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#7521: I don't think they understand how this reads to about 75,000,000 people.

Time explains how the election was "saved". This article essentially lays out all the ways in which the election was stolen, while spinning everything the democrats did to steal the election as a good thing.

The problem is, there's maybe 30, 40 percent of the country which will buy that spin. The other sixty percent is going to read this as saying, "This is what we did, and you can't do squat about it! Ha ha, Trump lost!"

The article is, of course, has so many outright lies, twisted statements, and half-truths per square inch, it threatens to become a falsehood singularity.

Ace quotes 'em: "This is the inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election...," he quotes, and I know what goes in the place of that ellipsis:

All of these people take money from the Chamber of Commerce, AEI, Google, etc.

They're all working together to block half of America from ever having a political voice.

OUT: The election wasn't rigged

IN: The election was rigged, but in a good, smart, upper-middle-class Wine Aunt way

Any questions?
I wonder if Time will be deplatformed for their insurrectionist and seditionist talk?

* * *

This is so fucking rich.
This is in the race for New York's 22nd Congressional District--a district in which the Republican is ahead by a crucial handful of votes.

The lawyer for the defeated Democrat candidate--a shifty operator who secretly hired FusionGPS, acting as a pass-through for the Hillary Clinton campaign, which claimed the expenditure was for "legal services"--has filed a motion to overturn the election, claiming that the machines undercounted Democrat votes.
This is not shocking or surprising. You see, here's how democrats define things:

A fair election: one in which the democrat wins
A stolen/unfair/fraudulent election: one in which the democrat loses

If you learn this simple rule you can stop worrying about your blood pressure every time one of these cases comes up, because you'll expect this from those sleazy fuckers.

* * *

No one cares about "kids in cages" any longer because "Biden regime". Same facilities, same conditions, same everything that made Trump evil for continuing a program that started under Obama, but since Biden's doing it--

Well, we all know that tale.

* * *

Saw a bit saying that the Trump impeachment is meant to piss people off, apparently so they'll booze up and riot--and then the democrats can declare a national emergency and take away all our rights.

That's kind of a dangerous game to play, though, because the instant the democrats try to disarm people, a lot of folks are going to get killed.

Brickmuppet encapsulates the issue thus:
They aim to incite people on the right to act out of desperation and despair, as the degenerate fuckwits did at the Capitol last month, because they need a better Horst Wessel moment.
The thing is, the right wing doesn't do the antifa/blm "violent riots in the streets" thing. The right wing is busy with their day jobs and such.

What is more likely to happen? I'm not advocating this, but I'm pretty certain something like this will come to pass if the democrats get their way.

Understand, all of this is fiction. Writing fiction is what I do best. If I knew anything about a secret right-wing militia that could pull off this kind of stuff, I'd be pretending to be a Biden voter in the name of operational security, not bloviating about how the election was stolen etc.

Anyway, just imagine that there's a not-very-important politician who did something to piss off the right wing--really piss them off--and he goes to his home district to politick a little bit. He's not a big mover and shaker, but his vote counted. He gets out of his limosine at a fundraiser...and his head explodes into a cloud of red mist, followed very quickly with the sound of the gunshot. (Supersonic round.) The security guards fan out to look for the sniper, but by the time they've checked all the likely spots, there's nothing to find.

Rifling on the bullet doesn't tell them anything useful; there are no casings left behind; the sniper was so careful about policing his perch that they can't even tell for sure where the shot came from--but for a little bit of gunpowder residue.

And so that's all they've got: traces of gunpowder residue, and a bullet which may or may not still be intact after splitting a politician's head open. Cell phone records show nothing. NSA intercepts show nothing. Web sites, chat forums, nothing. No one saw anyone suspicious, no one heard anything.

Oh...they arrest some goober for doing it, of course, some previously-known member of a "militia" who's been on the FBI's hot list since the Clinton administration, and who happens to have the right caliber rifle, but he's just a scapegoat. The real assassin cannot be found.

The next time there's a fundraiser for a politician, no matter how minor, they have to sweep everything in line-of-sight before he arrives and put security everywhere. Expensive, and disruptive. Check for bombs, weld manholes shut, the whole nine yards...and they have to keep doing that, approximately forever, for every single national politician. And not just them, but the people who run the alphabet agencies. Any one of them could end up being a target. I'd wager that the government would use up a few adminstrators of this-or-that agency before it became obvious that none of them was safe.

Of course the feds will catch people. It won't do them much good, not even if they treat these prisoners the way the media pretends we treated captured terrorists. The people they catch will only know their little parts of what is going on, and they'll be able to supply single-use code names and maybe even the book that the numbers station is using...and which was thrown out as soon as anyone got caught.

Look: in Afghanistan, people with modern firearms and no other technology managed to fight both the Soviet Army and the US Army to a standstill. Do you honestly think that Americans could not?

The point I'm trying to make here is that any uprising you see, prompted by the democrats' treatment of Trump at his impeachment trial, is fake. It won't be actual right-wingers; there may be some stupid ones in there but it'll mainly be crisis actors, people from blm and antifa and what-the-hell else the left has available.

* * *

Here's an odd bit. We're told that Trump retired to Mar-A-Lago.
Trump has no TFR over Mara Lago, like an ex-President should. That is up to Secret Service, it relates to protectee security, which is sacrosanct to them, and it is strange.
That's from today's Anonymous Conservative post. He's very, very heavy on conspiracy theory, so I don't know how seriously I take what he says...but this is an easily verifiable fact: there's no flight restrictions over Mar-A-Lago, and there would be if Trump were there.

The same way there was a TFR over the Bush compound in Kennebunkport, the same way there's one over whatever platinum-plated-gold lefty enclave Obama is in, the same way even Jimmy Carter's residence has one. But not over Trump's. Why? Where is he, if he's not there? Any mysterious TFRs in place anywhere?

Where is President Trump?

And furthermore, why the radio silence? It's uncharacteristic of him that he'd acquiesce quietly to Tweedledee deplatforming him. His lawyer's letter to congress about not testifying at the drumhead, and his letter to the Screen Actor's Guild resigning his membership, show that he's as feisty as ever.

I know we're stuck with Biden now; that's a fact. But so much about all this does not add up and it's making me really nervous. Okay, the National Guard is still in DC, even though there are no credible threats to the safety of the gangsters. The fences and razor wire are still up (and still pointing inward in spots, which is also really weird) and apparently the force there is being rotated rather than mustered out: new guardsmen are arriving. There's no report on how many are there but the last thing I heard, they were planning to keep at least 5,000 of them in DC until April, which--I mean, that's a lot of troops, and for what?

Why is the Guard still in DC, more than two weeks after the inauguration they were there to protect?

What happened to the device that the media labeled the "Diet Coke button", which actually was a "panic button" LBJ had installed in the early 1960s? Why is it absent in the pics of Biden signing executive orders? (The fact that he was signing blank pieces of paper does not bother me. The signing ceremony is just that--ceremonial--and the actual documents were signed another time.)

This has, so far, been the weirdest "first 100 days" of any administration I remember.

* * *

So the stupid little econazi from Germany is getting marching orders from leftist organizations--why are we surprised?

* * *

Cherokee has a new electrical glitch. When I step on the brakes, the odometer turns off.

And today the "check engine" light came on.


* * *

That drawing is shit.

* * *

It's Friday night! I'm going to relax!

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