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#7567: "No amount of money".

"There is no amount of money in the world that can take the place of the pain and the suffering that was caused emotionally, that was caused psychologically." So black activists are admitting that reparations will be a permanent endowment for black people rather than a one-time payment. To be honest, if "no amount of money" can fix it, I think the best amount to give them is zero.
There is only one rational response to any of this racialist nonsense: Tell them to shove it up their asses, perhaps with this counter-proposal:

1) Give each of them $1 million in cash.
2) And a plane ticket to the African country that most closely matches their genetic make-up.
3) And revoke their American citizenship. So no take-backs.
A million bucks goes a long way in Africa, if you're smart, and I think that'd be the best solution to the problem. A one-way ticket to their choice of African destinations, a revoked US citizenship, and enough cash to set them up quite nicely at their destination--and no you cannot come back after you've wasted your money.

If you don't want to go, you don't get any money, but you get to keep your US citizenship. That's worth a lot even though all the racial spoils end, including Affirmative Action, and the rest of the leftist racialist machinery. And you never, never, ever get to bitch about what you're owed (on pain of being exiled to Africa without the money).

The thing is, there are no people alive in the United States today who have ever been the chattel property of other people. Chattel slavery ended in the United States in 1862. Further, there are no people alive in the United States today who have ever owned slaves. Paying the free descendents of slaves by taking money from the descendents of people who owned slaves is not justice; it's just a shakedown. And the simple fact is that their "reparations" are being born in the freest and most prosperous society in the history of the world, rather than a third-world shithole which--all else being equal--is where they would have been born if their ancestors hadn't been imported here.

The other thing is, the number of black slaves brought to the United States is dwarfed by the number of white slaves brought over. That's why reparations activists always specify that they are for the descendents of black slaves; if the descendents of white slaves are allowed to get in on it, it would become common knowledge that the blacks are not the only race that was enslaved here, and that completely guts all the racial grievances that the history of slavery currently affords them.

Especially since the descendents of the white slaves are not, as a class, poor and oppressed. People might ask how the descendents of white slaves managed to overcome the "pain and the suffering that was caused emotionally, that was caused psychologically". And it would also be manifest that America was not, after all, built on the backs of black slaves; and that guts the entire argument for reparations in the first place.

* * *

Here is another excuse for blacks to riot: yet another multiple felon resisted arrest and got shot for it. If you grab a police officer's gun and shoot him with it? You're asking to be shot dead. That's not racism; it's self-defense.

* * *

In my 475-page effort, much is made (in one part of the story) about the difference between lawful and unlawful orders, and in fact the commander of a battle group is court martialed for a war crime that resulted from him following an unlawful order.

I'll paraphrase the salient phrase just a bit: "Just following orders" is not a valid excuse to commit treason. In its quest for total power, the American left has managed to blow right past nearly every last safeguard that the Constitution enumerates.

They've got control of the elections; now they're working on purging the military of unreliables (ie people who take seriously their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution) so that they'll control it.

* * *

I really enjoy that part of the story, for some reason. I could probably cut the entire court-martial sequence from the story without harming the overall plot, and according to one school of thought, any time you really like something in a story you've written, that's a glaring sign that you should cut it out.

* * *

Because hypocrisy is essential to leftism, that's why. Also because the left doesn't respect honorable conduct; they think honor is for suckers.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but the left actually loves slavery, and doesn't give a wet fart about "homosexual rights". The former is their endgame for any economy they get control of, and the latter is just a tool they use to help them seize power. Once they're in charge, gays get treated the same way everyone else does: expected to show up for work on time and support the regime, and if they don't, it's the (slave!) labor camps for them.

* * *

Today I woke up early--maybe 5:30, 6 AM? I reached for my phone to check the time and realized that my cell phone was not by the bed, which meant that I had to get up and go get it, or sure as shooting I'd oversleep and be really late for work. How the hell had I forgotten it? I always put my phone by the bed on work nights!

I lay there for a few moments, rueing the necessity of getting out of bed when I was so comfortable. I considered the fact that my wife's alarm is set for 7:30 AM...but no, even though that would keep me from being hours late, if I waited until then, I'd still be really late for work, probably not less than half an hour or so. Steeling myself, I forced myself to full consciousness, and started to shove off the blanket....

...and realized that today was Saturday.

I stopped and considered that, because it seemed too good to be true. I thought it over, realized yesterday was Friday, so yes, today is Saturday, and then error-checked my conclusion. Yeah, yesterday was payday, and I'd paid the early-month bills, and I get paid on Friday; we'd had pizza for dinner, only it had taken a long time to be delivered because Friday night; we'd cleaned up the house a bit because we had a contractor coming today to power-wash the house, arranged for Saturday afternoon.

It was Saturday!

In fact, it was very early on Saturday morning, and my alarm is never set to go off on Saturdays, and I did not, in fact, need to do anything other than close my eyes and go back to sleep. Which I did, most gratefully.

* * *

Really pleasant day today. Seasonable temepratures. The tulips and daffodils have already sprouted, I heard peepers over by the plant, and overall it's pretty obvious that spring is coming.

The other day I had to laugh at the absurd handful of snow remaining in the shadow of one of our bushes. I should have taken a picture of it.

Anyway, the snow's all melted off, and the back yard no longer has standing water in it, and the robins are back. A week to the vernal equinox, and daylight saving time begins tonight.

Seems kind of strange, after the extreme winter weather we had in February.

* * *

Bathroom clock stopped working.

Noticed it during the week, that the second hand was not advancing, just kind of jiggling in place, which is what happens when the batteries are nearly out of juice. So I put new batteries in it today, and it...did nothing.

Ended up taking it nearly all the way apart. It's one of those "atomic" clocks, where it has a control module that runs off a button cell with two AAs to run the movement, and all you have to do is select your time zone and the thing automatically sets the clock. It's goofy for a bunch of reasons (like, it was made before DST was expanded) but with the button cell removed, it keeps time just fine. Or did, anyway.

Clipped the wires running to the movement, was kind of annoyed that powering the movement directly from a battery didn't do anything, but then I realized my mistake. Soldered the wires back in place...and now it was working. WTF.

Reassembled it, and now it's keeping time, just the way you'd expect it to. I don't know what was wrong, but apparently taking it apart and putting it back together fixed it.

I'll take it.

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