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#7571: I gloat

Dark matter is totally unnecessary as I've been saying for years after seeing an article about how some astronomers tried calculating galactic rotation using General Relativity and found that everything hangs together quite nicely if you account for the mass-energy equivalence.
The main role of dark matter, Ludwig points out in the paper, has historically been to resolve the disparity between astrophysical observations and current theories of gravity. Put simply, if baryonic matter--the form of matter we see around us every day which is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons--is the only form of matter, then there shouldn't be enough gravitational force to prevent galaxies from flying apart.

By disregarding general relativistic corrections to Newtonian gravity arising from mass currents, and by neglecting these mass currents, Ludwig asserts these models also miss significant modifications to rotational curves--the orbital speeds of visible stars and gas plotted against their radial distance from their galaxy's centre. This is because of an effect in general relativity not present in Newton's theory of gravity--frame-dragging or the Lense Thirring effect. This effect arises when a massive rotating object like a star or black hole 'drags' the very fabric of spacetime along with it,...
It's actually a lot simpler than that.

Let's say you have a kilogram of mass. At rest--when it's not moving relative to you--you can measure it with however many zeroes of precision you like, and no matter how many you tack on after the decimal point, it'll be 1.00...0 kilograms.

But start it in motion, and you'll see that mass rise. If it's moving, say, ten miles a second, the change will be way down in the deepest recesses far to the right of the decimal point, but the mass increase due to the mass' velocity will not be zero. And the faster that mass moves, the higher its relativistic mass becomes.

Now, you have to get it moving damned fast before it masses even one milligram more than its rest mass, but we are--after all--talking about a 1 kg mass. When you're talking about most of the mass of the GALAXY, though? Even at the paltry speeds reached by the bits and blobs orbiting the galactic center, that's still a hell of a lot of kinetic energy...and according to E=mc2, energy has mass.

And if you plug that energy back into the mix, you find--shazam!--dark matter isn't necessary to keep the galaxies together. It wasn't necessary either before or after they corrected the thickness of the galactic disk.

I wish I had kept a copy of the article where I saw this pointed out, lo these several decades ago, because it sure would be useful to have handy now.

Phil Plait, the "Bad Astronomer", talked about how wrong Vox Day was. I have never heard 23% bandied about as a number for the amount of the universe that was dark matter. 90%, 95%, even 99%, but never 23%. I used to enjoy reading his site until it became the "all atheism all the time" site.

"5% of the Universe is normal matter and energy. About 23% or so is dark matter."'re missing about seventy-two percent of the universe, there, Phil! What is it? Cottage cheese?

"Dark energy", of course, is what it is.

He goes on to say:
While we don’t know precisely what it’s made of, its existence has been conclusively proven, and it was using scientific methods that proved it (its existence was speculated due to odd motions of galaxies, its impact on observations predicted and then confirmed).
Except its existence has not been conclusively proven. A whole bunch of astronomers and physicists agree that it exists, but concensus isn't proof. They can't point to anything and say, "This is dark matter." They don't even have a clue regarding what it's made of, or how it can be 23-90-95-99% of the universe and yet so thinly spread that we've never managed to see any of it, nor do they have a gap in the Standard Model where it could fit.

I remember that you could derive dark energy from the standard model, but the resulting force was 10120 times too strong. To put that in perspective, a hydrogen atom weighs 1.67x10-27 grams. If you multiply that times 10120, you end up with 1.67x1093 grams. Which is 1.67x1090 kilograms. Which is 1.67x1078 BILLION TONS.

Which is some 2.8x1065 TIMES THE MASS OF THE EARTH. Or 8.35x1059 times the mass of the sun.

That's the magnitude of an error which is 10120 times too strong. That's why dark energy doesn't fit the standard model.

"Dark matter explains gravitational lensing!" Relativistic mass does as well. Relativistic mass isn't a mathematical ghost; it's real--we've observed it--and we don't need to invent weird stuff no one has ever seen or touched or explained in order to make use of it. It does take more math than Newtonian mechanics do, but that's no excuse.

* * *

Oh, you've got to be kidding me! Certainly the Washington Post didn't lie about what Donald Trump said on that phone call to Georgia!

...except I believe they did. Naturally they claim they were misled!
The newspaper's incorrect quotes were attributed to an anonymous source back in December. Audio of Trump's phone call with Watson came about after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis announced a criminal investigation surrounding the former president's aim to overturn the 2020 election results.
Emphasis mine, because I am confident that the Post was very carefully not skeptical about the assertions of this "anonymous source". This is the same paper that changed its motto to "Democracy dies in darkness" after Trump's election, for fuck's sake. Anything they could find that made Trump look bad, they published first and verified afterwards, which was the MO for the entire freaking mainstream media.

They're all nothing but a bunch of Blue Anons, anyway.

* * *

The left always lies, always has lied, always will lie becuase the truth does not support them, and their ideology is nothing but a denial of all that is true and good.

* * *

All Iran needs now is nuclear warheads. And they'll get them, if the democrats have anything to say about it. Why don't they just go ahead and sell American warheads to the Iranians, FFS?

* * *

It's coming: "The biggest tax increase since 1993 but in fact it'll be the biggest tax increase since ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, gas is at $3.20 per gallon in the Fungal Vale. Coming up on 2 months since the installation of the Biden regime.

The other day I passed a gas station that closed during the Obama years, and saw that its sign somehow still showed gas costing nearly $4 a gallon. We'll be back there soon, I thought ruefully.

* * *

Every last one of those is a reason not to accept the vaccine for COVID-19.

* * *

"Washington has become a fortress city, because the ruling class now lives in terror. They are sure an insurrection will happen at any moment and they are probably right."
Look at how casual, almost flippant, is that prophecy of revolution. And be honest: Your reaction to it, like mine, was probably "meh." He's right, you know he's right, and that's all there is to be said. I have, in the space of less than five years, gone from shouting "don't you fools see what you’re doing?!?" to shrugging my shoulders. Yeah, it's pretty likely a lot of people are going to get killed in the 2020s, and probably sooner than later.
How quickly we've gone from a functioning republic to, well, this.

In my SF universe, the big interstellar war with the xenophobic aliens ends, and scarcely more than forty years later, interstellar civilization collapses. When I was working out the canon for all this, forty years didn't seem long enough, but if I wanted the timeline to work, I needed it to be that short. And guess what?

Now I know better.

* * *

Shit like this doesn't help matters one whit. "If you're pouring bleach on food to keep homeless people from eating it...." I'll take "This will not end well" for $500, Alex.

* * *

Where are the cries from the media about "insurrection"? Trick question! The media is perfectly fine with whatever antifa does, because they are fellow communists!

* * *

More optimism from Sarah Hoyt. She's not saying that there won't be civil war; she's saying that the side of truth and justice will prevail.

One reason is that Americans seem to be the main source of political blogs. Speaking of Europe, she says:
There are no news blogs, because they can't imagine displacing the "official" news.

Yes, they're going to fall hard, because you and I are in for a rough four or five years. And they don't have the reserves (if you haven't, please stock up on pet food. It's having glitches in supply. And that means the human glitches are just down the road.)

* * *

That's not who we are. We don't recognize the right of "our betters" to tell us what to do. Sure, the covidiocy was dispiriting. It was also a novel approach to make people obey. And it's fraying all over.

They burned the last remaining shreds of institutional credibility to get rid of Trump, because they thought Trump, Svengali-like, had hypnotized us into rebelling against the sages of socialism.

Because American leftists too are American. They think the rest of the world is like us. And if "sage" communists in China can govern that country forever, they can govern us forever, absent of course, the great hypnotist.

They don't realize, in fact, they're dealing with Americans.
The point of the post is that we assume that everyone is like us, when in fact most of the world is anything but like Americans.

* * *

Today we got "wintry mix", which is a phrase that does not do justice to the epic winter shitstorm I found myself driving through.

Had to take a trip to my far off-site, and planned to after lunch; as I hied myself to the Jeep to get lunch? Hailing.

Actually, "ice pellets" the size of BBs mixed with snow and rain. I had to scrape 1/16" of ice off the truck's windows, and then I drove home carefully because the roads were covered with that crap. I had pretty good traction: better than ice or snow, but not nearly as good as "wet pavement". Got home, had leftovers for lunch, set out for the no faster than 45 in a 55 zone, because Mama Fungus didn't raise a fool.

At one point, clumps of snowflakes were falling that were the size of golf balls. They just went poof when they hit something.

It was all over by the time I was finished at the off-site, and I drove back to the plant on roads which were merely wet.

...of course there were a ton of wrecks all over the place. *sigh*

* * *

Well, tomorrow is Tuesday. Whee!

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