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#7561: Busy, though pleasant

Sunday, I changed the oil in Mrs. Fungus' car, assembled a new cat tree, and--spur of the moment--decided to bake Irish Soda Bread. Then washed the dishes.

Used this recipe but don't know how it turned out; it's still baking. I didn't have buttermilk, currants, or caraway seed; I used whole milk (and added extra butter and YES I KNOW THAT'S NOT WHAT BUTTERMILK IS but the extra butter should have added more fat to the mix) and raisins instead.

Oh, it just came out of the oven; it looks and smells good.

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus went to the store after I changed the oil in her car, so we've got a few necessary things like soap. We normally use Irisn Spring but were out of it, and had to use a bar of our emegency soap, which is this variety of Dove soap that leaves me feeling slimy, as if I were showering somewhere with soft water.

No idea what dinner will be tonight, yet, but that's okay. We talked a little about having a pizza delivered, which would be fine by me.

* * *

This is 2021, and I only just realized that I passed right by the 10th anniversary of Mom's death (in December of last year) without noticing. And that's actually a good thing. Let's face it: you shouldn't forget your family after they're gone, but their passing should not forever weigh on you like a millstone, either. I'm going to miss Mom for the rest of my life, but she wouldn't want me to wear sackcloth and ashes over her death--not even on its anniversary. Particularly not a decade later.

Of course, Mom was a sensible person. I know there are plenty of people out there who would be devastated if their family didn't mourn them on a continuous basis.

Anyway, whatever it is that Mom's doing right now, I know it's something important and that it brings her joy, and someday (not soon!) I hope to join her (rather than end up, eh, "elsewhere").

* * *

"Ethnomathematics" is a swear word.

* * *

So: what I made isn't as sweet as the stuff from the store, but I can fix that. Raisins are not as tangy as currants, but I can fix that. The caraway seeds may or may not be necessary but--again--I can fix that.

The resulting soda bread is good, even with the modifications I made, so I will definitely be making it again...but first I've got what I made to get through. Heh.

...and having had two slices of it, I am almost having to physically restrain myself from going back for a third. Yeah.

* * *

They want to privatize it but they say it's "funded by all taxpayers". That's not privatizing; that's hiring a private company to manage a public entity.

There's no money in intercity rail. Otherwise, Amtrak would be unnecessary.

* * *

This story about the Texas winter disaster has some interesting bits and pieces in it, but what I really have to wonder about is why houses in Texas are not well-insulated.

Look: insulation helps to keep a house cool inside as well as it does help to keep it warm inside. There's no good reason not to insulate the hell out of a house, no matter what climate it's built in.

* * *

I kind of suspect that the media is going to be really disappointed about Trump's tax returns. They spent so much time trying to get them, and now they have them...and there's nothing there.

Trump didn't want to release his tax forms because it was an invasion of his privacy, but the media were positive he fought their release because he was hiding perfidy or something. After all, that's what the democrat-media complex does; cheat like hell and hide the evidence, and they project like crazy, so they figured he was just trying to protect his ass. Hence they said, "Ooooh, we're gonna get this tax forms and then we'll get HIM!"

But now it sounds as if the media is trying to soft-pedal that attitude.

* * *

The Equality Act: great news for perverts! All you have to do is to say, "I identify as a woman and how dare you misgender me!" and you can go into the womens' bathroom! Or the little girls' bathroom at the elementary school, or the womens' locker room at the health club, or--

* * *

So, not enough enchiladas leftover from last night to have for dinner tonight. I'm starting to get hungry but I don't want to eat another piece of Irish soda bread, at least not by itself.

What do? *sigh*

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