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#7545: The windmills froze and the grid went down.

All you have to do is look at the data. Just when demand for electricity was necessarily skyrocketing, the supply of wind power was necessarily cratering.

I've been bandying about the "25%" figure as the amount that Texas generates from wind power, when everything is working. But this article contends that in this particular instance, forty percent of the power being generated and consumed in Texas over the past several weeks (prior to the flap) was generated by windmills.

When you really dig into the chart, you can see that the 40% figure really represents an average, because the windmill power curve is excessively noisy--it's not even remotely consistent and the spikes go as high as 55%. The chart makes plain why natural gas must back up wind power, because wind power is unreliable even in the best-case scenario, and you cannot run an industrialized nation on "Well, we might have enough power next week."

The data makes plain the fact that when the windmills failed, natural gas took up the slack--but demand for electricity in Texas outstripped what the natural gas plants could supply. The windmills were expected to provide forty percent of the power that the state needed, but just when the state needed every last kilowatt-hour it could muster, 25% of its installed generating capacity, but 40% of its expected winter supply--quite literally froze.

If the windmills hadn't frozen, the grid collapse would not have happened. The loss of a good 30% of their expected supply is what ruined them.

Windmills are a shitty way to generate power. If you don't believe that, I invite you to look at the history of power technology, because it quite clearly shows that windmills are what people used when they had absolutely no other alternative, and they were abandoned the instant they had any other option at all.

* * *

Did you see the thing about the Koca Kola Korporation's new internal training? "Try to be less white."

No, here's an idea: you racist asshats can go fuck yourselves.

* * *

Having positioned himself as an alternative to Trump, Andrew Cuomo must now be destroyed lest he upset democrat orthodoxy. At present, the democrats are planning to prop up Biden until he's served a bit more than two years, and then they're going to use 25th Amendment to kick him out and install Kommie Harris. If she serves less than two years, then the Constitution allows her to be elected to the office twice. The commentariat says that gives her "ten years" in office, but considering how Biden is already not calling the shots, I'd say it's much closer to twelve.

Not that it matters, considering that future elections will be "fortified". We'll never see another republican in the White House, nor will we see another republican majority in the legislature. And as soon as they can manage it, the supreme court will be packed with 896 marxist first-year law students from Harvard and Yale, to ensure that the court never overturns a democrat diktat.

The problem with Cuomo is that everyone was talking about how much better he was at Chinavirus than Trump (he wasn't) and that could translate into him running for the presidency. So as naturally as rain wets the ground it falls on, Cuomo's political fortunes are now being truncated so that he doesn't get uppity, now that the convenient bludgeon they were trying to use on Trump (it didn't work) is no longer needed. (Don't bet on it.)

The last thing the democrats want is a primary fight, because that would split the party, and people who didn't get their way would stay home, and then we're right back to major and obvious election "fortification" in order to secure the White House for another four years. Which, as I said, they cannot afford to do, two elections in a row, because it's going to take them a lot longer than four years to confiscate however many hundreds of millions of firearms there are in private hands in America.

If they can disarm the populace (they can't, but they think they can) then after that they can do what they want...but while the American people have more guns than all its armed forces combined, they know that they can be deposed. That is the entire reason for the Second Amendment.

So 2024 must not have the wholesale, obvious fuckery that went on in 2020. With their total control over the mainstream media the American left can dismiss one "fortified" election, at present they cannot dismiss two, particularly not two in a row. If a semi-competent candidate arises to challenge Kommie Harris, the difference in desirability will be obvious, and the democrat vote will split. Whoever runs on the republican side will have an easier time of it. Particularly because Trump simply will not go away, no matter what the democrats have tried, there is then a real danger that the republican could win--and to prevent that, a repeat of 2020, and that makes it bleeding obvious who the democrats are, and they can't spin it away...and hoo boy.

And so, no challenge will be permitted. Period.

That Cuomo handed them such a massive and obvious bludgeon demonstrates his own political unsuitability; but it further demonstrates the epic level of Trump Derangement Syndrome that the democrats have been displaying since, oh, 2015. Instead of making use of the resources that Trump had made available to him--because that might make Trump look good!--he chose to pack Wuhan Flu patients into nursing homes, thus infecting (and killing) whole wards full of the most vulnerable demographic.

In our country's response to the Wuhan Flu, there have been quite a few policy decisions made on the basis of whether or not the results would make President Trump look good...and if they would, then the opposite was done. That this resulted in the needless deaths of tens of thousands of people is irrelevant to our elites and ruling class, of course, because after all it was none of them who was dying.

If Trump gets up and says hydroxychloroquine helps, then it must be touted as dangerous. If Trump supplies your city with a hospital ship, don't use it. If Trump issues policies which help a vaccine get made in record time, well obviously you take the vaccine but you sure as hell don't admit that Trump had anything to do with it, and you do your best to downplay it. Accentuate the lack of available ventilators and scream about how it's Trump's fault you don't have enough, but when he moves mountains to get you the ventilators you need, leave them to collect dust in a warehouse.

All those people who are dying? Omelettes, eggs; you know? I mean, it's not like anyone important is dying, like Nancy Pelosi, right?

The democrats are terrible, terrible people.

* * *

But the democrat prescription--extended lockdowns, going on "one year of two weeks to flatten the curve"--is causing a major problem in New York City. 92% of restaurants cannot pay their leases.

The leftists hate landlords, of course, so they don't see a downside to this. But one commentor sums it up:
92% of restaurants not paying rent now? And 80% not paying since June of last year? The landlords are TOAST. Which means all the people they owed money to have not been getting paid. Which means lots and lots of loans are going to default, if they have not already done so. Which means banks and pension funds and REITS and insurance companies are all taking it in the neck. Which means even MORE demands for bailouts from Uncle Sucker, because the big financials are "too big to fail" and own a lot of politicians. Stick another few trillion on the federal credit card! At this point, what does it matter?
This way lies hyperinflation.

With the democrats securely in power, they will be spending money as only a government can. Hard democrat states, well into the red after decades of democrat mismanagement, will get bailed out, with dollars printed into existence. That's why Biden's "COVID stimulus" is two trillion dollars--there's a lot of bailout money in there for democrat states. Then there's the return of welfare mamas; with each and every child in the nation getting $300 per month from the federal government, approximately in perpetuity, how can it be otherwise?

The democrats love the idea of a universal basic income, because that puts everyone on a government teat, but it's economically impossible without massive industrial automation that we simply do not yet have the technology to accomplish. That it's an economic impossibility is irrelevant; they're going to do it.

And in 2024, when a gallon of gas costs $20 and the candy bar that costs $1.29 today costs $7--and you're still earning about what you earned in 2019--they're going to try to blame it on Trump. Oh, and that $15 minimum wage? Of course it will increase. Right now, in Illinois, an hour's labor at minimum wage buys a bit more than two gallons of gasoline, but when an hour's labor will only buy three-quarters of a gallon? "We need a $50 minimum wage!"

By 2026, a gallon of gas costs $100 and that candy bar is almost $40. 2028, $200 and $100. 2030, $1,000 and $400. 2031, $10,000, 2035, $50,000, 2040, $100,000...and it goes on, getting exponentially worse, until a loaf of bread costs three hundred trillion dollars, but by the time you cash your paycheck and get over to the supermarket the price has risen to five hundred trillion.

* * *

"It amazes me that these blue bubbles have so much political power when inside of them they are all third-world failed states." You and me both, brother.

They have that politican power because they're third-world shitholes, though. Think about it: you have concentrated several million people together in a relatively small area. That area is ruled by a leftist philosophy. The people living there are so used to government taking care of them that they are constitutionally incapable of thinking for themselves. The welfare system is set up so that if they move to someplace else outside of the shithole, they have to re-apply for everything, and it gives them just enough to keep them alive, not enough that they can improve their lives--and in fact that's actively discouraged, both culturally and legally, because to make too much money means a cessation of the free stuff, which they have been inaccurately told is their "right". And these people reliably vote democrat in every election because they've been told that to do otherwise is to stop the flow of the free stuff they have a "right" to.

The democrat aim is to keep these places just ignorant enough, just poor enough, that no one can escape from them, without actually ruining the local economy. That way they are guaranteed a national majority vote in just about every election, and enough seats in congress to make retaining power there relatively simple. Of course, periodically these places erupt, but they've got a militarized police force which can stop the riots whenever they find them inconvenient...which is seldom. Most of the time, riots simply don't happen without the prompting of their "community organizers", because the people in those places largely don't care about anything as long as the free shit keeps coming.

When the free shit can no longer flow, though....

* * *

This is hilarious. If anyone in NYC wants to skate at a couple of rinks currently managed by Trump's corporation, they're in for a rude surprise, because by executive fiat those two rinks are being closed. Because they're run by Trump's corporation.

Trump is a meany-mean-head, so no ice skating for you, people of New York City!


Most of the people living in NYC didn't vote for Trump, so why are you punishing them? This move isn't going to hurt Donald J. Trump, either; I mean, it's not like this is his sole source of income or anything. You're just doing this for obvious and petty reasons. He's not even in the White House any more! You people are morons.

* * *

It is indeed frustrating to see people not learning from history. Koka-Kola's "new" flavor was an epic disaster that ought to resonate through the entire food industry as a shining example of what not to do.

"Hey! We've had the same flavor for a century and we've made billions of dollars selling this stuff. We should change it!"

The real world seldom provides such obvious and clear examples, but this one is the perfect example of "IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT." Koke tried changing their flavor, and the consumer response was immediate and negative, so instead of ceasing production of "new Koke" immediately, they kept it on and simply brought back "Klassik Koke", and let "new Koke" quietly expire some years later. The worst part of all this is that the Koke fiasco wasn't even the first time something like that happened.

Of course, the people who make Budweiser are tons smarter than those idiots at Koke ever were, so they're changing the formula for Budweiser.

With entirely predictable results: the people who buy their product hate it.

* * *

I'll bet you didn't know this. I certainly did not, though in retrospect it's bleeding obvious that both Apple and Googe take a cut of app sales.

If you have an app, and it makes you money, the platform it runs on (iOS or Android) automatically takes some of that money for the parent company.

So this politician got lobbied to introduce a bill to curtail that, and both Googe and Apple have responded in predictable fashion.

"Apple's chief privacy engineer, Erik Neuenschwander, testified that the bill 'threatens to destroy iPhone as you know it.'" I'm trying to figure out the downside, here.

It actually does not threaten any such thing. What it threatens is Apple's income from its phone division, which is an entirely different ball of wax. I don't give a fuck about their bottom line; the American left has managed to accomplish what it tried for decades to do, which is to make the middle class hate big corporations. Unfortunately, it's done so just as the left has taken control of those same corporations.

Big business used to be anathema to the left--recall a few years ago, the "99%" protests--but now we must do everything possible to protect them, because after all who else is going to make our iPhones and electric cars?

* * *

10 gigabits per square millimeter. In 2014 (which is the latest year I could easily find data for) hard drives were at 1.6 Gb/mm3. That was seven years ago, obviously, and while hard drives have been increasing in areal density it appears that flash is increasing faster.

That makes sense, considering that we're reaching the end of what magnetic disks can do, in practical terms, while Moore's Law is still in effect, even though the rate of increase has slowed there, too.

10 Gb/mm3 is 1.25 gigabytes in a square millimeter. That means that the entire contents of my computer's hard drive in 1996 would fit in 2/3 of a square millimeter.

A chip 1 cm on a side is 100 square millimeters, which would store 1000 Gb, or 125 GB. In practice it won't be that much due to overhead and wear leveling and a host of other reasons, but storing 80-100 GB per die is a hell of a lot of data.

* * *

Apparently, if a woman doesn't have sex, she can still get pregnant.

* * *

So far, a quiet Saturday.

I kept waking up last night, and lately I've been having some weird-ass dreams. Friday I woke up from a dream that I'd done some time-traveling, somehow (I think regressive, where I was younger but remembered my adult memories) and I ended up changing history such that I was looking at my Billy Joel's Greatest Hits CD set and saw that nearly all the song titles were different, and more right-wing. ("Goodnight Saigon", for example, had morphed into something like "STFU", which approximates my attitude towards Billy Joel's "I had to go serve my country when I didn't want to!" whiney Boomer schtick.)

The one I woke up from today--I don't even know, now, what was actually going on. A bad guy who was approximately George Soros was paying an insane black man to hack people to death with a machete while he watched, and I happened to be in the same place as his next target. The black guy was wearing a mask but he was yelling at me that he was going to take it off and let me see his face, even though he wasn't particularly planning to kill me.


Anyway, because I was up and down all night, getting three hours of sleep before waking up and being awake for an hour or so, I'm feeling pretty flat, so I'm going to go get a nap.

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