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#751: The double-click mouse, and other hazards

My new-in-March mouse has succumbed to the furies of Diablo 2.

D2 is a clickfest; this I know. The previous system--the Gateway P3 system I bought in May of 2001--never needed a replacement. Ever, despite the fact that I played a lot more D2 on that system than I have on this one.

Symptoms? This mouse has abruptly started double-clicking things for me, at random, when I am pretty sure that I am single-clicking them.

So, it looks like I'll have to go get me a new mouse. Which is just as well, because I am not all that enamored of this one anyway.

I could call Gateway and ask them to send me a new one, but I won't, for three reasons:

1) I would get an exact replacement, which I'm not all that thrilled with.
2) I am still waiting for a replacement case fan I asked for in May.
3) Inevitably I would have to go through Tech Support, and the procedure required to convince them that it is actually the mouse that's the problem would be egregiously stupid and painful. ("Okay, I've completely formatted my entire fucking system and the mouse still doesn't work right." "So, all right, let's try upgrading the drivers again." "I am so going to kill you all.")

(The case fan was to solve an intermittent noise issue, so it's not critical. Most of the time it's quiet, and yes, it's working.)

I would use the old mouse, but around the time I got this system it started behaving badly, convincing me that it's no longer usable. Well, it lasted a couple months shy of six years; that's not too bad, considering.

* * *

Dinner tonight--well, Monday night--was a can of Campbells "Oodles of Noodles" chicken noodle soup.

It wouldn't come out of the can.

The can was literally packed full of noodles. I have no idea how the hell they managed to do that and leave room for condensed soup stock. One can of water made soup of about the right consistency, though, and it tasted about right. But damn, they weren't kidding about the "oodles" part.

* * *

If I turn on the water in the tub to just a trickle, my cat Luna will play in it. She'll bat at water drops, and try to catch them, and play and play until her face is wet. Wet! And I bet she'd keep on playing if I didn't shut the water off before leaving the bathroom.

If I take a hot soaking bath, she'll get into the water once it's drained to about 3" or so and wade around in it. When the little funnel whirlpool appears in the drain, she'll bat at it. She'll get out of the tub when the water's gone, legs and feet dripping wet, as if she doesn't have a care in the world.

I think my cat is defective. Or maybe no one ever told her she was not supposed to like water.

* * *

It's supposed to snow today; we should get in the area of two to four inches. We'll see, of course. I won't believe it until I see it; I have a JEEP and a SNOW BLOWER!

The other day--Saturday afternoon--Mom lit a Glade scented candle; and a few minutes later it started snowing. She blew the candle out about 40 minutes later, and the snow turned to sleet.

We are powerful. Fear us.

* * *

I just finished my first can of Vault since Sunday afternoon. Boy did it taste good. Now back to Gatorade.

* * *

I finally got to see the season premiere of Smallville. Of course, having seen other episodes of this season I already knew how things shook out, but it was nice to see Bizzaro in action.

What's interesting about this season of Smallville is that they hint that the points made in Niven's essay Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex are at least partly correct. It is strongly implied that Clark can't have sex with Lana--or anyone who doesn't have Kryptonian powers--because of, well, his super-spooge.

Niven's essay suggests that when Superman ejaculates, it would come out at some appreciable fraction of the speed of sound, possibly multiples thereof. "Lastly, he would blow off the top of her head," was how Niven put it.

When Lana acquires copies of Clark's powers, the first thing they do is run off somewhere and have sex, which causes local earthquakes and other unsettling events. Score one for Niven, I guess.

Clark would have had a hard time hiding his pubescent self-exploration from his parents, I think. "I was playing with myself and shot the dog!" or some such....

"Clark! What was that noise?"
"Why is there a hole in the roof over your bed?"
"Uh...I don't know...."

There's a myriad of jokes there.

* * *

I think I'm going to send my niece a copy of Kaze no Stigma once I'm done with it. I get the feeling she'd like it.

I would give copies of this stuff to my other niece, but she shows absolutely zero interest in anime these days.

Niece #1 lives in Maine, on a farm. Niece #2 lives in a very affluent suburb of a major city. #1 likes anime and D&D and fan stuff; #2 is more into--


Well, into the stuff that girls from affluent suburbs are usually into. ..?

I don't even know what those things are.

Girl stuff, I guess.


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