atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7546: The raised fist is a symbol of genocide

Sarah Hoyt includes a poem about the symbolism of the upraised fist, and this is savage:
Without you we'd never guess
That we're supposed to be killed in batch lots
Such as in China, Russia, Cambodia, Korea
We'd never have guessed we’re supposed
To be ruled by petty insane dictators
Such as in China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea
And we certainly wouldn't understand
That being brown or having off-beat sexual lives
We were meant to starve
Such as in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea
I'm not a poetry man (despite some reports to the contrary from my high school years) but this poem she wrote quite neatly explains what that upraised fist means: a century of horror and genocide.

And by the way, Joe Biden thinks "people of color" are too stupid to know how to use computers. In this he is 100% on board with the democrat party and the left wing, all of whom think the minorities are hopelessly inept and can succeed only if the left helps them. Of course the left doesn't help them, but makes sure to maintain them on a plantation of handouts and low expectations in order to farm their votes.

Intrepid Reporter says it best: "As long as they have the whip in their hot lil hands, they be good with doing and saying some cray-cray shit that'd get a Right-Winger practically crucified for saying and or doing." Because it's never racist when a democrat is a member of the KKK, but it's decidedly racist when a republican pushes for lower taxes.

* * *

Read this all the way to the end to understand what happened in Texas.

...and also, bear in mind that all the disaster mentioned in that story is a feature to the democrat party, not a bug. They believe there are too many of us as it is.

* * *

Well, it's Saturday night and I've got nothing I really feel like doing. Played a bit of WoW earlier today, and had a nap already, and we went shopping and had dinner. There's a sinkful of dishes to take care of but I don't feel like it right now.

Well, it's February. What do you expect?

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