atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7574: A lot of people are a lot more certain than I am.

Vox Day.

Intrepid Reporter.

Raconteur Report.

Serious, big-time, major-league fakery, they say, is decidedly afoot.

WHen a government commits a crime, it's called "sovereign crime".

The point of power is power. I don't know any other reason for all this.

* * *

Former director of the "drag queen story hour" foundation turns out to be a pervert. "Who would have thought someone supportive of overt displays of sexualization in front of children would be a pedophile?"

Ace's take is similar to the previous one except that he adds, "I'm glad he has a husband. So at least we don't have to hear the usual, 'You know, men who abuse underaged boys are really straight.'" (Emphasis his.)

* * *

And in the "enjoy your new rules" department, at age 17, a brainless jerk twitled racism aimed at asians, and got canceled over them at age 27. This is the left's rules; they for damned sure ought to be made to live by them. (And, come on--writing for Conde Nast, what else would she be but a fucking communist?)

* * *

Do not flat-tow your Jeep in 4L.

The thing that gets me is, that gear ratio--it should have been near impossible to get the motor spinning. If the engine was turning at 50,000 RPM at 55 MPH, I mean. What I would expect would be for the wheels to drag until they wore through and went flat.

Obviously, however, I'm wrong about that, because holy crap.

New engine, new transmission, new transfer case, some other bits and pieces--that comes to thirty thousand dollars?

Flat towing that vehicle requires that the transmission be in gear but that the transfer case be in neutral. The transmission is in gear to keep it from turning.

If you ever start a motorcycle in neutral with its rear tire off the ground, you'll see why this is the case for that Jeep. The rear tire can start to turn as you rev the engine. The same thing goes for cars, and I saw it happen with more than one vehicle with its driven wheels in the air. You start the thing in neutral, and the wheels will begin to turn, lazily. You can usually stop them pretty easily but what's making them turn is the oil film between shafts which would be locked together when the car's in gear.

It's fine if the engine is running. Transmissions have oil pumps, and usually they are driven from their input shafts, so if you turn the rear wheels at high speed for a long time with the engine off--even with the car in neutral--you can end up damaging the transmission as bearings run without a constant supply of oil.

Oh well.

* * *

"No more kids in cages!" Actually, a lot more kids in cages. You leftist dimwit.

* * *

Today was long and irritating and I just want to go to sleep. But I am not going to go to sleep yet.

* * *

The corned beef and cabbage we had for dinner last night turned out great.

* * *

I had thought to write more words, but it develops that I've run out, so I guess this is it for now.

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