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#7552: They just can't help themselves

This rather neatly sums up my opinions of all our sitting politicians.
In light of their amorality; their shameless self-indulgence; and a complete inability to rein in their warped and self-destructive sexual gluttony, it's all too apparent that there's something profoundly haywire in America's professional-politician class. With few exceptions, these irredeemable rotters are without question the lowest-order scoundrels in all existence. No decent, sensible person would trust them to be left alone with the family dog for five minutes.
That's pretty much it.

* * *

There's a pizza-box-sized solar panel orbiting the Earth; everyone panic.

* * *

925 cases of the flu in America this year. 38 million in America last year. Because COVID-19 is the flu.

* * *

The press really doesn't like it when you challenge them, especially if you use their own methods on them.

* * *

This is satire, well executed.

It's really getting kind of difficult, though. The FBI is investigating the theft of two dogs from a useless extrusion to determine if it was a politically-motivated crime committed by "right wing white supremecists". The useless extrusion itself offered a $500,000 reward for the return of the dogs "no questions asked". The employee who was out walking the dogs--bah, he's a prole, and there are millions of them, right?

And as he points out:
"Dognapping" is not a Federal crime. Theft is a local crime. (So is attempted murder, of course, but the dog walker who got shot was named "Ryan Fischer," so, you know, obviously White, so fuck that guy, right "law enforcement" peeps?). But the Feeb is jumping right in, because Gaga sang at "President" Biden's "inauguration," and thus the crime might be politically motivated. Or so they say, despite the fact that the suspects are two Black guys, so, you know, obviously White Supremacists...
You have to realize that there are "people of color" who are nonetheless white supremacists, because how else can you explain black people who voted for Trump?

* * *

I'm starting to think that the best course of action now is to let it all come tumbling down as quickly as possible. Hyperinflate the dollar, let the social order break down, wreck the world economy, all of it.

Here's the funny thing: America is the economic engine that powers the world. If America stops working, then a lot of the world stops working along with it.

Example: who buys oil from the middle east? Under Trump we were a net exporter of oil but we still bought oil from the middle east, because it's "light, sweet" crude, unlike the "halfway to tar" stuff we're extracting from shale and oil sands. It's just that we exported more oil than we imported; that's what "net exporter" means. But if America stops, the price of oil on the world market craters, and the oil producing countries of the middle east suffer the worst.

Who buys all that stuff from China? The US does. What happens in China if America stops buying Chinese goods? I don't think the commies have thought that one through all the way; I think they believe that they can weaken America on the sly (by funding insane democrats) without simultaneously weakening the nation's economic engine. And if the flow of money stops, do the Chinese people riot? The Peoples' Liberation Army is not big enough to stop the entire country if they get really angry and rise up; can the communists remain in power if their populace decides they've had enough?

Who pays the bills for NATO? Who maintains some modicum of safety on the high seas? Who comes to the rescue when there's a natural disaster somewhere, without expecting any kind of payment?

A lot of the people who have historically complained about America are not going to like it if China takes our place. But China won't be able to handle it, won't be able to command the respect and admiration that America had for such a long time, and even if they did manage to replace the US, it would not last.

I don't think they can do what they think they can do.

Meanwhile, here in the US, the sooner the current regime collapses, the sooner we can be rid of it.

* * *

As for me, I had a really tiring day, and all I want to do now is get a nap.

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