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#756: New mouse.

Microsoft "Comfort Optical Mouse 3000", about $20 from work with my discount. Corded mouse, plugs into a USB port.

It has some interesting features. One is the "magnifier" button--you press it, and a box pops up, centered on the mouse cursor, making that part of the screen bigger:

The scroll wheel is a two-axis wheel--you can scroll up and down and, apparently, left and right. I haven't tried that bit yet. works in Netscape, and I expect it probably would work in Word. Not in IrfanView though.

All the buttons are programmable. The magnifier button, for example. That's cool.

Pure optical mouse, no mouse ball to get gunked up. The buttons are light and have good action. We'll see how long it lasts, but for $20, WTF?

* * *

I have another interesting idea for an SF story; this one has a working title of "Quantum Entanglement" and it's about the lead scientist on a big scientific project sometime in the 50th century.

She headed the team which developed an integrated simulation of the universe--of all possible configurations of the universe--which is called the "Microcosm"; it's about a meter across. It could be smaller or larger--its a 3D projection of a pandimensional object, so its apparent geometry could be any size, but that was a convenient size for them to work with.

The story is about her after she returns from a trip into the Microcosm...without most of her memories, and with the memories of a life she led inside the thing. There are a handful of others who were "injected" and retrieved, and they all suffer similar problems.

Gradually she comes to realize that something is not right about her being where she is--and she decidces that the Microcosm must be switched off. That's when things begin to get interesting.

...I will write it; no guarantees that I will post it. (I still haven't posted Methuselah yet. Bad me.)

* * *

Christmas is only a few weeks away! I mean, less than three! WTF! OMG! BBQ!

* * *

There is this stupid animatronic parrot in the toy section. I walked past and they started saying "Hello!" at me. I said, "Shut up! I'll get a bat! Then see how well you talk!"

One of my coworkers said, "I heard that!"

"I can't help it! They're drving me crazy!"

She understood. I think.

* * *

Wednesday morning, after we got about 4-5" of snow, I dragged out the snowblower and fired it up. It worked fairly well, and when I was done with the driveway I took it around back and did the back porch.

Total time spent: 20 minutes.

Once I was done and had put it away, I went inside and asked Mom, "Why did I not get one of those sooner? I mean, why did I not get one of those sooner?"

No backache. No shoveling. The hardest part was getting it out of the morasse of crap in the garage.

I bought the thing at full price, not waiting for a sale...and although I could have saved myself $50 or so by waiting, I DON'T FRICKING CARE. That was money well spent.

* * *

Before I blew off the driveway I made myself breakfast--two strips of bacon, two eggs (scrambled), a bit of cheese on the eggs. A light breakfast, for me. The bacon was a fresh pack, and the first two strips were a bit thin. Once I got them separated in the pan, they were kind of...shredded-looking.

I thought, "That looks like the pig was slaughtered with a--" ...and there was something really funny there, but now I could not think of it for money.

It was an unusual one, too. Not "chainsaw" or "weed-whacker" or "drill press" or even "pile driver"; it was something strange but logical and I could not stop laughing at it.

Damn it. I hate it when I forget t3h ph|_|nny.

* * *

Last autumn, something very unusual happened.

Near here--in Gary, I think--there is a branch of the Confederate Air Force. The CAF has a B-17 that they take various places and show, and give rides in. I think that B-17 spent some time in the Chicago area.

I was sitting at the computer, minding my own business, and I heard what were clearly radial aircraft engines; but while it registered, the significance did not--not even when it went on and on and on.

Finally I twigged to the fact that there was something unusual about the sound of multiple radial engines, that loud, that long, and went to the south window of Dad's old room to look--and lo and behold, there was a very large aircraft up in the sky, heading south, not very high or very fast.

I'm pretty sure it was a B-17.

And dayum, because those are rare freaking airplanes. There are only a handful in existence, and fewer which still fly.

My favorite airplane is still the DC-3, though. I got a chance to look at one, up close, in 1997--it was parked near the FBO of a skydiving place, and as I drove past on I-80, heading to Iowa, I actually made an illegal U-turn, went back to the last exit, and drove to the place to look at it. I spent half an hour just walking around the thing, looking at it; no one asked me what I was doing because I expect they were used to aviation buffs wanting to gaze at a real live DC-3, in the flesh. If I'd had any money (I was going to Iowa for a job interview) I might have asked what it would cost me to see the cockpit, but I wasn't sure who to ask and I didn't want to bother anyone.

That taught me always to take a camera with me when I travel.

* * *

I found a Pretty Cure doujinshi on-line--several of them, actually, but I only looked at one of them.

Hentai doujins can get pretty bad, pretty quickly. This was no exception. In this particular volume, Honoka--a chemistry expert--gave Nagisa some tea with a little added "extra"...and suddenly Nagisa became a "dick girl".

A DG is just what it sounds like: a girl who has suddenly acquired a male member without losing her, eh, "concave orofice". (I suspect my spam post of October 7 of this year may be less surprising. "Grow a obvious member Doris" may be an advert for whatever Honoka gave to Nagisa! Suddenly it all makes sense.)

And yes, when Nagisa sees that she has grown "a obvious member", she yells her catch-phrase: "Arienai!" ("I can't believe it!") What else would she say?

...and Honoka does this on purpose because she's feeling amorous. As of episode 35, anyway, she has no love interest, so I suppose giving Nagisa the DG drug was her next best option. (Once Nagisa's "needs" are taken care of, bloop, she becomes a normal girl once again.)

In Doujin Work, Tsuyuri tells Najimi, "I mainly draw rape manga." The name of Tsuyuri's circle? "Panty Revolution". (Though a bit later we see the name "Necessary Bloomers" on the cover, rather than "Panty Revolution".)

The doujin in Doujin Work aren't the sanitized doujins of Comic Party; they're much more realistic ecchi-hentai-chikan; Najimi has to go buy an ero-game for "research". Her embarassment over researching and drawing H-manga is a major plot point in the series.

There was a several-volume series of Sailor Moon parodii manga, in which Ami (Sailor Mercury) found herself with "a obvious member". Mina--Sailor Venus--found out about it and started helping Ami with her little "problem". It just got worse from there.

When I look at a well-done parody doujin, I usually get a laugh or two out of it. But that's all they're really good for.

* * *

When I was driving home from work this morning, it was anywhere from 3° (in Crete) to 7° (in Orland Park). The trees were covered with rime frost, making them look very pretty. I would have liked to have gotten some pictures, but I didn't have a camera with me other than the rather low-resolution BlurryCam in my cell phone...and that would have been pointless because you wouldn't be able to see the detail or the color. *sigh*

* * *

And it's noon, and I worked hard all night, and I need a shower before bed. Good night/morning/afternoon/wtf-ever.

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