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#7562: BLUE ANON

The left HATES the term.

They really, really hate it a lot.

So, for example, the goofball sitting on the Capitol steps some 400 yards behind a fence guarded by National Guard: a Blue Anon.

Some other Blue Anon conspiracy theories. The Steele Dossier: Blue Anon!

* * *

So, masks might have prevented as much as 1.32% of COVID cases. Thrillsville.

And also? "The CDC reports that influenza cases in the United States have dropped to almost zero in the 2020-2021 flu season, down from 56 MILLION the previous year." That's because the Wuhan Flu IS THIS YEAR'S FLU.

* * *

Don't worry, the lawsuits against Biden will be dropped. Gas has hit $3 per gallon in the Fungal Vale, a mere six weeks and two days after Biden was installed.

If Donald Trump had issued that exact same executive order, the leftists would have sued in the 9th Circus and had an injunction against it faster than you could say "hypocrisy is an essential feature of leftism." On the grounds that it would dis-employ so many union workers, of course.

* * *

ASTEROID APOPHIS FLYBY: Mark your calendar: April 13, 2029. On that Friday the 13th eight years from now, asteroid 99942 Apophis will fly past Earth so close you can see it with your naked eye. No, it won't hit, but you can be excused a frisson of dread watching it pass by.

This month Apophis is making a "pre-flyby" of Earth about 16 million km away, the closest it will be before the big event in 2029. At closest approach on March 5th, Czech amateur astronomer Milan Antos photographed the asteroid in the constellation Hydra:

"The many streaks are geosynchronous satellites, which swarmed by just as I was photographing the asteroid," he explains.

If your telescope is moving so that the stars are not streaks in the image, then geosynchronous satellites also ought not to be streaks. The whole point behind a geosynchronous satellite is that it is synchronous with the geo, you know? In other words, orbits the Earth such that it remains approximately motionless over one hemisphere.

Thanks to the fact that no physical system can be perfect, I'd expect there to be some small motion. Instead of being a perfectly round dot, I'd expect geosynchronous satellites to be oblongs or short lines or little circles or something, depending on the length of the exposure. But long lines that cross the width of the field of view? No.

* * *

If you are a woman and you show that much cleavage, expect people to comment about it. Especially other women:
"What was genuinely dreadful was that most of the comments were from women, saying rude things and tagging their friends.

"I was always taught that women should support women, so to see the harsh comments from females was horrible."
I'm not sure what world she grew up in, but it certainly wasn't this one. I'm not sure what the "all-female marketing team" from the restaurant thought they would accomplish, dressing a woman up like that to pose with their food, but as a marketing campaign it was extremely effective, considering how infamous their ad campaign has become.

* * *

This is pretty funny. "Duck Dynasty and the guy in the Chewbacca bikini" HAAA! HAAA!!

* * *

New Little Big song!

* * *

Burned my tongue on leftover chicken enchiladas today. *sigh* A good lunch, even so, followed up with a nice hunk of Irish soda bread.

Did not get a lot done at work today, but I got some things taken care of...including getting the old batteries out of my office. Woohoo!

...the site is being sold to another company and apparently "Der Tag" is April 1, so I have something like three weeks left to enjoy my clean and pleasant office before I get shunted off to the server room or the near off-site or wherever they shunt me. *sigh* Wherever I end up, for damn sure it's not going to be as nice as my current digs, but since the only thing I am actually promised is that I'll have a place to work which is indoors and somewhat climate-controlled, there's not much I can say about it.

I guess I can't really say any more about that, though to be honest I could probably run my mouth at full speed and tell everything I know about it and not be violating any security rules because I know approximately JACK SHIT about the situation.

If I'm ensconced at the near off-site, though, I'll still be close enough to come home for lunch, so what the hey.

* * *

The other thing that's coming with April is building the patio area for the swimming pool.

So there's a machine you can use that strips sod, cuts a nice even flat hunk of turf right out of the ground. I'd like to use one of those to make the excavation for it, because there is no way in hell I can live through digging a 15-foot-square area. Once the excavation is complete, set up the guide lines for depth and such, have a couple cubic yards of sand dumped, and use the wheelbarrow to move it into place. Rent a plate compactor to compact it. Then, a literal truckload of pavers, and I get to arrange them so that we have a neat square.

Getting the sand level will be the hard part, but making a permanent and level spot just off the patio is the entire point of the exercise, so we can set up our pool on a level surface, and have it actually be round, and actually be able to fill it so that we get the depth we've paid for. Bonus points for not having to mow around the pool.

It is going to be a bit of a job, but I'm not too worried about long as the right tools are available. But renting big tools like that means I need a trailer hitch, or more correctly I need a wiring harness for the trailer hitch. Yeah. And I'll probably go buy a little 4x8 trailer from Harbor Freight, something small enough to tilt up on end and tuck into a corner of the garage, so I don't need to rent a trailer to move the rented tool around. *sigh*

If I can't rent the machine to peel the sod off, I'm going to rethink the whole idea. But if I can, then I figure that it will take a few days' worth of work to build a nice little patio. I'm not afraid to move sand in a wheelbarrow and line up bricks and the whole rest of that, but for damn sure I don't want to have to carve up the sod with a freaking shovel. No. I feel like I'm getting chest pains just thinking about it. (I am not actually getting chest pains; that was hyperbole.)


Anyway, Monday evening, blog post ready to go up, and so it's time for some fun.

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