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#7535: Early to bed etc

Last night I went to bed a lot earlier than I usually do. I think I was in bed before 10. That's probably why I woke naturally before 7, and ended up making a PBJ and sitting down here, even though I have the day off.

Something like five days ago, I mentioned that they'd predicted 5 inches of snow for today. As of right now?

* WHAT...Dangerous travel, low visibility, heavy snow, and cold
temperatures expected. Total snow accumulations of 8 to 13
inches are expected, with locally higher amounts possible,
especially near the lake. Wind chills near 20 degrees below
zero are expected, as well.

* WHERE...All of Cook County.

* WHEN...From 3 AM Monday to noon CST Tuesday.

* IMPACTS...Travel will be very difficult to impossible, with the
worst conditions expected late this afternoon through Tuesday
morning. The hazardous conditions will impact commutes to and
from work. Wind chills as low as 20 degrees below zero may lead
to frostbite in as few as 30 minutes.
Because weather very rarely confines itself to demarcations that exist only in the minds of men, and because the bunker sits about a mile and a half south of the southern border of Cook County, I expect that we're going to get clobbered here.

* * *

Yeah, "teens" are out of control. Teens. I think he could be a little more specific, but of course that would get the guy branded as a racist.

* * *

Due to global warming, Texas is experiencing record cold and their windmills are freezing. Frozen windmills do not make electricity. If your power grid relies on windmills to make electricity, you suffer a shortage of electricity just when you happen to need it most.

This is yet another reason why windmills are a bad way to make electricity.

* * *

It amuses me that the NFL and the TV networks think NFL viewership is going to rise again. Oh, I suppose it might; but before that happens they're going to have to stop with all the SJW shenanigans. Before that can happen, they're going to have to realize that the SJW shenanigans are what cost them viewers. Before that can happen, they're going to have to stop huffing their own flatus.

Because I have not yet seen an example of an SJW-converged organization de-converging, I don't think that's going to happen.

* * *

It's 8, and usually I'd be at work, or very close to it, by now. Sitting here, watching the snow fall--I am glad I let my wife talk me into taking the day off with her.

Using my floating holiday for the month on the day it was meant to cover--what a concept.

I'm actually a little surprised that the weather turned so cold and snowy. Prior to the new year we weren't getting cold and we weren't getting precipitation, but it turned on a dime in late January.

Well, I don't have anything that needs doing, and I had planned to sleep in today. Maybe I'll go lay me down for a little while.

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