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#7527: Our future is to be fortified.

Guard still in DC, inauguration stage still up, fences and razor wire still standing, all of it.

When I said that Joe Biden would be president for ten minutes I was half-serious. I thought it possible that there might be a false-flag assassination at his installation, or perhaps he was set to have died of "natural causes". I don't know, maybe found like Antonin Scalia was, with a pillow somehow over his face after having "died in his sleep". Or else some kind of manufactured tragedy where he tripped and hit his head on a corner of the resolute desk five times and died of that. But none of that is really politically useful to the party that never lets a crisis go to waste.

The plan is for him to be taken out, soon enough that taking down the inaugural stage is seen as a waste of time and money. And in such a way that they can blame it on "white supremecists".

So: the senate finishes trying the impeachment case. Trump's found guilty and they strip him of all status as a former President. There's a huge astroturf riot starring antifa goons wearing MAGA gear. Biden dies, somehow, in a fashion that can be connected with the fake riot.

So what happens? Harris, who is black, needs to be inaugurated, and that's the perfect time to have a second huge astroturf riot, also starring antifa goons in MAGA gear. So, they do a quick swearing-in like Johnson got after Kennedy was assassinated, but then hold a huge public ceremony: "We will show the American people that we are not afraid of insurrectionists!" And of course then a big riot can take place and "threaten" the new president's life.

...which is then all the political cover that the democrats need to crush us under the iron heel of tyranny. And by the way, those fake riots, they'll be blamed on Trump, and he'll be put in jail for it.

* * *

Right now the news media is preparing to show "never-before seen riot footage" from January 6. It's probably all fake, ginned up after the fact. They're talking about "the violence" and so forth and how this video will be "a reminder of the pain" and whatever other horseshit they're trying to sell.

Apparently there is footage of a capitol policeman being "bludgeoned" with an American flag. Five bucks says they're claiming it was Sicknick (who died of a stroke) who was "bludgeoned" with that flag. Which is why absolutely no details have been released about his autopsy etc.

The facts do not matter. The Gangster Party has a desired outcome.

It doesn't matter if Trump received more actual votes than Biden did; the election was "fortified".

It doesn't matter if Trump's not President; he'll be removed from office anyway. The conviction will be "fortified".

Right-wing protest will be "fortified". Future elections will be "fortified". The supreme court will be "fortified". The will of the American people will be "fortified".

This is no longer a free country. Get used to it.

* * *

After going to bed at my usual time last night, feeling kind of cruddy, I woke up this morning to pervasive aching pain and nausea, and called off. After a little while I had a PBJ and a Dew and felt slightly better, but returned to bed and slept another six hours. Woke up hungry and feeling less achy. Here's hoping that's the height of it.

* * *

My wife (who is also home due to illness, probably the same thing biting me) is watching the proceedings on TV. I can't watch; it's 150% communist horseshit, 50 lbs of Pravda in a 5 lb bag. It's nothing but lies, half-truths, and distortions, a densely-packed bolus of falsehood so outrageous that I can't stand to see it.

I tried to sit and watch the "never-before seen video" but it's such a pile of mendacious claptrap that I'm getting really angry and depressed.

* * *

The military purge at the orders of an incompetent.
Looking over his what I consider his less-than stellar career, I'm wondering if he's a plant. I mean I -know- he's dumb as a fucking stump. I know from personal experience he's a shitbird commander. When he took over 18th ABN Corps and took over MNC-I in Iraq, shit went sideways because of his lunatic rules. PT Belts, in a combat zone? Asshole even talked about setting up Arms Rooms on certain bases to rack the weapons... in an active war zone.
Emphasis removed. But--requiring soldiers in a war zone to turn in their weapons when not on active duty? That can't be real, that has to be fake, because there can't possibly be a military commander so stupid as to keep his men unarmed in a fucking war zone, right? Right?

Oh, no, it's real, all right, and this guy's one of those political generals who can fuck up turning on a light switch.

I look at all the things happening in this country right now, and I think, "Don't these people know any history?" But they don't! Or, if they do, they think they're somehow smarter than the people from decades or centuries ago who made exactly the same fucking mistakes they are making now and they have a perfect example of why it was a really, really bad idea.

Huge purge of the Russian military to ensure its political reliability...and then they needed an experienced military to fight off Hitler. If the USA had not been involved in the war in Europe, Russia would be speaking German now. They could not out-produce Germany, not when half their soldiers went to the front without weapons, and they'd executed their most experienced generals, the ones who could make best use of a half-equipped army.

They're not worried, though. We're friends with China, right? China won't swoop in and take over vast swaths of the orient once we can no longer field an effective force because half our admirals were still in diapers when Nixon left office but they're politically reliable. Right?

Seems to me most of them must already be "politically reliable" if they're not standing up and putting a stop to this horseshit in accordance with their oaths of service. "Protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic", right? Can't they see the same damned evidence that we see? Do they not see how the will of the people has been "fortified"?

* * *

That's how I describe it from now on. It was in Time magazine, damn it: the election was "fortified", they admitted. Fortified. It's become my new swear word.

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