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#7579: I laughed until tears came

The other day I made an Alan Parsons Project omnibus CD, where I took the first 10 albums and made MP3s and stuffed them all onto a CD in chronological order. So I happened to be listening to Eve on my way home for lunch, and as I was approaching the bunker, on came "I'd Rather Be A Man", which features such lyrics as:
You don't fool me with your tinted eyes and make up
The firebird hides in shadow when you wake up
Your golden hair is black
Your jeans are tight but your hide is slack
Try it on the company but you don't fool me

Well I'd rather be a man than play my role like you do
I'd rather be a man than sin my soul like you do
I'd rather be a man than slave the way that you do
I'd rather be a man cause a man don't crawl like you do

You don't fool me with your easy lies and fables
You won't see me in ten buck furs and sables
You sparkle like a snake
The wine is real but the glass is fake
Blame it on the apple tree but you don't fool me
And as I was pulling into the driveway I remembered the radio interview that Parsons and Woolfson had done (I think as part of the marketing for Stereotomy). Eve had come up in the course of the program, because apparently some people thought the album dumped on women, and both Parsons and Woolfson protested that the album "had been meant to be complimentary!"

So I put on my English accent and said, "It's meant to be totally complimentary!" and then "THE GLASS IS FAKE, YOUR HIDE IS SLACK, YER A BITCH ARRRGHH!!" and I simply could not stop laughing.

And then I thought about it on my way back to work and started laughing again; and a few hours later I went to the lunchroom to buy a bottle of Pepsi and thought of it again and had to restrain myself, because I didn't want to walk through the office laughing like an idiot.

It was meant to be complimentary!

* * *

I can guarantee that making this move is a REALLY REALLY BAD BAD BAD IDEA.

The Bill of Rights guarantees (or is supposed to) that our rights shall not be infringed by the government. Considering the events of the past few months, though, I don't think our government really cares much about the Bill of Rights.

Anyway, what the Biden junta is recommending here is a violation of the Second Amendment (right to keep and bear arms), the Fourth Amendment (protection from search and seizure of property), the Fifth Amendment (the right to due process), the Sixth Amendment (rights of the accused), and quite possibly the Eighth Amendment (protection from excessive penalties).

And it could be very, very bad because the Revolutionary War kicked off when the redcoats went to Lexington to destroy weapons held by the colonists. I don't expect any less of this modern version.

One of the "extremist" groups that our government is trying to crack down on is the "three percenters". These are people who claim that if just three percent of gun owners resist tyranny in the United States, the feds can't win the fight. And I am of the opinion that a good deal more than three percent will resist. And so the initial efforts to confiscate guns will go...badly. There will be a body count, on both sides. The press will spin it but the press has no credibility with better than half the country.

So what happens? Those illegal searches must then be done by tactical teams. There aren't enough SWAT teams in the country to clean out all the houses of all the gun owners, so they'll have to use Army and Marines and National Guard, which is also a huge no-no, constitutionally. (As long as we're all pretending that the Constitution is still in effect, we ought to give at least some lip service to it, eh?) And still people will resist, and more government people and more civilians will die.

...and it just looks bad. Not just to other Americans, but to the rest of the world.

At some point it tips over into "civil war", and that point is not very far into this scenario...and considering where we are in the whole "falling to communism" timeline, this level of totalitarianism is reckless and just as likely to wreck the government as it is to solidify its power. But the government cannot do what it wants to do so long as the American people are armed.

300 million citizens. 400 million firearms. You do the math.

The problem is, in trying to secure its grip on total power, the government is going to push the people into action, and end up hastening the very thing they dread. There are not enough police, nor soldiers, to keep a lid on the general populace of the country if it thinks its rights are being taken from it, particularly at gunpoint. The populace can (and will) withdraw its consent to be governed.

What happens next makes the summer of 2020 look like a mild hiccough. Imagine the "anonymous zone" covering half the continental US, with the other half not doing any damned better at all. Imagine the entire economy grinding to a shuddering halt because nothing can get from where it's made to where it's sold. In fact, nothing moves--not finished products, not raw materials, nothing. Paper money is worthless; digital money even more so. Your 401k and your bank account, even in their entirety, won't buy a can of beans.

Electricity is spotty. Gas is spottier. Forget the windmills and solar panels; they're easily destroyed and will probably be the first things targeted by...well, whoever gets the most advantage from it first.

...and the endgame of that is China stepping in "to secure the nuclear weapons". They don't need an invasion fleet when they can simply ship soldiers over on airliners. So the democrats don't rule the country; China does.

But to be honest, I don't see China doing any better. Sure, they've got a big military and the will to use it, and they'd have no qualms about nuking cities here in the states, but could they actually win against an insurrection? Or would the USA become Afghanistan writ large?

* * *

I know, I'm a huge ray of fucking sunshine.

* * *

Everything wrong with communism! Basically, the labor theory of value, which is crap.

It's a good read, and not lengthy.

* * *

BIden's had him something of a week.

Yes, most blacks vote democrat.

* * *

The fifteenth (!) anniversary of Atomic Fungus is rapidly approaching.

* * *

Today I fixed my CD player.

My CD player is a Toshiba XR-40, manufactured some time in 1985, and it became mine the day after Christmas in that year. (The day after because I got another one on Christmas Day, but it didn't work, so I exchanged it for one that did.) The weakest point in the whole shebang is the belt that connects the disk tray motor to the disk tray mechanism. It died several years ago, and I've been using small rubber bands to take its place. It...worked, mostly, though sometimes the disk tray would not move right away.

Finally got around to recycling a tower computer with a Core i7 processor. I checked its performance on that CPU rating site I can't remember the name of, found that the i5 processor in my work laptop was faster (and the Ryzen 5 3600 in Iscandar is something like 2.5 times faster) and decided it was recycle time.

It had two DVD drives in it. I took one apart and pulled the drive belt out of it. When I got home, I put it into my CD player...and the disk tray now works flawlessly.

I ended up connecting the CD player to the sound bar's AUX input, then sat there and read and listened to some CDs that I haven't listened to in a very long time. It sounds great--a lot better than a 35-year-old CD player has any right to. A few glitches, nothing major--at first it was starting tracks about half a second too late, but that got better. I haven't used the thing in something like three years, so it's not really surprising that it's a bit glitchy....

Looked at all the caps and they look okay.

This thing is old enough that it doesn't have a single integrated CD player-decoder-DAC chip, either. Looking at the thing, there's a daughterboard inside that has two identical chips on it, and I think those were the digital-to-analog convertors. Most of the thing is discrete chips, not really any application-specific ICs in there. These days, you buy a single chip which runs the disk transport and the read head, and which reads the disk and does everything for you, and you hook it to an audio amp to get your output to the 1v p-p AC that your main amplifier is expecting. Two chips and some passives and you're good to go.

The DVD-CD-WTF drive that the belt came out of? Two chips. One controller chip, and a memory chip for buffering, on a circuit board the size of the DAC daughterboard in my CD player. Smaller. For a drive that reads and writes.

Anyway I looked on-line to see if it was still possible to buy a component audio CD player, and the answer is "yes, but". Expect to pay a lot of money; the cheapest one I found was $250, Onkyo, a 6-CD changer. They rapidly went to $YEECH from there, including one ridiculous bit of kit which was $2,600. I'm sorry but I simply do not see how that CD player can be ten times better than the Onkyo one. I have never heard any noise from any CD player I've ever owned, not even the cheapo $30 portable one I still use from time to time. A bit of amplifier noise, maybe, because I was using headphones--but you only hear that when there is no audio coming through.

Anyway, with the XR-40 functional, maybe I won't bother.

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