenient question.

No--precisely because 2020 was massive and obvious, 2024 must appear flawless. They can do that if it's Kommie Harris versus Geb Bush or Mitt Romney or who-the-hell-ever the gangster party fronts as the "republican" nominee...but if the nominee is Donald J. Trump--even if Trump runs as an independent!--they all know what will happen: seventy-four million disenfranchised Trump voters will go to the polls to vote for him again, middle fingers raised in the direction of DC.

I should say, "at least seventy-four million" because we don't know how many people have since realized, "Shit, I should not have voted for Biden!" People who are not republican voters but who are still disgusted at what the democrat party did, and is doing, and plans to do. People who are traditional democrat voters but who were fucked over by Biden on his first day in office.. How many of them are there? A million? Two? Four? However many there are, they are people who won't vote for Kommie Harris regardless of circumstance, particularly not if Trump is running. And those are votes the democrats would have to counter with manufactured ones, and more besides, to put Harris over the top.

You think 2020 was bad? 2024, if Trump runs, will make 2020 look like a high school student council election. And the democrats CANNOT afford that. Because while they can manufacture as many votes as they need to "win" the election, they already were unable to hide the evidence of the theft, and everyone knows what happened in that election. If they do it again--if they have to do it again to keep Trump out--

They're already scared now because they know their toehold on power is illegitimate. That's why no one in the media or government may say the election was stolen. That's why people are being deplatformed for saying so. The DMC knows it cannot hold on to power if the truth is repeated, so they are suppressing the story and pretending really hard that nothing happened. So they keep saying that the idiocy of January 6 was "violent insurrection that threatened our democracy" and suppressing the facts of the election, and lying through their teeth about all of this.

For fuck's sake, last night on the news they showed a clip of the "insurgents" calmly walking between the red velvet ropes under the watchful eyes of the Capitol police. They looked like a tour group, and the announcer was speaking in grave tones about the "violent insurrection" that took place. Talk about the caption not fitting the picture!

Now do you understand why my blood pressure is high?

Fucking clown world, and I'm sick of it.

* * *

So I don't know what I'll do. Maybe take a Xanax. Definitely, I need to stay the hell away from the politics for a while. Try and get my fucking equilibrium back.


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