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#7558: Yeah, I thought that sounded kind of strange.

What if they held an insurrection and nobody came?

Wednesday night Mrs. Fungus was telling me all about how the news said there was going to be a big demonstration in DC and the press was all talking about how the FBI expected "another attack by insurrectionists" because March 4th was originally inauguration day blah blah blah etcetera, and it all sounded like complete horseshit to me because nothing that I've been reading anywhere said a damned thing about anyone going to DC.

Let's face it: DC is basically under martial law; there's a brigade of National Guard in the city. No one with any sense would try to have a demonstration (particularly one where they intended to storm a public building a la 1/6/21) when they're basically surrounded by five thousand soldiers.

So now they're moving the goalposts. It didn't happen on 3/4 because it's gonna happen on 3/20 or maybe 4/15! "Or...maybe a randomly selected day every month until the end of time," Ace says.

The "threat" was somehow proven to be "a mirage". Well, no shit, Sherlock, considering that you asshats made the whole damned thing up.

"The FBI and DHS have issued a joint intel bulletin warning that domestic extremists have discussed plans to 'take control of the U.S. Capitol and remove democratic lawmakers on or about the 4th of March.'" This would be the same FBI and DHS which form the core of the American KGB, so we know about how well we can trust them.

I keep saying it: #DefundFBI.

* * *

What the hell are "womxn"? How do you even pronounce that? "Wo-mex-en"? "Wo-mizn"?

Got to love the self-styled intellectuals who don't even know that the English word for "female person" has an entirely different root word than the English word for "male person".

* * *

Oregon legislature wants the price of everything to "necessarily skyrocket". They want to ban the sale of diesel fuel in the state.

It's like the legislators there don't understand that everything is delivered by truck. Okay? Not just a few things, not some things, but EVERYTHING, including the diesel fuel itself! Further, trucks move stuff that's carried from farther away by trains which--again--run on diesel fuel.

This will prevent the fueling of locomotives and trucks inside the state. The corporations that carry freight within Oregon will have to do something different, and it will cost money to do it, making it cost more to move freight around and thus making everything cost more.


* * *

The democrats will soon have a law that lets them steal elections wherever and whenever they care to.

A question--I've noticed that all the prominent democrat politicians always have an asian person with them. Are those their Chinese "handlers"?

* * *

If it helps, just think of it as evolution in action. Better-adapted organisms outcompete poorly-adapted ones.
Firstly, Sagan, much as I like a lot of what he did, was wrong about the microbes. If there are Martian microbes...great, wonderful, huzzah. If they do not pose a threat to terrestrial life--and they probably wouldn't--then the proper place for them in the future is in the Marsopolis Public Zoo And Museum. Life on Mars had its shot. The planet is dying, if not already dead; if Mars is to become a living world, it will be because humans do it. Microbes do not have rights; they certainly do not have the right to Mars that even *rabbits* do.
This is exactly so.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus has been buying soothing CDs to help her sleep. To help with this, I put the boom box by the bed and turn it on for her when I tuck her in for the night. The best one is about sixty minutes of waves crashing on a beach, but she got some other meditation ones that she occasionally asks for.

Today, she got a CD of music with whale noises. *whimper*

I can't stand whale noises. No, let me amend that: whale noises are fine in the right place, but what I can't stand is when they're mixed with music. The one song I absolutely won't listen to on ELO's tour-de-force double album Out Of The Blue is "The Whale"...because it's whale noises with music.

I got my first copy of that album set in 1981, so that tells you how long I have hated music with whale noises. It did not get better during the "new age music" phase; even when I listened to WNUA exclusively, the few times they ran "whale noise with music" I would turn it right the fuck off.

My wife accused me of never having listened to it. *sigh* The thing is, I've heard entirely too much of it already, and do not care to hear more.

...which is why I'm still up at 12:30 AM on a work night; I don't want to hear it.
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