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#7542: No more water

When I got up this morning, there was absolutely no water dripping from the window. This evening, it's completely dry, too, even though temps were flirting with 30 today, which is 10 degrees warmer than it ever got yesterday.

I guess knocking away the icicles did it.

Even so, I spent about half an hour chipping away at the ice dam with a hammer and chisel, clearing a 5-foot section above the window. For good measure, I knocked the queue of 5-foot icicles from the back of the house, after taking a picture of them.

The longest one got stuck in the middle of the mound of snow on the patio table, like a single candle on a birthday cake. Heh.

I was able to get the big snowblower from the front of the garage to its back door with a minimum of effort, and clear a path from there to the back door of the house, so I didn't have to slog through knee-deep snow while carrying the ladder. My garage may not look the neatest, but at least there's some room in it. I did have to move the Mustang back about 5 feet to make clearance, but that was pretty trivial.

* * *

So, if you want to understand the root cause of the eco-disaster taking place in Texas, look no further than the NOAA forecast for this winter. It's the same forecast, but for some specifics, they make every year, because NOAA is all-in on "global warming". After all, do their temperature datasets not show that every year is at least as warm, if not warmer, than previous years? That there has been no year which has been colder for...welll....a good long time?

That the warming they claim has been "fortified" into those data is, of course, a process called "normalizing". What? No, you don't need the raw data. Get away from that...hey! Can't you understand? Raw data is too complicated for you idiots--

Though they are unable to predict the weather for the next six months, these people expect us to believe they can predict the climate for the next century.

So when January was bitter cold, they claimed that extra-warm temperatures in February would cause the average to rise precipitously, just like the global temperature will if you don't devote your life to freezing in the dark.

Of course, that's what Texas is doing right now, since 25% of their electricity is generated by windmills. Or, not, actually, as the case may be right now, since a frozen windmill just stands there looking stupid. Which is pretty much the function of NOAA, come to think of it.

73% of the US is covered with snow. That's the most since 2003, which is as far back as the database goes for that figure. The really entertaining thing about that is how, twenty years ago, these same fools confidently predicted that snow would about two decades. Now, in other words.

Like all doomsayers, their predictions were...faulty.

* * *

Autoplay warning but "Plugs" Biden said that the Uighur genocide is part of Chinese culture.

* * *

The Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan continues to follow the communist playbook to a T. Pritzker continues to blame republicans for all the state's financial woes, despite the fact that republicans haven't been able to do a damned thing against the democrat machine since...when? Rauner? No, before that.
Republicans have been unable to pass or block a single thing of any consequence during the Pritzker Administration because Pritzker's party has held a supermajority in the General Assembly for years. Nor do Republicans hold even one statewide office. He has faced no political obstacle from those he excoriated.
But they sure as hell make a great whipping boy, don't they?

On the plus side, today Mike Madigan announced that he was resigning. While it's mostly for the sake of appearances, it's just the tiniest win for the forces of democracy. I mean, he's still going to be able to tell people what to do, because I doubt that anyone who follows him will have such a squeaky clean past that there is no blackmail material, but at least there's an extra layer of complexity.

* * *

So, prepare for the government to change what counts as "employment" really soon. Remember how I predicted that unemployment would be below 8% just in time for Obama's re-election? And it was? This is the same thing, only writ larger. You'll notice that I haven't talked about unemployment numbers much since then, because the numbers are garbage. They were still garbage during the Trump administration when the economy was roaring along at "full employment", which is defined as U3 running somewhere near four percent.

There's a whole bunch of different types of unemployment, all of which are either temporary or permanent for sound economic reasons, and which do not have a deleterious effect on the economy. That figure is something like that four percent I just mentioned, and it includes people who are disabled, people who are sick and who will return to work, people who are out of work at the moment but who are going to be employed soon, seasonal workers who are not working now but will be when spring starts, and so forth. So when U3 falls far enough that only those people are unemployed, it's considered "full employment".

During Trump's term--especially in 2019--the unemployment statistics were banging against that number like a rev limiter in a high-performance engine, but I never discussed it because (as far as I know) the appropriate three-letter agency had not changed its methods after Obama left. I would have expected the press to scream about Trump changing the rules "to make himself look good" if there had been any change in the way jobs are counted--even if the rules made it harder for him to look good, even if he just reverted to the pre-Obama methods--and I didn't hear any of that. And so, apples to apples, Trump's economy was a hell of a lot better than Obama's...but the numbers weren't accurate. That wasn't Trump; that was the career bureaucrats.

The Chinavirus idiocy, of course, did for that. That was the whole point of it, at least partly; voters always vote their pocketbooks and if the economy was in the shitter, they'd vote democrat, right? So let's lock down the whole fucking country! "Two weeks to slow the spread!" but those two weeks stretched into nearly a year, now. Two weeks would have been bad enough without the stimulus, and the increased unemployment insurance, and the other things, but of course the results of the lockdown have been so politically useful to the democrats that they continue even now that their puppet inhabits the White House. Besides, the policy has led to rich democrats getting a hell of a lot richer, at the expense of, oh, everyone else--but they're just proles, so who cares what happens to them?

And when you're in charge, you can just "fortify" the employment and economic numbers to say whatever you want them to say. Who's going to challenge them? The press? Don't make me laugh.

* * *

Over at the new Liberty's Torch, Linda Fox touches on something I've been known to discuss from time to time: conservatism on television.

She starts with that all-time favorite of mine: All in the Family. She presents shows and the "conservative" character--or characteristic--in a bullet list, saying this to set it up. "Interestingly, many of the most popular shows had a character that supported traditional values--and, many of those characters became the heart and soul of the shows:"

The thing about Archie Bunker is, the character was played for laughs. He was never supposed to be a sympathetic character; he was supposed to be the foil against which all the other characters played their type. Meathead, Gloria, even his wife, were all sympathetic characters; but Archie was portrayed as an angry bigot.

Before the bullet list she talks about Family Ties and Michael J. Fox's big role. Alex Keaton was another right-wing caricature.

Joan of Arcadia had a very conservative, pro-religion theme. And like these other shows, that was in spite of the politics of the actors in them. The singular thing about JoA is that it never, never, ever took a political stand. I have no idea how any of the characters in the show would vote, except for Grace Polk...and Grace's political activism was portrayed as "typical teenage rebellion" and not wisdom for the ages. (There's a scene in the second season where Luke goes to a political group meeting that Grace wanted them to attend on "date night"...and all the girls there wore the same kind of clothing and looked exactly like Grace.)

But this one line is, I think, a salient observation, buried in the middle of the post: "One major plus is that the Left, as represented by Biden-Harris, their administrative team, and the Congressional leadership, appear to be bumbling boobs. Incompetent. Completely blind to the optics of their message."

It's not just now, either. For the four glorious years of President Trump's (first!) term, they were completely blind to the optics of their efforts to unseat him, ignorant of the fact that your shit doesn't work any longer. They've gone at least a dozen times too often to the well; the American people have seen through them.

If they think that the "fortified" election will quietly pass into history, I'm not sure what to say. I don't think it will; the people will remember this. I don't know what they'll do about it, but I know they'll remember it. That is, in fact, why I keep saying that the 2024 election must not contain any fuckery...and if Trump runs, they will have to do 2020 all over again, and they will not be able to conceal the fuckery. That's why they've been trying so hard to find a way to ban Trump from running.

* * *

"As the human rights situation continues to deteriorate in the United States, it is becoming apparent to the world that Trump supporters are a repressed group in Biden’s America." Russia is saying this. Russia.

Of course Russia is not the Soviet Union, particularly not in 2021, but if you're a child of the Cold War, this shit just makes your head spin.

* * *

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is the new Aquaman cartoon. People spent money to produce this.


* * *

Biden campaigned on student loan debt relief, but it's no surprise that he's abandoning that campaign promise now. Biden's one of the main reasons we have a student debt problem in the first place. Considering that the democrats are the party of Big Business, especially Big Finance, of course Biden's not actually going to push for student loan forgiveness.

* * *

Oh, it wasn't the windmills that are the problem, oh no! They wait until the 12th paragraph even to mention windmills, and they say this:
Wind turbines iced up and stopped generating, cutting into the grid contribution of renewable power. But wind (and solar) don't produce as much power during the Texas winter under normal circumstances, so the loss of some capacity there wasn't as much of a problem as it might have been in summer; they weren't expected to produce much anyway.
And that is bullshit. Remember I said the other day, quoting a better article on this issue than the pile of manure emitted by Arse Technica I just linked to, "Texas has more wind turbines and more wind-generated megawatts than any other state,..."

Texas relies on wind power for a good chunk of its electricity. And the windmills froze. And so electricity is currently so expensive that it costs $900 to charge a Tesla, and you can't even get the full range from that charge because the battery pack has to keep itself warm, which takes power.

The really short-sighted thing about all this is that windmills are, as I said, an excessively shitty way to generate power. They're unreliable--worse, they are prone to failure exactly at the moments they are most needed!--and I think this episode has demonstrated that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

* * *

Cause and effect: because superstitious people exterminated cats, Europe had the bubonic plague. That's really the long and short of it. Rats carry the fleas that carry yrsinia pestis, and cats kill and eat the rats. If there are no (or very few) cats, rats flourish. Then people get the plague.

Cats are nice animals; they are not satanic. That much is proven by the fact that if you have cats around, you don't have the vermin that spread disease.

* * *

Ahh, this is why the left loves Fauci so much.
The revelation that gay men were visiting gay bath houses for the purpose of anonymous, often unprotected sex with other men provoked many cities and states to ban gay bath houses. Gay activists, both at the time and still today, considered this a civil rights violation.
And that, my friends, is why AIDS killed so many homosexuals.

If we had reacted to AIDS the way we reacted to the China virus, don't you think that more homosexual men who were alive in the 1980s would be alive today?

My friend, DB, might still be alive today, too. He wasn't a homosexual; he was a hemophiliac. He got HIV from at least one tainted blood transfusion, which he needed in order to stay alive. That's what killed Ryan White, too; he was also a hemophiliac, and the media turned him into the poster boy for the "heterosexual AIDS epidemic" that was supposedly looming in the wings.

"Gay activists, both at the time and still today, considered this a civil rights violation." And do these self-same gay activists support what was done about the Wuhan virus, which is arguably less lethal than HIV? I'll bet they do.

* * *

Nikki Haley can go scratch. I'm glad Trump won't talk to her. Why should he? She's just going to write what she wants anyway.

* * *

The democrats in congress have introduced another bill of attainder meant to punish Trump for making them feel bad.
House Dems have introduced a bill to ban "twice impeached presidents" from burial at Arlington National Cemetery and federal funds from going to buildings displaying their names or acknowledging their achievements
The funny part is they call it "the no glory for hate act".

It's a bill of attainder because there is only one President who was ever impeached twice. The impeachments against Trump represent half of the impeachments which have ever been issued in this country, and Nancy Pelosi presided over both of those impeachments, because the democrats hate Trump and everything he stands for.

* * *

Anthropology has a really, really big problem. The problem takes the form of Kennewick Man and Naia.

You see, both Ken and Naia are caucasions. Their remains were found in North America, and they date to 9,000 and 12,000 years old, respectively. Which was rather a bit before the arrival of people with the ethnicity some refer to as "indians" and some refer to as "native Americans".

The problem that anthropology, as a field, has, is that the existence of Ken and Naia suggests that there were caucasion people living in North America before indians showed up, and that the indians exterminated the caucasions. And, "It undermines a lot of grievance mongering if Whites were subjected to genocide," Dark Herald says.

There was an indian tribe which claimed Kennewick Man was their ancestor, except that of course Ken was not even remotely their ancestor. They wanted his remains handed over to them on the grounds that because he was their ancestor, they wanted him treated with respect etc, and totally not because modern science might prove he lived on their tribal lands long before they did.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt. How did her blog get removed from the blogroll?
Other things [the leftists] believe: that the biggest problem in the US is white supremacy. That white supremacy can be multiracial (arooo?) That if you're on time to work, are efficient, can read well and know how to do your job, you are a white supremacist.
The list goes on. In the end--because the left ARE racists--they equate whiteness with competence and intellect and the white supremacy they're so scared of is "people doing their job minimally well."
This is 100% truth.

* * *

Well, today was shitty. Not going to go into specifics, but we got some bad news today. The good news is that nothing in our lives is going to change, but in a way, that's actually part of the problem. Which is all I'm going to say about that.

* * *

One day left in the work week, though, and I'm looking forward to Saturday, with a vengeance. This has been a really odd week, and I won't be sorry to see it in the rear-view mirror.

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