atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7537: 35 inches in two weeks

Watched the news in order to get a handle on what tomorrow is going to look like, and learned that the area has had close to three feet of snow in a two-week period.

Around 2:30-ish I braved the weather to go pickup some Chinese--an attempt to mollify my wife's disappointment at not having sushi today--and it was not good driving. Though I had traction, I saw the vehicle ahead of me spin out, and then almost got the left front corner of another car in my driver's side door at the next intersection. He came around the corner too fast.

On my way back, in the same place I saw the spinout, there was a car in the ditch.

The roads were almost entirely covered.

So, on the news, they said that municipal plows had given up for the night in many places. The state trucks are going to operate all night, but they can't keep up with the snowfall, so all and sundry are saying, "STAY HOME."

Mrs. Fungus has an important appointment in the morning and we currently don't know if she's going to be able to make it, even if I drive her. The roads may still be too bad tomorrow morning.

Have to play it by ear, but for now we're assuming that I'll be driving her to that appointment and to work. I've already told my boss not to expect me in before noon as a result.


But if the roads are too bad we'll have to reschedule that and have her stay home. I'll still go to work, though, because it's local and I have a Jeep and I'm trying to conserve my PTO.

Anyway, after having Chinese, I went out and blew down the driveway. It was covered in snow that had fallen over the weekend, plus what had already fallen today, and it was about four inches' worth. But it's continued to snow, and harder than it has since the last big dump, so I think there's going to be rather a lot to deal with.

Along with the snow, we've got cold temperatures, but tomorrow it's supposed to be warmer than it has in over a week--20°--though I'm not sure how. The weatherman just said it was supposed to get cold again.

Oh well.

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