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#7551: Of course there are no cases--as long as you don't count them.

So, over in England, they saw no cases of the flu this past year, leading them to conclude that if we all wear masks all the time, no one will ever get the flu again.

Ha! Ha! No.

What happened is that you limeys counted all the cases of flu as "Wuhan Flu". There have been relatively few cases of influenza over the past eleven months because most of them were called "COVID".

* * *

You know, over the years I've made jokes about stupidity burning but today I actually experienced it.

That article on how we should have solar powered tanks--battle tanks, the big heavy machines with armor plating and bug gun turrets. SOLAR. POWERED.

Someone at the article Borepatch links does the rough estimate and sums it up:
an M1 tank gets 0.6 mpg. A gallon of diesel contains ~ 40 kWh of energy. A solar panel puts out ~ 1 kWh per day. A solar panel is about 17 sq. ft. You MIGHT fit four of them on an M1 tank without impairing the weapons and sensors. Then you'd need four Tesla Powerwall batteries, weight half a ton. With that setup, every ten days you could move your tank 0.6 miles...
Emphasis mine, and by the way, that tank is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for those ten days.

The stupid, it really burns. I never realized.

* * *

Why do businesses exist? This post is a good explanation what businesses are supposed to do, in a world that isn't run by clowns.

Read a story today about how the BATFE have decided to retroactively classify all examples of a certain gun as a "machine gun", making it a federal felony for you to have bought it and owned it all these years. They are being nice to you and giving you a grace period to send the gun back to the manufacturer in order for it to be destroyed.

And what was this based on? Was there a mechanical defect which allowed the gun to become full auto? Was there something else going on like maybe a super-secret puzzle-box way to enable full-auto on an unmodified gun?

Oh no. What happened is that some dim bulb at BATFE put the bolt from the automatic version of the gun into the non-auto version. Mind you, he had to use a hammer to make it fit, but once he'd forced the non-fitting part into the gun, damaging several parts of it, it was able to fire a bullet, so of course that made it a machine gun!

They're taking incompatible parts and forcing them together in ways they were not made to go, thus reducing a perfectly functional semi-automatic firearm into a gun that will fire a single round, once. But because the part that they hammered into place is from a machine gun, that makes the previously-approved semi-auto gun into a machine gun, and it's therefore illegal.

Mind you, this is not something anyone would actually do, unless he was a total maniac. If you're going to make an illegal modification to your semiauto firearm so that it's a machine gun, you're going to do it in such a way that it can fire more than one bullet without having to be disassembled and hammered back together again. I mean, the idea behind that process is to be able to fire several bullets with each pull of the trigger.

And even then--even assuming someone mentally competent enough to own a gun like that would do this--the existence of the modification does not make the unmodified gun into a machine gun.

Okay, if I go buy a cast-iron skillet, I have a cast-iron skillet that needs to be seasoned and cared for the way you do for that kind of cookware. If my neighbor goes out and buys exactly the same skillet but teflon-coats his, that does not make my skillet into a "non-stick" skillet. Not even theoretically.

So this story (which was on Fatzboob and has now disappeared) is merely an example of the BATFE overstepping its authority by a huge margin. But you see, this is how they can get semiauto firearms out of the hands of the people.

Understand, a semiautomatic firearm is basically a de-rated automatic weapon. The trigger mechanism for a machine gun typically has a fire selector with three or four settings: safe, 1 shot per pull of the trigger, and full automatic. Some will have "burst" mode, where the gun fires 2-3-4 rounds per pull of the trigger.

The semiautomatic version will have two settings: SAFE and FIRE. In the latter position, it fires a round each time you pull the trigger. In the United States, it is illegal to modify that weapon in any way that results in it firing more than one round per pull of the trigger. But it can be done; someone who is reasonably competent in gunsmithing can make the select-fire trigger group out of scrap metal, using some files and maybe a Dremel tool if he's really determined. He risks a long term in the federal pokey if he does, but he can do it.

So if they can make this horseshit stick, then the BATFE can retroactively declare that any semiauto firearm is a "machine gun", even if they previously approved it for sale, and there's not a damned thing anyone can do about it.

As you can see, American firearms law is going to be fortified.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt patiently explains to us why the left is doing what it's doing. And why they'll fail.

* * *

Well, Mrs. Fungus and I took Twigs and Maki to the vet this evening. They both needed shots and a check-up. They're both perfectly healthy.

* * *

So it's Thursday night, which is something of a relief. I hope tomorrow isn't any more frustrating than today was.

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