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#7563: I hear there will be good jobs making solar panels....

Apparently Huffington Post is laying off more reporters. Apparently the Canadian newsrooms are being shut down a couple weeks after they filed for union certification.

* * *

Remember "kids in cages"? The Biden administration has a record number of them!
As of Monday, as over 3,200 unaccompanied minors were reported in Border Patrol facilities, with nearly half being held beyond the legal three-day limit, according to CBS News, which added that the Office of Refugee Resettlement only has around 500 beds available near the southern border to handle the influx of children entering US custody.
They're keeping kids locked up in conditions which the left said were inhuman a few years ago, and they're incarcerating them beyond the legal limit of three days without so much as a court appearance! The Biden administration is no better than Hitler!

* * *

The Wuhan Flu vaccine does not prevent infection.

* * *

Illinois cannot pay all the pensions that it owes. $300 billion. Yeesh.

* * *

This is why the democrats must pass that bill federalizing all elections as quickly as possible. I've been saying and saying that the 2024 election must not appear to have all the fuckery of the 2020 election, because if it does, it will be very bad for the democrats.

The people will be watching, and if that election does not appear 100% above-board, there will be hell to pay.

* * *

Today at work I got a whiff of something that really made me ill.

There's this chemical they use, and it smells like a combination of rancid garlic and rust. When I smell it, it feels like rusty 16-penny nails are being driven into my sinuses after having soaked in rotten garlic. It's not enough that it smells bad, but it hurts, too.

Usually it's one whiff and I'm past it; but today it was so strong that it left me with a lingering, sick headache. That was around 11 AM today and I still have the headache, even after eating lunch and then taking these high-zoot headache pills from the first aid cabinet that have aspirin, acetominophen, and caffiene in them.

No one else seems bothered by it so I know it's just me, and further that it's not something dangerous (because if it were, they would have evacuated the plant) but holy crap does that stuff suck. *sigh*

* * *

We had lovely warm weather again today. Of course the climatology idiots are starting to talk about "unusually warm weather!" but there is absolutely nothing abnormal about a few days above sixty degrees in early March. Once this warm spell passes it's going to be cold and dreary and rainy all the way until mid-May.

Still--the weather has me thinking about getting the motorcycle out, and of course the rebuild kit for the starter still sits on my desk since I was going to handle that only after the home improvement chores were done. They never got done, so I still need to do them.

The soffet over the bathtub: the water-resistant spackle I used has not shown the slightest sign of distress from the regular steam baths. I need to sand it smooth and then paint it with "kitchen and bath" paint. But I can't do that on a weeknight, because the paint needs 24 hours to cure.

Bedroom: still not painted. The ceiling is masked, so I just need to sand the spackle, wipe down the walls, and apply two coats of paint.

Cupola: I've got the wood for the trim; it needs to be sanded, then cut to size, assembled, and painted. Once I do that, the whole thing goes together, and the cupola can go up on the housetop.

Water filter: it's been pressure-tested and did not leak, so it's ready to be installed. Actually putting the thing in is a nerve-wracking exercise in cutting the house's water supply line, and I still need some bits and pieces to make it happen.

When I think about it, none of this really requires a lot of work; my big problem is inertia: a body at rest tends to remain at rest. *sigh*

* * *

So anyway, it's Tuesday evening and I have a sick headache.

Although I have made a conscious decision to trust what my boss tells me about the sale of the plant, and to have faith that I am being told the truth, I can't help worrying about it. The real issue here is that no one knows a damned thing.

With 3 weeks and 2 days before Der Tag, I've heard nothing about what my role is going to be, nor where I'm going to be sitting, nor what I'll have to do. My boss' explanations to me are based on her experience, not (she says) on any information that she happens to have.

I just have this mental image of me having to scramble to move things to the near off-site in a handful of days, when a little advanced notice would make it a lot easier. I have another mental image of the infrastructure guy telling me, "You can either stay here and take a pay cut, or be unemployed," although strictly speaking that's not really his decision to make (and he's stressed repeatedly that he's not my boss).

The real nightmare scenario is having to work out of the server room at the current site, and try to keep happy someone who has no buy-in to me doing the on-site support there because his company is not paying my salary, even indirectly, and who has kicked me out of my office so he could have it, and who views me as useless and annoying.

Meanwhile, though, my boss has said that I still have a job and that the most likely scenario is for me to move to the near off-site (which would then become my main site). My employer is contractually required to provide an on-site service tech for these locations, and I'm the one in that job.

And I just got a raise.

...but I'm still going to worry. I can't help it.

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