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#7538: Official total: 18 inches

...but it was lake-effect snow so it wasn't really consistent. Also, it was blowing around a lot.

My unofficial measurement at the Jeep's hood was 8 inches. But see above, "blowing", so that might not be accurate, either.

Because the weather reports were all full of dire portents, I decided to forego going to work on-time today and instead drove my wife to her appointment and to work...and I'm glad I did. The roads were horrible all the way to $MAJOR-TOLLWAY but I COULDN'T GET THE JEEP OUT OF THE DRIVEWAY.

I got high-centered on the plow drift. I had to go get the snowblower, blow all around the Jeep, put the truck into 4L, and rock it free. With that done, then, I proceeded to drive to that major tollway at an average speed of 40 MPH. The roads--even the major highways!--were 60-95% covered, and in some spots they were completely covered.

Once she got to the major highways I think she would have been fine, but getting there--no.

Anyway, drove her up to her appointment, and then to work. I was able to drive to work at the speed limit, though I used up half a gallon of washer fluid in the process. On my way back to work, I tried to go to Burger King, but they were closed, something I realized only after I'd driven into their parking lot, which had not been plowed. The Jeep just soldiered right on through the snow, though. Got to the plant at noon, managed three hours of work, but then had to go pick her up again.

Came home and blew down the driveway, then salted it.

We got a lot of snow yesterday. The sundial is buried--which is a depth of snow that we didn't manage in 2014, when it snowed every week until April--and it happened in two weeks.

Today was really, really annoying but it's done and I can relax. *sigh*

* * *

This is what happens when you rely on windmills to generate your electricity. So the spot price of wholesale electricity in Texas "necessarily skyrocketed" because the windmills froze and there's no backup generating capacity, because the natural gas wells that supply natural gas for, you know, natural-gas fired power plants also froze.

Do you know what doesn't give a rat's ass about how cold it is? Nuclear power.

Article goes on:
Coal is another matter.

Burning coal releases SO2 and NOx pollutants that cause Acid Rain, huge respiratory problems and will devastate forests.
If the atmosphere is polluted with sulfur dioxide (SO2) or nitrogen oxides (NOx), rain becomes oxidized by ozone (O3) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to form H2SO4 or HNO3 before falling to the ground. They are known respectively as sulfuric and nitric acid.
The thing is, there is such a thing as "clean coal". You put machinery in the smokestack which scrub it of nitric and sulfuric compounds.

My best example is the big NIPSCO plant in Michigan City. It's sited right there on the river, across from the Michigan City Marina, and when my parents had their boat there in the late 1970s, every summer Friday night the very first thing they'd do is to wash down the boat, to get off the little grains of fly ash. Most of them would leave little yellow blots on the fiberglass that had to be removed with Soft Scrub. The place emitted a stentorian roar 24/7 and the tall smokestack emitted a yellow cloud of smoke all the time.

Went back there in the mid-1980s. The plant still emitted its stentorian roar, but the stuff coming out of the smokestack was white and translucent. Why? Because EPA, that's why; the EPA had emplaced rules for coal-fired power plants which forced them to clean up their act. That NIPSCO plant, in 1987, was emitting a bare fraction of the crap it had emitted in, say, 1977.

Coal can be clean and efficient, and there is absolutely nothing cheaper, not even natural gas.

Remember T. Boone Pickens? You can blame him for this shit.

So how much does electricity cost in Texas? Try nine thousand dollars per megawatt-hour which is a mere ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TIMES the normal price of $50 per megawatt-hour,

Meanwhile, econazis are living up to the epithet "econazi" all right.
A Massachusetts climate official said people who heat their homes and fuel their cars will need to have their "will" broken in order to combat emissions and climate change.

"I know one thing that we found in our analysis is that 60% of our emissions come from...residential heating and passenger vehicles," said David Ismay, Massachusetts, undersecretary for climate change, during a virtual meeting with the Vermont Climate Council. "Let me say that again: 60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person on your street, the senior on fixed-income. Right now, there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at and turn the screws on and now break their will, so they stop emitting. That's you. We have to break your will."
So what this would-be tyrant is saying is that you need to be tortured until you submit to his diktats, and be willing to freeze to death in the dark.

Has anyone pointed out to "Adolf Hitler" Ismay that China is the biggest emitter of "greenhouse gases" in the world?

And this is a guy in a republican state government.

He needs to be fired. Now.

...but make no mistake about it: what's happening in Texas right now is what they want for all of us. They want us to freeze in the dark, because that way they know they're in charge and we're not.

* * *

Speaking of people who need to be fired, our entire legislature needs to go to fucking jail right now.
In a bombshell new video, the Senate Majority Leader in Michigan, Mike Shirkey, is secretly recorded confessing that the January 6 U.S. Capitol takeover was "staged" in order to secure an impeachment against President Trump.

He went on to claim that, not only was it "pre-arranged", but Mitch McConnell was "part of it".

In the video, an unknown individual asks Shirkey about the events that occured in DC on January 6. "Thats been a hoax since day one, that was all pre-arranged," replied Shirkley.
You know, the really sad thing about this is that--even though this story is uncorroborated--my first instinct is to believe it. I really would not put it past the Gangster Party to have done all that specifically to give themselves an excuse to impeach President Trump.

This would seem to support that story, though. Pelosi doesn't want anyone to ask questions about why the national guard was delayed in responding, on her orders. Trump offered to deploy the NG prior to the rally they're trying to blame this on, but the simple fact is that the democrat leadership refused it.

I wonder why?

The democrats were originally intending to call witnesses at the senate trial, but they folded like a cheap suit when Trump's lawyers said they'd call Nancy Pelosi as their first witness. Why do you suppose that is?

Related: apparently none of the subhuman parasites haunting the halls of the capitol building know why there's more than a brigade of NG in DC. I suppose that demonstrates somthing other than the fact that they're all a bunch of useless sub-sentient shitpiles, though I sure don't know what.

I've gotten to the point that I regard our politicians as something lower than pond scum. I mean, pond scum, it photosynthesizes, and makes oxygen for us to breathe. Also, it's food for fish and stuff. What do our politicians do? Consume oxygen, spend money we don't have, and take away our freedoms to make themselves richer. Our representatives no longer represent us, but the interests of megacorporations and leftists.

Utterly useless.

* * *

Apparently, mathematics are racist.
A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction is an integrated approach to mathematics that centers Black, Latinx, and Multilingual students in grades 6-8, addresses barriers to math equity, and aligns instruction to grade-level priority standards. The Pathway offers guidance and resources for educators to use now as they plan their curriculum, while also offering opportunities for ongoing self-reflection as they seek to develop an anti-racist math practice. The toolkit "strides" serve as multiple on-ramps for educators as they navigate the individual and collective journey from equity to anti-racism.
Here's the thing: math is not racist. The fact that 2+2=4, that 2x+5=9 where X=2, that the square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the squares of the lengths of the other two sides--none of that gives a rat's ass about the color of anyone's skin. Numbers work the exact same way for everyone, regardless of what color or sex they are. They are so immutable in that respect that a whole bunch of scientists and SF writers theorized that mathematics would be the "Rosetta Stone" that helped us talk to aliens, if we ever found any.

But there's a problem with math. You see, you need to have a certain IQ just to understand it; and if you want to do interesting and useful things with it, you need to be very smart. The farther up the mathematical food chain you go, the more abstract it becomes, and the further left you fall on the bell curve, the more you're going to hate math and think it's stupid and useless.

Besides that, though, there are certain sectors of our population whose subculture considers academic pursuits to be "acting white" and actively discourage members of that subculture from learning things like mathematics, even when they are intellectually capable of grasping them. It is, of course, "racist" to point this out. "You're blaming the victim!"

The solution is not to keep everyone from learning math, though, which is what this shit proposes to do. There is no such thing as "white math" or "black math"; there is just math and it doesn't care if you understand it or even like it.

Of course this shit is coming from Oregon.
The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recently encouraged teachers to register for training that encourages "ethnomathematics" and argues, among other things, that White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer.


Part of the toolkit includes a list of ways "white supremacy culture" allegedly "infiltrates math classrooms." Those include "the focus is on getting the 'right' answer," students being "required to 'show their work,'" and other alleged manifestations.
At the core of all of this, then, is the extremely racist assumption that "people of color" cannot arrive at the right answer, with or without showing their work.

Meanwhile, in China, they don't even realize how beholden they are to the culture of white supremacy, and they focus on making sure their students get the "right" answer and are "showing their work". It's not just China, though. Japan: one thing you might notice is that in most manga featuring high school kids--which is a hell of a lot of manga, since that's their biggest audience--the kids usually want to do well in school. One common trope you see in manga is where a character needs to grind in order to pass a crucial test. They're not belittled (as they are in American entertainment) for trying to do as well as possible in school. The kids who get the highest test scores are usually admired for it; at least, the achievement is regarded as a very positive thing, even then the character is an antagonist.

It's rare to see a character who doesn't give a rip about school. In Japan, school is only compulsory through the end of junior high. That's our 9th grade (freshman in high school) but in Japan junior high is three grades (7, 8, 9) and high school is three grades (10, 11, 12).

No one goes to high school unless he wants to go. You have to go to junior high, but once you're out of there, you can just join the work force. You're not going to be earning huge bucks but you can work your way up if you're reasonably diligent.

And right there, that takes a lot of the troublemakers out of education. If you're in high school, it's because you passed a test to get into high school, which means you studied to take the entrance exams, which means you have a personal interest not only in attending school, but in doing well.

Contrast that with America, where socialized education is compulsory through age 18. Kids have no stake in attending school, they don't pay for it, they don't need to achieve even to be promoted to the next grade.

...and even if they do go to school, and do want to learn, and do take it seriously, what are they taught? "Ethnomathematics".

I have discovered a new swear word.

* * *

I remember Swine Flu from the mid-1970s. It was a big scare, almost as big as COVID-19 is now, except that we had sensible people in our government rather than sub-sapient compost heaps.

There were 25 deaths from the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976, over a 6-week period, and 362 cases of Guillain-Barre. The latter is, by the way, an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system. It is, in short, bad.

In 1976, based on that, they stopped administring the vaccine.

In 2021? Eight weeks of vaccinations, 500+ deaths, 128 cases of Bell's Palsy, 147 cases of anaphylactic shock.

Hell no I don't want the damned vaccine. Even though we're now being told that the adverse reactions are actually good for you. No, make that "Especially because we're now being told".

* * *

I wish I knew enough law to do this. I'm not a lawyer and I don't want to get myself into trouble, but it's for damned sure awesome that there are people willing and able to do this kind of thing.

* * *

The site stands by its claim that Florida governor Ron DeSantis told Joe Biden "go fuck yourself" in a recent phone conversation.

The last two lines of it again:
"Address me as Mr. President or President Biden," Biden said.
"I will not, and you can go fuck yourself," DeSantis said before hanging up.
The web site that reported this conversation stands by the quote, which is not something you really do if you don't have something to back it up.

Still, I'm skeptical; even so, it would be awesome if DeSantis had said it, so I'm still calling this one "probably not real, but true".

* * *

Here Brickmuppet embeds a bit of Babylon 5 which seems almost prescient.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt is an optimist. We need optimists. I need them.
I keep running into people who talk about our current Junta as though it were an empire for the ages.

Which it would be, if you didn't take in account:

a) the quality of the people who have staged and are running this travesty of a farce of a comedy or a f*ckup.

b) their knowledge of how society works. Or, you know, in what general direction reality might lie, up to and including where their food comes from, what humans CAN survive on, what it takes to run a technological civilization, etc. ad nauseum. With bells on. They know none of it, and don't even know what they don't know. And if you tell them, they'll tell you it's an aggression of some sort.

c) that the regime they're trying to install is not one that can survive anyway, not in a nation that is the economic engine of the world.

d) that in their crazed efforts to install it they have in fact castrated or perhaps put a stake through the heart of those fields they control, including but not limited to education, Hollywood, the performing arts in general, traditional publishing.... pretty much, yeah, everything they control. some of these fields were already dying, and some would die anyway, but they accelerated that demise.
In the case of letter B, I am reminded of the story from last year when the editor in chief of the New York Times fell for a common Internet scam. He doesn't know anything about computers--he pays people to do that for him--and so when someone called him up and told him that his "IP was compromised" he fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

It is certainly true that our self-styled "betters" in the coastal cities don't really understand what makes a technological economy go. They think that electricity magically comes from a socket in the wall, do not concern themselves with the facts and figures of it (in fact, many of them are intellectually incapable of understanding) and so they think that windmills and solar panels are perfectly acceptable replacements for nuclear reactors and coal boilers. They think this mainly because they've never had to make sure the arc furnace, that makes the steel used to build their cars, has enough power actually to function. ("'Arc furnace'? Wasn't that the doohickey in Iron Man's chest?" No, you imbecile.)

I say that many of them are intellectually incapable of understanding the economics of power supply because, well, they are. Do you think John Travolta understands just how difficult it is to generate electricity by the megawatt and distribute it? Or do you think he believes it to be a trivial exercise? John Travolta is not egregiously stupid, because his main hobby seems to be flying his own aircraft, but notice please that he is not designing and building aircraft; he merely buys them from a manufacturer and flies them according to the manuals, which were written by people who actually know how to develop safe handling procedures for jet aircraft. In this, John Travolta is therefore merely a competent technician.

And I'll wager that he pays someone to maintain those aircraft for him, someone who has a lot of education surrounding the maintenance of jet aircraft--not a trivial matter.

Leonardo DiCaprio is another left-wing ecology freak. What does he know about the generation of electrical power? What does he know about the economic consequences of mandating a rapid shift from gasoline to electric cars? Again, I'd bet the sum total of his knowledge of the matter is that he went to Europe and saw all the charging stations and thought, "America should do that!"

That kind of leads us to "A", too. Let's face it: our so-called "elites" are getting inbred. It's only been two or three generations, and look at them! They're idiots. They get degrees from ivy league universities but they come out of the places not knowing anything.

Letter "D"-- I was thinking, this morning, about the whole "education pod" thing, and wondering if that will ever really take off or not. I'd like it to. I don't think the socialized educational system can stop it, not everywhere. Colleges are proving themselves unnecessary, too. As I've said before, if I ever had a kid, I'd strongly urge him or her to take up a trade rather than going to college, just because it's more money, and it's immediate: you start earning a living as soon as you secure an apprenticeship, and you don't end up in debt to your eyeballs to boot.

The simple fact is, though, that when our "elites" disparage those of us that "can do" as uneducated louts who can't walk and chew gum at the same time, they are forgetting that they need us a hell of a lot more than we need them.

In fact--they need us, because without us their lives become a lot harder, if not impossible...but without them, we do not suffer at all. They'd do well to remember that...if they can stop sneering at us long enough to think about it.

There will be a dislocation. We might have avoided it, if the democrats weren't so arrogant to believe they can make work what hundreds of others have failed at doing; even as recently as January 20th we might have avoided the crash that is coming. But now? No. We're going to have some really "interesting times". But at the end of it?

I think Sarah Hoyt is right; we have a constitutional republic again.

I hope she's right.

* * *

Today was an irritating day. I have one more chore to do, and then I'm going to relax as much as I can before bedtime.

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