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#7554: That's not exactly an outlandish prediction.

"Biden decision to kill Keystone XL could spell disaster down the tracks". Because the oil will move, regardless of what the econazis want. Shutting down Keystone did not prevent the movement of oil; it merely made it a lot more inconvenient and risky.

We do a lot more--a hell of a lot more--with oil than just burn it. Crude oil is a mixture of thousands of organic compounds, and a great many of them are extremely useful as the raw materials to make an incredible--mind-boggling--panoply of plastics, adhesives, lubricants, solvents, surfactants, and a whole bunch of stuff I'm not able to include because I know extremely little about organic chemistry, but believe me when I tell you that without oil, it's not just our cars that stop working. Even if you used the Infinity Gauntlet to magically change all cars to electric, and fixed the grid so it could support it, we would still need Keystone XL for everything else we use crude oil to make.

So, the oil will move--regardless of the econazis' best efforts--and all they're doing is making it more expensive, more dirty, and more dangerous to the environment to move that oil. If they were capable of thinking clearly about the subject they might even understand that, but they're safety-wired to "stupid", so they won't.

* * *

The one thing I accomplished this weekend was to wash the dishes. End of list.

However, Jeep rather abruptly stopped all of its weird electrical behavior. I noticed this on my way to the store to pick up a few sundries, including supplies for dinner. After eating dinner (meatloaf) I went outside and checked the brake lights.



I blew two fuses: the left-side parking light circuit, and the brake light circuit. The former was 10A but got a 15A fuse for the duration; the latter had a 15A (which blew) and should have had a 20A, so it got a 20A. As a bonus I pulled the 10A fuse from the #8 socket (labeled as "not used" in the freaking owner's manual) but which is supposed to be the control circuit for the rear defroster. Pulled the 10A fuse from the rear defroster but that also takes out the power mirrors, and removing it didn't change anything, so I put that one back.

So, another clue, here, is that those two circuits are drawing too much power. The brake light circuit, that I expected, but why the left-hand parking light circuit?

Anyway I left the box of fuses with the puller/tester gizmo in the truck, because I expect I'll need 'em before all this is sorted out.

* * *

And tomorrow is Monday, all too soon.

Still, tomorrow is also the first day of March. Not sure how it can be, and it's probably just wishful thinking, but I've been looking forward to March all month, even though I know to expect winter weather through mid-April at least.

But right now it's going on 9 and I want to play just a little bit of WoW before I go to bed.

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