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#7528: Have I not been saying this?

The question is: "what revolution from history do you see our present situation most paralleling?"

The answer: "The Nazi Revolution. We're in the midst of the Machtergreifung."

That German word translates to "seizure of power".

Why do you think the American left has been screeching about "fascism" for the past sixty years? It's because they're using Hitler's playbook and the left always projects.

And I agree with this:
What's going to happen, then, is a massive internal bloodletting as the Party adjusts to the reality of life with a dementia patient as the nominal President. They've really screwed themselves, too, in that there's no possible way they can blame "Republican obstructionism" like they usually do when they fuck up--oh they'll try, of course, but if we've learned anything lo these past few months, it's that the "Republicans" are as fanatically loyal to the Party as the most partisan Democrat. The idea that they got outfoxed by the likes of Mitch McConnell might've flown in 2016, but in 2021 it's a sick joke. Mitch would happily suck a dick in the middle of the Capitol rotunda if the People's Liberation Army's check cleared; the idea that he's going to obstruct the Party agenda is laughable. When the Night of the Long Knives comes, his name will be about halfway down the list.
Remember that it was Hitler who set off the Night of the Long Knives. This means that McCowbell will be axed by the people to whom he's most loyal, the Gangster Party, and not by some mythical "white supremecist militia", the same way Ernst Rohm was arrested by Hitler himself.

On the other hand, though, this might be a good thing for us, if the "fortification" of the United States is following the Nazi paradigm. The article echoes that sentiment; I've been thinking that if we have to fall to totalitarianism, then national socialism would probably be the least worst kind to which to fall. After all, Chinese commmunism killed sixty million people, Russian communism killed at least thirty million, but national socialism killed six million. Socialism always comes with a mountain of skulls, but (at least as far as we can tell) national socialism seems the least deadly variety, at least as far as political murders are concerned.

* * *

I'm sure you must have had the experience of eating banana-flavored candy and thinking that it didn't really taste like a banana, right?

That's because that's what bananas used to taste like.

This article explains why.

The variety--now extinct--was Gros Michel, and thanks to the fact that banana trees are all clones of each other, there were no seeds or anything from which to grow new ones. Today we eat Cavendish bananas, and they are all clones of each other.

...there's a disease which affects Cavendish bananas, of course. We may be looking at the end of bananas as we know it.

What's the solution? Genetically modified Cavendish bananas, that's what.

* * *

Sorry, guys, but the Keystone XL pipeline has been fortified, and you're out of luck.

* * *

They don't need to have knowledge. Knowledge is for the proles. If you're in the elite, you get jobs based on who you are and who you know, not what you know or can do. That's how you know you're an elite, after all!

When one of them reveals the depth of her ignorance, you're not supposed to say anything.

* * *

I went back to bed. When I did, it was still light outside, but late in the day, and when my wife woke me up, it was 7:45. I must have slept at least three hours. And I'm going to go to bed before 11 tonight, I think.

Hate it when I get sick, but at least I feel better. That day of rest was sorely needed.

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