atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7532: I am extremely surprised.

Apparently the senate actually voted to acquit Trump, along party lines. The impeachment wasn't "fortified", though I'll be switched if I know how that could be.

Also, I was operating under the mistaken impression that it takes 60 senators to remove. Thinking about it now, the Constitution says "two thirds" of the senate must vote to convict. Well, math was never my strong suit.

The Gangster Party could have managed 60 votes. Needing 67--no wonder so many people were confident this would go nowhere.

My mistake! And I am very happy to be wrong, believe me.

Even so, there was one extra vote to convict in there: someone who had voted against the whole thing being constitutional nonetheless voted to convict. I'll bet it was that guy from Alabama.

* * *

Myanmar's military acted in the face of a stolen election. This is the first real evidence I've seen of that interpretation of the event, but I was pretty certain that was the correct one just because of how all "the usual suspects" were reacting to the story.

So, commie creep was losing the election and had it "fortified", only the military stepped in at the sight of massive vote fraud and put a stop to it.

Really is a shame that a major first-world nation can't do that, but a small fringe country can.

* * *

Little Shitler's co-conspirators are angry that he's trying to make a buck, of course. Outside the leftist money machine, that is. You see, if you start a leftist organization that actually gets some traction, you get all kinds of money from America's rich communists.

Using his attendance of Parkland as a way to pretend he was endangered by the school shooting there--I say "pretend" because, very much like representative Horseteeth, he was nowhere near the action on that day and he was never threatened--he's managed to catapult his truculent ass to national notoriety and to secure a slot at Harvard.

Now that he's had to step down from "the board" of the organization he grifted into existence, though, I wonder if his stock will continue to be at all valuable? I mean, the left needs people to march, and he's not leading a march any longer. He's going to continue to champion the repression of civil rights, but not as a leader, and instead he's putting all this effort into his uselessly expensive pillow company.


* * *

Anyway, it's been kind of flurrying all day. It snowed last night, too, so we've got a couple inches' worth of fresh global warming. I haven't done anything about it, nor have I ventured outside.

I should get outside soon and get a picture of the huge icicle growing outside the dining room. It's like five feet long.

* * *

So the next step, I guess, is the senate is going to try to pass a bill of attainder to strip Trump of his post-presidential perks. Saw a blurb to that effect somewhere but didn't think about it much because my math error had me convinced that conviction was a slam-dunk.

Bills of attainder are, of course, unconstitutional, but since the Gangster Party is the party of emanations and penumbras, I don't think that'll matter. By the time a lawsuit could wind its way through the legal system, the supreme court will be packed with 84 marxist second-year law students. Maybe David "Little Shitler" Hogg will be one of them.

* * *

Anyway, cold tonight, cold tomorrow, another inch or so of snow. You know the drill.

Ah, winter. Yes; winter.

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